Watch This: New Trailer for Broken Lizard's Slammin' Salmon

November 6, 2009
Source: Apple

Slammin' Salmon Trailer

I don't know how, but in the last few years, the Broken Lizard guys have lost all their Hollywood support. No studio will make their movies anymore so they've gone the independent route. Their newest feature, Slammin' Salmon, premiered at Slamdance earlier this year, but didn't get a distributor until much later. Now it's finally hitting theaters in December, but probably not near where you live. Either way, Apple has released a new trailer for Slammin' Salmon and it still looks good. I love these guys for exactly who they are - a group of funny guys who love making funny movies. It's not for everyone, but I think it looks hilarious.

Watch the theatrical trailer for Slammin' Salmon:

[flv: 598 338]

You can also watch the new Slammin' Salmon trailer in High Definition on Apple

The owner of a restaurant institutes a contest to see which waiter can earn the most money in one night.

Slammin' Salmon is directed by Broken Lizard member, and first-time director, Kevin Heffernan (probably best known as Farva from Super Troopers). The screenplay was co-written by everyone in the Broken Lizard comedy troupe, that's made up of Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, Paul Soter, and Erik Stolhanske. Their past films include Puddle Cruiser, Super Troopers, Club Dread, and Beerfest. Anchor Bay Films is finally bringing Slammin' Salmon to very limited theaters starting on December 11th this winter.

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  • Marty Martin
    Yup, it definitely looks independent alright.
  • Ivanhoe Martin
    MCD features pretty predominately in that trailer. Is he really the funniest thing in the movie? Really? MCD?
  • Kevin
    Uh, they lost their Hollywood support because they make unfunny movies...just like I'm sure this one will prove to be.
  • AT
    I thought it looked pretty good!!
  • AT
    Also, I love Cobie Smulders (from How I Met Your Mother).
  • AT
    Also you can't feel the rings.
  • xerxex
    I've never really seen Michael Clark Duncan using his muscles. This looks pretty good. Why is Olivia Munn in this?
  • That Awesome Norwegian Guy
    It looks ok, but why don't they do Beerfest 2? (Potfest)
  • Seductive Flamingo
    meh. I may check it out but I'm not dying to see it.
  • beavis
    looking funny! i'll be seeing it.
  • beavis
    hey xerxex, Munn is in it because she probably "performed" well on the casting couch. that HAS to be the reason, because she sure as hell can't act.
  • tankmaster
    Haha amazing!
  • Xerxex
    aww that's mean beavis, but true LOL. she should stick too attack of the show.
  • Gopie
    @Xerxex and beavis I don't think anyone in this is really renowned for their acting to be honest.
  • Knawx
    @6 Nice Futurama reference :)
  • Victor
  • xerxex
    well her career was started on G4 and thats good enough she really dosen't need to branch out, she's already making damn good money, same goes for Jessica Chobot, she post's a photo of her in a bikini and licking a psp. Alex you say that the people of broken lizard hae lost all of their Hollyweird support, and yet the bastards that "Direct" (if you can all it that) crap movies like "Diaster Movie, Superhero Movie, Date Movie, and Meet The Spatrans get support? umm...methinks hollyweird is full of shit.
  • JimD
    I never thought their stuff was funny. Beerfest was the only mildly funny thing they've done.
  • nem
    Why in the living fuck is Olivia Mun in this? The skank can't act worth shit..
  • darrin
    hey leave olivia munn alone, she's in iron man 2 as well
  • David Banner
    First comedy Lance Henriksen has been in?
  • Shane
    ...last place gets a broken rib sandwich.
  • Al
    looks funny as always. these guys are the best.
    Why do they keep fuckin around and making lackluster shit...Screw Beerfest or a possible sequel Potfest you fucking stoner, it was alright but GET ONTO MAKING SUPER TROOPERS 2 GODDAMMIT !!!
  • coswell
    Robin from How I Met Your Mother scores the most points in this movie.. At least for me. Not really my thing.
  • Luc
    So, Kitchen Confidential the movie?
  • Frank N. Stein
    Looks great...but it will be a rental. One to watch AFTER the kids go to bed...
  • Cody
    Wait Farva directed this? Honestly not to judge too quickly but no wonder this looks shitty...
  • N
    Yuck. Another crap american comedy. Do people actually think this is funny?
  • xerxex
    N whats the point at taking a stab at american comedy? And yes we do think it is funny, not everything needs to be an oscar contender, these guys are doing what they love and if they want to make a not so good comedy, then let them.
  • Terry Myers
    I thought the trailer looked pretty good. Will definitely be a netflix pickup for me.
  • subcelsious5g
    i thought the first 2 minutes of super troopers was good but that was it. i'll have to wait till cable to see if these guys have gotten funnier.
  • N
    @xerxex No, not everything has to be Oscar contender. The genre is too subjective for awards, most of the time. You may like people running into walls and vulgar jokes, nothing wrong with that. I'm a more british-comedy kind of girl. You share your cup och tea, and I mine.
  • JimD
    Super Troopers was horrible. It was amateur at best. There is a reason studios wont fund their stuff. Its garbage. I never understood the niche following of supertroopers. Then again its probably the same group of people who thought Clerks was brilliant.
  • Brian Ricci
    super troopers was the only good movie they ever made. beerfest sucked. club dread was awful. puddle cruiser was a piece of shit. this actually looks good though.
  • xerxex
    @N Well then we have something in common, I'm have an obsession for English comedies, from the very first time I saw Monty Python when I was young. But I'm not gonna knock an American comedy, and physical comedy is funny, and I know for a fact that British comedies have vulgar and physical comedy as well i.e. Shaun of the Dead a mixture of both. Well I'm digress, at least we both agree that English comedies are good. regards.
  • These assholes are untolerable. They're on the same level as Happy Madison. And that's too bad, because... Lance Hendrikson is fucking awesome.
  • indyjack
    wow.... i'd rather watch american pie twelve. mcd is the funniest guy in the movie....... are you kidding me? and the swordfish? wtf? i'VE seen better props in a high school play.
  • D.
    Beerfest was the most funniest movie (in this context) EVER. Agree with you Alex, they are funny as hell.
  • Jonnythan
    Looks terrible. It's all been downhill for them lately.
  • that guy
    @ 38 - Then you must have went to some poshy ass highschool. My highschool had cardboard cut outs. This looks hilarious. on a side note, Olivia Munn is hot as balls in July!
  • subcelsious5g
  • Antioch
    Won't judge it based on this - but as well edited as the trailer was, MCD was the only funny part of it.
  • Cody
    Gotta love "Black Caesar".
  • FuckyouGuys
    You guys are all crazy, Super Troopers, Club Dread and Beerfest were AWESOME. This looks hilarious too... Get off your high horses and relax.
  • Mart
    WHERE AM I ??!!!??
  • This is going to be a funny movie can`t wait for it to come in romania




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