Watch This: Flashy Full-Length Season of the Witch Trailer

November 20, 2009
Source: Fandango

Season of the Witch Trailer

Lionsgate has debuted the full-length trailer for Season of the Witch starring Nic Cage and Ron Perlman on Fandango today. We previously featured a very short teaser trailer for this back during Halloween. If it weren't for Cage being so damn cheesy, I would say this actually looks pretty damn cool. I mean, its got Ron Perlman and it's about a witch who summons evil to attack this group of guys trying to transport her across Europe. It looks pretty badass, like some good, dark cinematic entertainment, let's just hope it holds up and Cage doesn't ruin it. I'm not sure I have faith in Dominic Sena yet, but we'll find out in March. Take a look!

Watch the first teaser trailer for Season of the Witch:

[flv: 598 336]

You can also watch the Season of the Witch trailer in High Definition on Fandango

A 14th century knight (Nicolas Cage) transports a girl suspected of being the witch behind the Black Plague to an abbey of monks trained in exorcising demons. Also stars Ron Perlman and Stephen Graham.

Season of the Witch is directed by Dominic Sena, of Gone in Sixty Seconds, Swordfish, and Whiteout most recently. The screenplay was written by up-and-coming writer Bragi F. Schut, of the CBS show "Threshold" and only Charlie Thistle previously. Lionsgate will be bringing Season of the Witch to theaters everywhere starting on March 19th, 2010 next year, the same day as Hot Tub Time Machine. Will you be seeing this?

