Watch This: Extended Family-Focused TV Spot for Avatar

November 9, 2009
Source: YouTube

Avatar TV Spot

"Where wonder lives, and adventure rules!" You have got to see this crazy new TV spot! Fox put together a more family friendly TV spot for James Cameron's Avatar that sells it much more like Star Wars or an animated space adventure for kids (or something like that). At first I thought this was kind of cheesy, but actually, it's kinda fun to see. So far all the marketing for Avatar has been very epic and focused towards the Cameron fanboys, but I love seeing a whole different side of Pandora this time. I doubt it'll convert anyone, except for kids and their parents, but still. I just hope this is truly the "greatest adventure of all-time!"

Watch the family-focused TV spot for James Cameron's Avatar:

Avatar is the story of an ex-Marine on the planet Pandora who, as an Avatar - a human mind in an alien body - finds himself in a desperate fight for his survival and that of the indigenous beings called Na'vi.

Avatar is both written and directed by Oscar winning visionary filmmaker James Cameron, of Piranha II, The Terminator, Aliens, The Abyss, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, True Lies, and Titanic previously. He has been developing the technology to make this movie for the last 10 years. 20th Century Fox is bringing James Cameron's Avatar to both IMAX and regular theaters in 3D around the world on December 18th.

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  • Marty Martin
    WTF is this music?! haha, this is just looking silly now and I can't really take it seriously. Although I will say that this is some of the better CG I've seen for this film.
  • Dave
    this trailer is soooooooooo anti-hype material! oh god.... please if you want to have a good opinion of this movie so far, dont see this trailer.
  • youngblaze
    oh my god why the hell they did this for, they added Harry Potter music in this trailer
  • Vegegeeta-geeta
    Anybody else wish this movie was 2D animation? Just thought I'd throw that out there...
  • JP
    That was just aweful. I cannot believe that they took what looked like a mature, badass war movie and cut a cheesy kiddy movie trailer with that aweful narration and even more aweful music. Please, no more. I think i'm going to be sick. Movie looks great and i'm still excited for it, but if this were the first trailer, i highly doubt that i would consider seeing it when it in theaters.
  • Darrin
    hence it is children's trailer, not focused on us
  • Dgeet
    i showed my nephew this trailer (he is 8) and then i showed him the brand new one tht came out the 29th and he said he loved the trailer tht came out on the 29th not this one hahaha
  • Marty Martin
    I have no problem with them trying to capture multiple audiences. It makes complete sense even. But their marketing is all over the place and I'm sure internally they are panicking right now because of all of the terrible initial word about the film. They really have no idea what kind of film they have on their hands. this is a classic example of a director who was given too much money and power and more often than not, a film will suffer from this.
  • Antioch
    Sorry... this movie just isn't cutting it for me so far. I'm gonna need a lot more to get me in the theatre.
  • Rich
    This is truly disgusting. Vasquez wipes her butt with prints of Avatar.
  • Angry Chief
    Wow, guess what movie just got a whole lot lamer? I was at 100% for this movie. After seeing this 90's Disney VHS style preview, I am at 0%. Great job.
  • DoomCanoe
    Where wonder lives! and adventure rules!
  • James
    ok, i'm just gonna pretend i didnt see that. hopefully they are only running that during morning cartoons, when only kids are watching anyways.
  • Felix
    Let me get this straight. With this spot they're trying to sell the film to the kids. With the other spot (http://www.firstshowing.net/2009/11/05/watch-this-impressive-new-world-series-avatar-tv-spot) they're trying to sell the film to the Michael Bay crowd. And I — being neither of those two target groups — am expected to pay money to go see a film sitting between a kid and a Michael Bay afficionado? Ehm — I absolutely don't think so. What I'm saying is: bad marketing. Absolutely sorry for the film, though. It's probably not even bad. Or is it?
  • Vic
  • Oh my. I was just getting comfortable with the film based on the last trailer... This has definitely taken me at least a few steps backward.
  • Quanah
    It's called "trying to gain wide appeal". It's been done before. It'll be done again. By the way, I like James Cameron, but he always has a certain amount of cheesy in most of his films. I'm sure this is no acception.
  • ben chacko
    i really hated this trailer...i liked the other ones better. the music kills it too..idk just like the others alot better!
  • This actually looks awesome. Pretty bored of all the haters. If I was a kid, I would be massively excited right now.
  • branden
    I am not hating just to hate and because I think it's fun/cool. But this movie might not even be profitable at the box office after all the money was already spent on production and now on marketing. The common movie go-er has no idea what Avatar is and this movie just looks like a bunch of weird blue creatures on a fantasy planet. Who knows, people might have been hating on Star Wars 30 years ago like the Avatar haters are now, but I really duobt it.
  • Pete
    Haven't watched this trailer yet. That being said, Alex says "I doubt it'll convert anyone, except for kids and their parents." I think you are underestimating a gigantic portion of movie audiences and the dollars held by those kids' parents.
  • mike
    i dont see why this movie looks so good
  • mike
    the Special effects look cheesy
  • mike
    crap pure crap
  • Robbie
    Child-friendly indeed.
  • bassbin
    i just want to swing from the nearest tree after watching that!
  • Did they get the narrator from a Disney film to do the voiceover? Tell them to take their penis out of my ears. It's a war film about genocide and colonisation or is it a happy clapping adventure film for kids? They need to make up their minds, District 9 never pissed about with cheesy trailers...
  • Six Three
    Yeah this is a good trailer............ FOR ME TO POOP ON!!!!!!!!!
  • splinter
    where is mickey mouse???????? ..what a lame trailer...why James????WHY????WHY????
  • Black Dynamite
    I agree with #30. We've seen what we need to want to go. Now it's time to reel in the kids for even larger box office numbers.
