Watch This: Better International Trailer for Prince of Persia

November 3, 2009
Source: Trailer Addict

Prince of Persia Trailer

Let's give this another shot. Yesterday afternoon the official trailer for Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time hit the web. For reasons I can't understand, most people hated it, or at least said it wasn't what they expected and look terrible. Another different international trailer for Prince of Persia has popped up today (via Trailer Addict) that is shorter, but better, than that first one. For an adaptation of a video game, I think it looks awesome. It looks like it'll have plenty of badass action and I really don't mind Jake Gyllenhaal. Hopefully in time, and with better footage like this, the rest of you will warm up to Prince of Persia as well.

Watch the international trailer for Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time:

Follows a prince who must stop an angry ruler from unleashing a sandstorm that could destroy the world.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is directed by English director Mike Newell, of Donnie Brasco, Pushing Tin, Mona Lisa Smile, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire previously. The screenplay was co-written by Doug Miro and Carlo Bernard (The Uninvited, The Sorcerer's Apprentice) and the story was developed by Jordan Mechner, one of the original creators of the video game. Disney will be bringing Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time to theaters everywhere starting on May 28th, 2010 next summer. Will you be seeing it?

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  • nelson
    i agree with Alex i did'nt understand 90% of the comments yesterday the other trailer is awesome as does this one the other one had better music tho
  • tremolan
    still not convinced, looks too cheesy.
  • nelson
    how this is cheesy is beyond me other than the banter between jake and gemma which is true to the game's relationship i dont see cheesiness at all
  • That Awesome Norwegian Guy
    Looks fun, just like the pirates movies.
  • tazz
    the reason why people hated it Alex is because of Persians having perfect British accent plus it looks too similar to The Mummy and Pirates of the Caribbean and the casting of the lead actors
  • swampdonkey2k9
    this trailer never kept my interest. seems like a weak story line and and alot of cgi. it could just be the trailer, but im not too interested in seeing it.
  • nelson
    alot of cgi? this movie needs alot if you have played the game it would'nt b the same w/o it and british accents? please play sands of time game the prince in the game sounds just like jake in the trailer
  • ME
    looks good...gemma lookin fine tho
  • Man, Alex, there is no way to make a good trailer for this film. The story was thin even for the original games, it isn't interesting or engrossing in this or the previous trailer, so how can you expect it to carry a feature film? If the story is boring, what are we left with? Action. But where is the action in the trailers? There isn't a whole lot, is there? There certainly isn't anything which is new or exciting from a visual standpoint. So we are left with is a bunch of slow, disjointed expository dialog set to lame pseudo-excitement music, some sand, and a bunch of architecture falling apart. Boring, and very familiar territory. Like the Mummy movies, but in the correct period, eh? How can you NOT see that? As for comparisons to the Pirates franchise, the only reason the first two films were so wonderful is that the characters were over the top and they were cast nearly flawlessly. How is any of the casting in this appropriate? Ben Kingsley you say? Wow, I haven't seen him play THE SAME character before. Never! The third Pirates film seemed like a cash in, pretty much, as all it did was to finish up the story from the second film without adding anything to it. You say yourself: "For an adaptation of a video game, I think it looks awesome." I think what you mean is "For a genre which is usually complete shit, this looks less bad." Inspiring.
  • samm2
    Looks like a very fun action/adventure movie. The accents weren't great in the games either way. So I don't know why ppl bitch about it.
  • Antioch
    Does someone know why they've changed from 'Walt Disney Presents' to 'Disney Presents'? Why- ever they did it, I don't like it
  • Syphous
    How is this better? It looks the same. AKA lame.
  • Dark Fist