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  • Duckie1983
    First comment, looks pretty good, cant beat old nic cage for mindless action!!:)
  • sam
    looks like it'll suck
  • beavis
    i think this has potential. i like what i see of the enviroments......and the atmosphere is appropriately creepy. then, throw in a dangerous witch?.........sweet. i just hope she can conjur up some demons! and seriously, to everyone who is going to post stupid "nic cage sucks"'s all been said before in 60+ posts on other nic cage movie threads. many of you hate's understood.............but this movie looks like it'll be a fun watch? so, does anyone have any "non-nic cage" thoughts about this film ?
  • Johnny Heartless
    I thought it actually looked pretty cool. Not like an oscar worthy film or anything, but something fun to watch.
  • nelson
    #4 did'nt know it had to be an Oscar film to be good
  • beavis
    sam, at #2............ too many people write posts like that over and over in multiple threads. what do you like? and what is the reason you don't think this will be any good? not every movie is a classic; but, from the trailer, it looks like it'll be entertaining.
  • Robbie
    Interesting. I'm don't have worries about Cage, but about Perlman =p
  • Janny
    its something new... if it can maintain the dark mood it set in the trailer throughout the film then you can ignore nic cage for the most part... he doesn't look bad in it, its just when he delivers his toneless lines it gets annoying
  • Ty
    Looks like a fun movie, does anyone know that song in the trailer.
  • Sabes
    Hm...I'm not too sure about this. Looks like it might be entertaining.
  • Frank N. Stein
    Christopher Lee? I'm there. Even if it's just a cameo...
  • FancyMonocle
    I thought I'd be making fun of this movie, but after that trailer, I gotta say, it actually looks pretty decent. I agree with Alex. As long as Nic Cage doesn't spoil everything, it should be worth watching.
  • CS
    No "based on the novel" or "inspired by the tv series" or "the re-imagining of"? Then it has earned at the very least the benefit of my doubt.
  • Leoben
    I'm sorry but how does he keep getting roles???? Some movies he works, like I can see bad Lieutenant being good... but he sticks at like a sore thumb here! UHGH. I'll still watch though... maybe.
  • Clover
    Can't believe I wasted my time with the trailer....just wanted Cage to prove to me again that he is the Worst of all Time!
  • BadTouch
    #9 Marilyn Manson - Long Road Out of Hell
  • dave13
    ahhh. that was a fun movie to watch. oh wait, there's more? Really? Could have sworn I just saw the whole thing in the last 3 minutes... if you say so though.
  • loci
    turned off by the music and cage
  • Sgt. Pepper
    looks like a pretty dope movie, can't really deal with nic's delivery. puts me to sleep.
  • Squiggly_P
    I don't have anything better to do with my time than to go around looking for things nic cage has been in and post comments about how much he sucked in them, regardless of the fact that I've never seen the film and I've probably not seen many of Cage's films at all - because he sucks. I can't really prove this is the case, since I've never seen the film, but a lot of people on the internet have said it, so it's obviously the truth. I'm oblivious to anything that happened more than a few years ago and even more oblivious to the way films are made. I have no idea that the directors are often the real reason an actor hasn't delivered a decent performance. I assume that I know everything all the time, because if I don't know it already then it's not worth knowing. My opinion is the only one that matters. I'm not wrong. I'm never wrong.
  • beavis
    hey, nic cage was great in "lord of war" - he could be good in this too. i'm not giving up on this film. i like the concept a lot.
  • xerxex
    Beavis agreed Cage in Lord of War was awesome! as for this it looks good, and they don't seem to have Cage and the witch fall in love, he just wants to kill her! Hey Squiggly_P see Lord of War, Leaving Las Vegas, and Bringing Out The Dead.
  • David Banner
    How many is it that have been slaughtered in the name of christianity? 600? 800million? Great to see another picture supporting this :)
  • Lazarus from Sparta!!!!
    Hummmmm love my witches with Manson music!!!! this movie will be a welcomed addition for horror genre action movies. Plus Nick Cage as a templar knight who could beat that come on!!!!
  • Button
    Clover, we all love cage. we all do. :)
  • xerxex
    really david banner, was that neccessary? this is a work of fiction, and yes we all now about the with trials, but all faiths are guilty of murdering in God's name, and I'm sure at times God was like "Woah! what are you doing!?"
  • Angry Chief
    Dude. Looks pretty awesome. A good kick back and enjoy kind of flick.
  • Spider
    Holy crap! 'Ghost Rider' and 'Hellboy' in a flick together, joining forces!! I see no cheesiness here, just a dark, semi-serious, period piece with a badass witch to give 'em hell! I think this flick will surprise us all. I'm there! :)
  • I bet the twist is she's a good witch wronged by the church. Looks okay, defo a late night tv watcher that one, not quite a cinema film, but still watchable.
  • sam
    hey #6 nic cage's only good performance of his entire career is in raising arizona. his acting is corny and half-rate and predictable. that is why i think this movie will suck.
  • yojoe
    i love nic cage...yeah!!!
  • loci
    I hope its as funny as the wicker man
  • Mattyc
    14th century...speaking in perfect 2009 American thanks
  • SlashBeast
    Nic Cage sucks.
  • Brian Ricci
    finishhhhhh ittttttttttt
  • Cineprog
    Sorry to say but this trailer looks abit bland Straight to DVD stuff i like nic cage but the story looks a bit bland a bit of a disapointing to me. :(
  • Clover want something to back it up fans of bad acting??? How about this for an example, Leaving Las Vegas and Adaption, two films that are supposed to be Cage's best work......... Cage’s performance in “Leaving Las Vegas ” was sub-par….AT BEST! It was a fine film, shot in 16MM with a brilliant performance by Ms. Shue. Mr. Figgis was very good on his direction ( who also wrote the screenplay adaption was nominated in several catagories.) “Vegas” won 3 or 4 Golden Globes as well that year Everytime Ms. Shue and Cage are in frame….Ms. Shu destroys him, and this happens if you pay attention every time Cage is in a film with a much better actor. Everytime!. Look at everyfilm he is in that his performance was regarded as good, and see who his co-star was. Sean Penn, Richard Dreyfuss and the great Anthony Hopkins were also nominated for Best Actor that year. All gave much better performances in their respective movies. Mr. Hopkins version of Nixon was more than brilliant. Penn could have played Cage’s part with more conviction, better timing and presence. As Francis’s Nephew, don’t you ever wonder why he has never directed him in a feature? Pretty easy to see the answer. “Adaption” is another fine film with GREAT actors. Streep, the mighty Chris Cooper, Brian Cox…..they ALL blew him off the screen. Cage is not a good actor, and has proven it time and time again. ( OK, Valley Girl ….I will give you that one Buttons.)
