Watch This: Kristen Stewart in The Runaways Teaser Trailer

December 17, 2009
Source: MTV

The Runaways Teaser

Another highly anticipated trailer to watch this week? Apparition has debuted the teaser trailer on MTV for Floria Sigismondi's The Runaways, the Joan Jett biopic starring Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning. We've seen plenty of paparazzi photos for this already, but now check out some actual footage from the film. It's a short teaser, but it's long enough to whet your appetite (and don't spin that the wrong way). This looks pretty intense and gritty and grungy and badass and I'm digging it. I also love that 70's look to the footage in this. Will definitely be checking out The Runaways at Sundance. You might be surprised by this, so enjoy it!

Watch the teaser trailer for Floria Sigismondi's The Runaways:

You can also watch the teaser trailer for The Runaways in High Definition on MTV

In 1970s LA, a tough teenager named Joan Jett (Kristen Stewart) connects with an eccentric producer to form the all-girl band The Runaways that would launch her career and eventually make rock history.

The Runaways is written and directed by Italian filmmaker Floria Sigismondi, who is making her feature debut with this after directing numerous music videos and a short film called Postmortem Bliss. This was just bought by Apparition for US distribution following its debut at the Sundance Film Festival next year. Apparition is planning on bringing The Runaways to theaters starting on March 19th, 2010 next year.

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  • beavis
    looks good.........but, i'd rather see a "rick james" or "motley crue" biopic.
  • Nikhil Hariharan
    WOW, Dakota Fanning looks so different. Ill be watching this but i cant guarantee when or how...but im eager to see how punk Fanning can get
  • D.
    i watched twice... Dakota... so fucking different... Well she definitly grew For her... i'm in
  • naree uk.
    Yes, Look good...Kristen and Dakota amazing...
  • Peabody
    KS can't act for shit, but I'd tap it, yo.
  • ava uk.
    I watched again and good.. can't wait...
  • jason
    Kristen Stewart biting her lip - check. Literally every scene she's ever done involves her biting her lip.
  • grahem
    rofl @ 5
  • Xerxex
    peabody then you've only seen Twililght, which dosen't show her acting abilities. I'm in it looks good.
  • arjones
    Love the Runaways! I save bio movies for when I'm sitting at home kickin' back on the sofa. It looks interesting though.
  • Scott McHenry
    why is kristen stewart so sexy? I try to deny it a lot but she is the one of the sexiest girls ive ever seen.
  • d1rEct
    That video player is useless.
  • Angry Chief
    When I heard the title a while back, I hoped it was for the comic. This looks good though. Except KS can't seem to act with her eyes more than halfway open.
  • Film Fan
    Should be interesting if they show Jett's sexuality in this film.
  • Vincent Cipollone
    only way ill see this if there is complete nude scenes. end.
  • Wow, it could actually be good and not fluff. My hopes just went up on a good real musical biopic.
  • Fuelbot
    This really pares down everything Floria Sigismondi does well. Watch her videos, then watch this trailer and tell me which is better.
  • ebbie
    I really do hope it's as gritty as the teaser suggests. I'm very intrigued by this.
  • Maxx what medium has Kristen Stewart showed off her acting abilities? In Adventureland she was just the pothead she is. In Zathura she was just a boring sister who found Dax Shepard attractive...ew...The only movie I enjoyed her in was Panic room and thats because she was supposed to be practically comatose the whole time so it worked...boring actress with a pleasant face. Oh and Angry Chief? She cant keep her eyes open because she cant seem to drop the weed enough between takes...
  • Brian Ricci
    Fanning looks like a whore
  • Cineprog
    Glam Rock girlie flick, not my cup of tea :(
  • Angry Chief
    Word, Maxx. Good point.
  • smacky
  • sna
  • name
    Movie has promise, but isn't Dakota Fanning 15? Not often you se a 15 year old doing a sexy-dance in lingerie on the big screen. I'm betting there will be a lot of sweaty dudes in trenchcoats in the theater.
  • Sancho
    whos joan jett?
  • beavis
    hey maxx at #19 - it wasn't a HUGE part, but i thought stewert gave an excellent and very accurate portrayal of a sad, lonely girl in "into the wild". (which is an excellent movie, by the way) hopefully she won't be doing more of that "twilight" garbage.
  • kayle
    Who the hell is Joan Jett?
  • giraffic
    well i hate kristen stewart and dakota fanning. this is the cherry on top.
  • Maxx
    27 You are right. I love that movie and forgot her role for some reason.
  • Seductive Flamingo
    Hmm....well it has me interested...When the full trailer comes out I'll probably make my real decision then.
  • beavis
    maxx, i'm glad you liked that one. i was really impressed with the emotion of that movie. wow! there must be some really young people on here.........some folks haven't heard of joan jett? i was never a huge fan but i know who she is.
  • Nyce
    This is going to be a good rental.
  • Goos
    Fucking Awesome, I love Kristen.
  • Crystal
    it looks like it COULD be good.... but im afraid all these freakish twilight teens are going to stampede the cinema to see this purely because it has "Bella" in it. GOD i HATE TWILIGHT!! Unfortunately kristen stewart is becoming one of those actors that make me avoid watching a film because she's in it.
  • chekhov
    i hear michael shannon and see his creepy asss eyes. Looks like itll be worth checking out.
  • Don't worry about youngsters I read the movie will be an R. I'm looking forward to this but mainly because of Floria Sigismondi's involvement, check out some of her music videos. More details and nice article about the movie here
  • LC
    I'm interested to see Dakota Fanning in this movie. She's still a phenomenal actress.
  • nanan
    My favorite young actress is Kristen Stewart. Why? Because she simply got me with her acting, I really enjoyed Advatureland, than I so New moon. I respect her a lot.
  • chris
    this looks cool. they both had physical changes, had to learn how it feels to be that rock presence on stage & gettin to sing live in front of everybody instead of lip syncing, and even had to make out with each other (far as i heard) i may be gettin a lil ahead of myself but maybe this could be Oscar Material & maybe even get some Oscar Nominations for probably Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning, if they end up doing well. they hardly disappoint us but for this u gotta go overboard & give it all out so i guess we'll see how they do & how the movie goes when it comes out arent we?...




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