    Man, Alex, this is the best way to make a good trailer for this film. The story was great for the original games, it's interesting and engrossing in both of these trailers, how could anyone not expect this to carry a feature film? If the story is this great, what else do we need? Action. And we get exactly the right amount in the trailers, a whole lot! From a visual standpoint, this is looking fresh and exciting! So we've got a bunch of wonderful expository dialogue, some epic adventure music, sand (as in "of Time"!), and a bunch of great destruction sequences. Thrilling, and that familiar sense of adventure, can't get enough of it! Sure, both this and The Mummy were filmed in Morocco with CGI effects, but beyond that, they're completely different films, with completely different stories, set in completely different times and [fictional] locations. As for the comparisons to the Pirates franchise, completely ridiculous! This movie doesn't involve pirates nor even the ocean! The main similarity between the two is that both have flawless casts. Every character in this film looks completely appropriate. Especially Ben Kingsley, perfect! The third Pirates film was pretty much the best of all, tying up the story from the second film while still adding its own special touch to the franchise. You say: "For an adaptation of a video game, I think it looks awesome." I think was you mean is "For an action/adventure movie, this looks awesome." It sure does!
  • Do I have to repeat what I wrote in the previous trailer !?? ... I think Not 😉
  • pm
    "For reasons I can't understand, most people hated it..." Well, of course you can't understand. The majority of the people you speak of actually have a critique in movies, instead of falling in love with every one they see.
  • @9 & 13 tl;dr
  • Fisherr
    I like the other trailer more.
  • Dark Fist
    That's right pm, the less movies you can enjoy, the more elite you are. We should all strive to be Philistines! /sarcasm
  • Mark
    I didn't like the first trailer, but this one looks fun. They actually tried to show the atmosphere of the film, rather than only throwing flashes of scenes at the audience the whole time. Doesn't take itself too seriously, which is good.
  • Ajax
    This is definitely a more action packed trailer. However, the dialogue and chemistry are still akward and stilted. I'm still withholding judgement.
  • pj
    as a Persian i should say Jake looks like an Arab (though a pretty Arab) more than Persian we (Persians) have Arab looking men but he as a Persian prince..! this part looks cheezy!!
  • Enough the pretentious movie titles. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Just go the fuckin' Transformers route... And see how the film actually performs in the box office (and we know G.I. Joe didn't do spectacular). THEN you can do your little sub-title. Assholes. I guess Bruckheimer really lucked out with Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. I guess it's set in his mind. Oh, and this looks pretty bland. Id rather it look awful. At least with that, there's more entertainment value.
  • mickey
    obviously, some people find joy in running around the internet and writing mean comments on films they haven't even seen yet. I feel sorry for you, I really do. You've seen about 2 minutes of footage and your already saying looks terrible. wow.
  • Drad Hreudo
    Do I have to repeat what I wrote in the previous trailer !?? … I think Not
  • Hell, now that's what I call music! Yeah, I didn't like the first one. No real story, too much exposition, randomly edited footage. But here we suddenly have some tension! Besides, the music is much better, especially the opening of this. Yepp, I think this one works and the other one doesn't. Oh, and besides – I'm talking about the trailers, not about the movie. Don't get that confused all the time!
  • Hemipowered
    John Wayne is Genghis Khan. Jake Gyllenhaal is Prince of Persia.
  • Joey
    does anyone else think the princess's voice in this sounds just like Rachel Weiss' in the Mummy
  • #18 Drad Hreudo : Why are you (copy-Past)ing my line ? !!! ..
  • Mat
    Will someone shut that bitch up?!
  • Aaron
    It lacks the persian cultural flare of the game and therefore will end up pissing people off. I'm not saying all 100 percent persian actors just looks like anglo saxons putting playing pretend in exotic outfits..plus the trailer showed us way to much
  • Negro
    This is a more By-the-numbers trailer. Witty banter lots of action and bad vs good elements. I prefer the first one. This doesn't make me want to see the film any more than the first, that TOTALLY made me hyped up to see this film.
  • hale