  • SuicidalOptimist
    Shoot me, but Nicolas Cage was the best thing about this trailer, imo. Ron Perlman on the other hand doesn't seem to fit into in at all. I will not watch this at the movies, but I'll most likely give it a shot later on.
  • beavis
    man, i'm reading some of the comments and i forgot about some other great movies cage was in: "raising arizona" is a clasic (thanks for the reminder of this one, sam). plus, , Leaving Las Vegas, and Bringing Out The Dead were good too. (thanks for remembering those 2 xerxex) thanks for the response sam......although i don't agree with you at all. clover, if you hate cage so much.........WHY ARE YOU IN THIS THREAD? it clearly shows him in the picture BEFORE you even click the link? you seem adamant in your thinking the guy is a hack; so, why did you even bother to come in?
  • coyo
    @33 kinder weak argument considering all the other historical movies with american actors
  • Clover
    Spread the truth....surely that is simple enough. I care about the Cinema, and the craft with more vigo and connection you can even fathom. The connection. I have seen the very good....and the very bad. I made perfect examples. The general public just does not get it. Spread the truth. It is so simple.
  • Clover... This would be an example of "Thread Hi-jacker" ... and rather than continue in this pissin’ match with you... Instead, I will say that :::: I LOVE SCOTCH, and not bad SCOTCH, very good scotch. Yet, my peers cannot handle, nor appreciate the value of its deep peaty flavor, instead want to water it down with a bunch of ice and ruin what I would consider pure. However, once they do this, they find flavors that they enjoy, and so who am I to take that away from them, they are able to enjoy the same things a do in their own ways. You are a cinema purist, and I can truly appreciate that. But your disdain for the qualities of Cage as an actor, are based on your perception and examples of how you evaluated his portrayals in his films. Yet, I must make this simple, your true and uninhibited cinema, that you speak of, is (I am CERTAIN) littered with MANY films that I consider absolute historical garbage, that if not for their value to development of cinema as we know it today, would have no place being referred to as 'cinema classics'. These are flavors and flicks for some folks, if it is not your flavor, pass on it, or view it and know it is 'watered down'. But "Gone with the Wind" and "Citizen Kane" and all the ridiculous Charlie Chaplin stuff, and MANY others that I have seen are not the films that WANT to be viewed right now. In this age of "Empowerment" and Immediacy, the 'MAJORITY' of viewing publics ask for a solid story and actors that they can relate to.... I will say that I have NO F'in CLUE how folks like Cage so much, as I do not... but I hate to see folks rip on them because of a perception. Spread The Truth... How about, speak your mind, and let others live without discrediting them due to their indifference to your opinion. Spread the Truth... Even worse, sounds like a tacky viral campaign for some Alien Abduction movie... BLAH BLAH BLAH... I hope Cage fans go see this, I hope fans of this genre go see this, and I hope the film does well... If you don’t care to see it, I hope you also have a great reason to take you to the cinema that you love and find a great escape for those 2 hours. and that is how you Hi-Jack the thread, .... so moving on... who else excited about this films and who is not.. lets keep the talking going. Side note... I don't care for the random blank stares that I see Cage having all over again, but looks like a 'fun' movie and will be there supporting my local cinema owner.
  • Cody
    You people are fucking rediculous..these are movies, there are a lot bigger things happening in our country than the decay of hollywood. Stop making things meant for ENTERTAINMENT purposes into a big personal issue or belief.
  • history repeats
    wow it seems like they give away the whole movie just to get us to see it. looks dumb.
  • th3thirdman
    can Nicolas Cage and get aids and die before he gets his shit on any more cool movies
  • cinemadeus
    # 37 : "As Francis’s Nephew, don’t you ever wonder why he has never directed him in a feature?" Watch COTTON CLUB...
  • xerxex
    Cody don't come here and try to preach to us about the real world, we know. But this is a movie website, not a world issue website.
  • billy
    cage looks out of place
  • Clover
    Good job Dusty...however, I prefer "Sheep Dip"....10 years old and smooth!!!But that is the problem, when you speak the get hammered.
  • Martin
    Looks entertaining actually. Im almost the most impressed with the use of real wolves or dogs looking likes, but anyway, instead of CGI wolves thats been so common the last years (=laziness).
  • I was pleased to see that as well Martin. And Clover, I hope you know that I reply in jest, as I love to this community of folks that com to FS chatting ir up, no matter the context or direction.
  • WOW, no spell check when typing quick on the BB in this, sorry for that last 'broken' message
  • sam
    3:10 to yuma with a witch
  • dELVIS
    This doesn't really look too bad. Not great, bad not bad. Regardless of Perlman's presence, it reminds me of Hellboy. This is something I'd order on demand on a rainy night.
  • cinematruth
    To # 46- I don't think Cotton Club counts, as a matter of fact I know it does not. 1984, ( I think) and young Cage was getting his feet wet....( with a poor perfomance) Uncle Copola has never directed nephew in a feature film when HE is the star. If I remember right Fran wrote the screenplay and was just being kind to his nephew in the casting. Quite a forgettable performance. And if indeed it was 1984, looks like Franny learned his lesson and has not directed him since. For the record: Cage's abilities or lack there of were exposed in the Rock. If your starring next to Sir Sean, you better have the chops to pull it off. Sadley, Cage failed.
  • Slipstream
    Quote from the author: "It looks pretty badass, like some good, dark cinematic entertainment, let's just hope it holds up and Cage doesn't ruin it." Un-quote The author seems to not have faith in Cage either. Clover, cinematruth,billy,loci seem to agree. As do I.
  • Nate
    You know, its not that Nicolas Cage's acting is bad as much as it is his constant monotone voice it seems. It seems like his voice never changes and therefore their are specific roles he would be good for and others he would not be good for. Kinda like Keanu Reeves... his character always seems the same.
  • botzi
    ooooooooooooooooh yippee another puritan propaganda film how original.
  • botzi
    reeks of montague summers




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