  • Mat
    I liked it.
  • rblitz7
    wow all you people are dumb that say you don't like this one..let me repeat title "Extended FAMILY-FOCUSED TV Spot for Avatar" I agree with #30 great marketing...we already got our epic trailer what more do you want?
  • jake the snake
    Alex, the majority are hating on this trailer. i don't mind it but it's not as good as the other trailers that have been released. And Alex, why you guys slacking on the latest Spiderman 4 rumors? c'mon man get with it. Black Cat is supposedly the main villain in the upcoming movie. http://twitpic.com/oxnqy
  • zibo fricka
    The haters are typical clueless idiots. I couldn't care less about trailers. Bring on the Movie!!! Is it Dec. 18th yet???? I can't wait.
  • #34 - Because the rumor is a bunch of BS, I can confirm from my sources deep inside in Hollywood that Black Cat is NOT a villain, but you never know, I'm not sure... I'm not running any more Spider-Man rumors until it's officially confirmed. And let's stay on topic with Avatar!
  • Luke
    Dude this is just lame i mean the brought the concept of a great movie and just lowered the standard considerably. Its like saying "Oh dont worry the Humans arent killing the Navi they are just not playing fair and its no fun =(" oh lame thats just as bad as the new tv spot for 2012. The whole "Oh its alright if the world b/c when the world is destroyed we will be united as 1 so let the world end itll bring us great joy". Lame
  • rowdy
    saw the 3:30 minute trailer in front of cristmas carol in 3D imax and when people say the only way to experiance this is in that format theyre not kidding it changes the experiance completely the movie wasnt made to be seen on the internet so people saying that this looks bad is an under statement its like watching star trek(2009) in black and white and low quality
  • jake the snake
    Alex, That's why it's called a "rumor". And I commented on Avatar btw.
  • Squiggly_P
    I think #8 is the closest to the real reason behind this so far. I don't think the studio does know what they have. This is FOX, ladies and gentlemen. They would take Casablanca and try to market it to the Micheal Bay and Night at the Museum crowds. FOX doesn't know how to market it's films, and they don't know how to stay the hell out of the process. They interject a lot of marketing bullshit into their films. Gotta have more of this, gotta have more of that. They made a PG13 Die Hard movie, for fuck's sake. The current leadership and marketing team at FOX do NOT know what the hell their doing, nor how to produce or market films. They are reluctant to give money to anything that isn't a sure thing. The only reason Cameron was able to secure funding through them for this film was due to the fact that his last film is the highest grossing film of all time. That's it. That's the motivation here. They are marketing this film to the people who make them the most money: People who go see the X-Men movies, Night at the Museum, Jumper, Marley and Me... These are the HIGH POINTS of FOX films over the last couple years. These are what they see as their 'good', money-making films. So these are the audiences they're attacking here as well. It's the only audience they seem to think exists. FOX thinks you're an idiot, so they dumb down their films and then market them like this. Case closed. One can only hope that Cameron didn't let them screw with his work, although I'm pretty confident - with his reputation - that he's one of the few people that even the FOX marketing board doesn't want to fuck with.
  • JimD
    You guys miss the point. Cameron understands market segments. This isnt a sci fi a movie catered specifically to testosterone charged males. This movie will also appeal to women. This thing may be big box office ala Titanic especially if there is an effective romance aspect of the story. I know you hate that, but who expected Titanic to be such a blockbuster. Most guys including myself probably though Titanic would be a big dud compared to Terminator 2 or Aliens. Boy were we wrong.
  • Ajax
    The music sucks, but the CG looks like nothing else (don't know if that's good or not)
  • Farris
    The more I see the more skeptical I get.
  • Tooshay
    Why the hell is an intelligent producer like James Cameron marketing this movie to kids? Didn't he already give a 15-minute preview of the movie that showed scenes with "shit" and other considerable profanities? Apparently Cameron hasn't learned from the marketing of Bay's Transformers films. Damn I can't stand the negative response from parents after they saw those movies, but you can't blame them at all.
  • Cineprog
    what Rating i wounder will be given to Avitar, lets face it James cameron as gone for more for the Adult market in the past sutch as Terminator witch was 18, Terminator 2 15, the Abbys 15, Titanic 12, these are English Ratings.
  • SuicidalOptimist
    Well, the trailer voice over was pretty bad. Isn't that the same guy who ALWAYS narrates movies focused on a younger audience? The whole trailer had a Star Wars: The Clone Wars (the cartoon, you know?) feel to it. But, it doesn't change the fact that I still wanna see this movie. Up until now, I have been skeptical about the whole "super awesome CGI, guise!!!" hype, but in this trailer, when he touches the flowers...the way he moves and reacts to it DOES look real, not like CGI, but like a real person. I am in no way super excited, and I tend to forget about Avatar until I get reminded by some news about it, but I am definitely curious as to what else will happen in the actual movie.
  • Marty
    The whole hype around this film hasn't grabbed me at all. I like Cameron, and what he does. But this endless dribble about this particular film is starting to put me off it. This trailer might just be the final nail in the coffin for me. Very dissapointing :-(
  • Rachel Replicant
    blah blah blah... you will all watch it and pay more than once to see it!!!! so thats what all your opinions are worth..
  • GP Productions
    BIGGEST FLOP in cinema history. Built up hype for sub-par results. Will do fine box office numbers but will fall short of JCs expectations. You heard it here first folks. Average on the tomatoe meter/metacritic will be around 70% or less. They will say its way too long. TRUST ME on this one!
  • David Banner
    This trailer, with the music and voiceover made me not want to see it.... I sent a link to a mate, so he could watch it. Got an e-mail back from him with a bill chaging me for wasting 1.5mins of his life =)




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