    Looks good. Running, jumping, backflipping off of rooftops and sides of buildings just like the game. What more can you ask for. Im sure its going to be a fun ride.
  • Victor
    I just don't see Donnie Darko as the Prince of Persia, but that's just me.
  • Em
    I thought it was cool until I realized Scott Stapp was cast as the prince.
  • This trailer being released now, pretty much tells me that pirates of the caribbean: on stranger tides teaser movie trailer will be released in 6 months before pirates of the caribbean: on stranger tides comes out on july 8th, 2011 friday, which means it'll be coming out in january 2011 here on the internet!!!!!. So everyone here reading this comment of mine here, please know that i am pretty sure that what i'm saying IS actually correct, so PLEASE don't disbelieve me if your a BIG fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and YES, Johnny Depp WILL be returing as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides!!!!!.
  • I think it looks terrible. Gemma Arterton is the only redeeming feature.
  • Golgo 13
    This trailer actually looks worse. Ha! The first trailer got me more interested, as in going to the video store and renting the DVD. Loved the games, but don't have much desire to see this. Jake G. is miscast, but damn would I love me some Gemma Arterton!
  • hyacinth
    35: Amen!
  • RC
    Looks awesome. Lots of platforming and lots of action. The only problem is with the title, though. It ought to be, "Turn Back Time Because You Screwed Up A Jump: The Motion Picture"
  • #22 PJ ... I couldn't get the point you want to explain : you are a Persian ... OK .. Nice to know that ! Jake looks like a pretty Arab ... OK .. " For American people and even Europe ... pretty Arab sound like Bruno :-) and Ugly Arab sound like Borat " ... Jake looks like an Arab more than Persian ... OK .. Because ? Persians have Arab looking Men ... OK .. " What is exactly the difference between Arab looking and Persian Looking " ??? but he Jake as Persian prince ... look cheezy !!!!!!!!! What does all that mean ? I mean in Persian , Kurdish , Arab (Iraqi Egyptian and another 19 Arabic countries) , Turkish , Afghany , Pakistani you can find people who look like Jake ! don't tell me the prince must look like Saddam or Khomeini !!!! No hard feeling 😉 ... ( I tried to send this comment before but it was not published ...!!! why ? )
  • meatcarnage
    I trust nobody on firstshowing.net comment boards. I bet some, maybe most, of the people commenting thought TF:2 was going to be good. Or maybe even terminator 4. @ 24. Decent comment hombre.
  • #41 meatcarnage ... wrote ( I trust nobody on firstshowing.net comment boards. ) I had the same feeling long time ago ( more than a year ago ) ... but I am sure there is some real people who write good stuff here too ...
  • ReMIX
    I feel like a lot of the comments on here are petty. Before I get to that, this trailer is much better. The other one just seemed like random scenes splashed all over the place. This one seems to get the point across a bit better and doesn't seem as disjointed. As for some of the comments regarding comparisons to the mummy/pirates, I think that's a sweeping generalization. Yeah it closely fits that genre and is obviously going for the adventure feel of pirates but the majority of the things it supposedly "rips off" were present in the game. For example, gemma(who some are saying is either like weiss or knightley) is not at all unlike any of the princesses in the games and the dialogue between her and the prince is very true to their relationship(although yes it is cheesy). Some other things to address. The title- Prince of Persia: Sands of Time is the exact name of the video game it's adapted from so no it didn't have much to do with bruckheimer. The general plot of the movie is taken from that game so keeping the title makes sense. Jake as Prince- the "prince of persia" isn't an actual prince. He's a traveler from far way that usually saves/falls-for the princess of a sultan on his travels. So he's not necessarily persian. The casting isn't what I'd hoped by any means and I was skeptical about Gyllenhall as well but he certainly doesn't seem terrible if you're mature enough to get past "donnie darko" playing the prince. And yeah the white-washing is a valid point but it won't prevent me from seeing this. NOTE: Im not at all suggesting that this will be a great movie but it looks like fun and writing it off seems foolish.
  • Robbie
    Awesome, Harry Gregson-Williams does the music =D! Overall, I still think it's a bit too much.
  • yupyup
    i must say most of u are like a friend of mine. He is always over critical of movies and most movies i watched with him i hated. It wasn't because the movies were bad. It was because he over criticized them. like wtf can people not enjoy a movie? I personally think the movie looks fine. About the accents the reason why the game had american sounding accents is most likely because it was made in jap with jap accents which when brought to america had americans do the voice overs.
  • splinter
    This looks great, what i find funny is that so many people are sick of these remakes, and prequels etc... but with the gamer movies and the comic book movies come out you want exactly what you read, keep in mind there are like ten different versions of the stories. (Even the prince of Persia) if you want it to be exactly like the game then play the dam game, yeah there taking a chance on basterdizing the story but hell give me something new not the same dam thing i played already.
  • unknown
    @7 nelson yeah the prince in the game might sounds just like Jake Gyllenhaal in Price of Perisa but heres something nelson the person who voice the prince is just a voice actor. you might aswell say if Hollywood does a live action movie of God of War and the actor whos going to play Kratos needs to have a deep African-American accent, cause the person who voice Kratos is a African-American voice actor Terrence C. Carson.
  • overwatch
    looks very sandy
  • I think as far as trailers go, less is definitely more. This has a tighter pace, gives less away while simultaneously explaining a bit more of the central concept. A neat trick. Looks like a fun adventure film. I'll go see it!
  • JP
    I don't understand everybody's problem with these trailers. As a fan of the game, I could not possibly be more excited for this. It's not like resident evil where they took a game's concept and just came up with all these plots that barely have anything to do with the game. You can tell they really tried to make this look and feel like the amazing video game it was based on. The accents? Sorry guys, that's exactly how they sound in the game (and might I add they couldn't be more perfect) The dagger basically looks exactly the same. Jake's wearing an outfit one game too early, but it still looks the exact same. And that last backflip gave me a boner-it looks exactly like how the Prince backflips in the game! This movie itself looks great. It seems like Bruckheimer and company really went all out on this and I'm sure it won't disappoint.
  • Icarus
    Yep, this one was way better. Now I'm more excited about this than I was watching the full length US trailer. Still just have a problem with "Dastan" being the uber-American Gyllenhall. Note how in the synopsis he's no longer the son of the king, he's just a warrior who wins the favor of the king. Hmmm... studio adapting the script to backlash from the casting I think?
  • 1st rule of cinema trailers: Show the entire plot. 2nd rule: Explosions 3rd rule: Explosions 4th rule: Hammer home the full plot, not leaving any surprises for when you actually spend the money on the ticket and sit down with your overpriced snacks. 5th rule: did I say explosions? It looks funny, not really getting a Pirates vibe off it. As far as Jake goes, it is what it is...
  • FekketCantenel
    I can't get over Jake Gyllenhal being cast for this role. I enjoyed Donnie Darko, but come on, we couldn't find an actual brown person? But other than that and the fact that this is a video game adaptation, I'm . . . interested! I hate myself for it and am grasping at reasons to justify it (great special effects, the appearance of familiar Prince of Persia elements, etc.). My fiance, however, reports that he is much too jaded to ever believe in a video game adaptation. He's just been burned too many times.
  • Negro
    @ Crappola, you must be a film student. lol jk I feel you man, there seems to be no mystery anymore. Why I love Christopher Nolan's INCEPTION trailer. I have NO idea what's going on but that is just the way I like it.
  • Lazarus from Sparta!!!!
    Better trailer....better wow factor...I want some more....MORE!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Bry from Chi
    I like it and I'm interested. Will definitely check it out.
  • jimmi allen
    thisnt a bad trailer BUT hase it got the moves like the wll run or the foot bouse up the wall. i mean shor pop sot would have been a ok game if it didnt have it but nerly as good not many people would have linked to it as much if it didnt have it so the big questoin is DOES PRINCE OF PERSIA THE MOVIE HAVE THE MOVES? ???




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