Who Will Be Green Lantern: Cooper, Reynolds, Timberlake?

July 10, 2009

Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds, Justin Timberlake

Just choose someone already, damnit! We've been running rumors about Green Lantern casting for quite a long time now. And they still haven't found their guy! However, THR has just published an article looking at their top three choices: Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds and Justin Timberlake. We actually first heard that rumor about JT the other night on Ain't It Cool News, but I just couldn't believe it, and was waiting for further confirmation. This is it. Our guess is that Warner Brothers wants an answer from Martin Campbell so that they can announce it officially during Comic-Con - which is in only two more weeks. So?

In addition to Cooper, Reynolds and Timberlake, other actors in the "early mix" for the superhero role of Hal Jordan included Michael Fassbender, Henry Cavill and Jared Leto. We've previously written articles about Bradley Cooper, Chris Pine (who is still my favorite choice), and Ryan Gosling (who I never quite liked). One of the problems is that producer Donald De Line, director Martin Campbell, and Warner Bros each have a different favorite among the three finalists, making it difficult for them to choose just one. And with a budget pushing upwards of $150 million, they really want to make sure they've got the right actor.

For those who aren't die-hard Green Lantern fans, Hal Jordan is a hot-shot test pilot who is chosen by a dying alien to be his successor in an intergalactic police force known as the Green Lanterns. He is chosen because he has the most willpower out of anyone on Earth, and that means the actor has to command quite a presence to really pull off a character like that. Out of the finalists: Justin Timberlake does not seem like the right fit, he's not a superhero kind of guy; Ryan Reynolds is a great actor, but he just can't be Deadpool and Hal Jordan; Bradley Cooper is known more for comedy, but he's not bad. Which do you like best?

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  • tankmaster
    Bradley Cooper would be a good Green Lantern. I cant take Justin Timberlake seriously.
  • Sabes
    I don't like either of them. :\ If I had to choose...Ryan Reynolds.
  • -Peter-
    I would rage so hard if it was Timberlake I think Reynolds would be the best... Cooper can't be a superhero's alter ego... he's too much of a cool dude douche type. But I don't want Reynolds in it because he can't be that as well as Deadpool
  • Dan W
    Well seeing as Reynolds is deadpool. Having him be green lantern is extremely stupid. So out of the other two i'd have to say cooper. As #1 said I can't take timberlake seriously. This role is not for him.
  • Who will care? They're taking it as a joke anyway.
  • Dreckent
    Timberlake? If this is a joke its a really cruel one...
  • Luis M
    Wait, why can't Reynold be both Deadpool and Green Lantern? Calendar issues? Christian Bale was both Batman and John Connor. Ian McKellen was both Magneto and Gandalf. Halle Berry was Storm and Catwoman (ugh, bad example).
  • Otacon
    Nathan Fillion. hands down. no one would come close
  • real talk
    whoever they decide to use, i hope the movie is as tight as the fan made trailer: seriously, some guy just made that?? it's great
  • Ayindi
    Rayn Reynolds would make a better Flash IMO but dat's just me!
  • RandyG
    I'm skeptical of any producer who would even mention JT. At least they're not considering Beyonce. Or maybe they are.
  • one
    JT one would be able to take him seriously. Reynolds is already a comic book character....Cooper just makes more sense.
  • #9.... That guy should be hired to make trailers, I mean that was seriously the tightest thing ever. They would never use JT, and Ryan is being used as Deadpool so wtf is all this bs? I like Bradley.
  • Ayindi
    What happen wit Ryan Gosslin?
  • Ayindi
  • He tries so hard…
    None of them. They all suck and the movie will problem suck as well. Oh well, we'll see. I heard about this today and thought JT was a joke to piss off a friend of mine who's a huge Green Lantern fan.
  • Jazz
    Beyonce was rumor to be Wonder Woman and now JT is rumor to be Green Lantern this is a f-ing joke if these things are true WB/DC should be ashamed @ 7 Luis M your concept for Christian Bale and Ian McKellen both did not play two comic book superhero expect Halle Berry who did and flopped. Ryan Reynolds already had his chance with Blade 3, Wolverine and maybe Deadpool no point for him to be Green Lantern Bradley Cooper should be Green Lantern
    Who cares not watching it...................
  • Bradley Cooper was born to play Guy Gardner, NOT Hal Jordan. Ryan Reynolds is a no-go, because I'd rather see him as Deadpool (or maybe Flash if we're going DC Universe). JT is just absolutely insane. I'm a big fan, but this is just completely wrong casting for him. If I had to pick, I'd say nab someone like Nathan Fillion for the part - someone who can play the big, brave, all-American guy who stares down the existence of a giant space police force with charm and a sarcastic sense of humor.
  • tr1gun
    Nathan Fillion is Hal Jordan, plain and simple, if anyone else is cast instead of him, then I will not see it, just like Superman returns.
  • Do you think this could all be major misdirection on the part of the studios? Timberlake and Reynolds seem to have suddenly come from nowhere with regards playing Hal Jordan. I personally don't feel any of the trio are right for the part and I wouldn't be at all surprised if the announcement at Comic-Con is for someone not of this trinity. We all know Nathan Fillion is the right choice, but that will never happen...
  • The One
    Out of the three, I would have to say Cooper. Though he looks comparable to Affleck in DD. Yikes!!! What's with the praise for Reynolds? He plays the same character in all his movies, some what cool, funny guy with a punch line. Getting Old. Also, If JT does get the part, you can bet he's going to have a hit song on the soundtrack too. LOL. But as mentioned above, Chris Pine would be a really good choice too.
  • germs
    Anyone but Timberlake.
  • Cooper all the way!
  • DKnight007
    Ryan Reynolds all the way for Hal Jorsdan! He is more of the type of franchise type of actor Campbell and WB's need to target.....not terrible reaches like Timberlake and Cooper??!! WTF? If Reynolds takes the role than I would think that WB's is offering him a better deal then Marvel is. Reynolds all the way!
    I dont even think any of these guys can pull it off. None of them have the Intensity to bring to the screen that HAL JORDAN deserves!!!!
  • DKnight007
    Cooper is a douchebag, acts and looks like one he doesn't have hero qualities.....Timberlake being on that list is LAUGHABLY bad! Reynolds is the type of actor who is ready to be a lead in a franchise type film and he has the looks, acting experience, and charisma to be a great fit as Hal Jordan and be the lead in this important GL film. Reynolds all the way!
  • Cody
    Dont care as long as its not JT, after seeing him in SNL and the more obvious reasons I just cant take him seriously. But man that fan made trailer was fucking amazing.
  • dan
    reynolds or cooper, sure i could see both doing the role.......but timberlake???!!! he's such a "nancy". i hope they're joking about using JT.
  • Blue & Orange NY
    shit, I hope we don't see JT as GL, just like Beyonce as WW.....that's all BS now out of the 3, I feel Cooper fits best, Reynolds I had envisioned more for Flash but like many of us say here, we prefer Nathan Fillion @ #9 REAL TALK - good looking out on this cudos to the guy/or girl who put this together, it's one of the best fan made I've seen in a while, good looking out REAL TALK
  • vetchris54
    Maybe Aaron Eckhart.
  • DKnight007
    Michael Fassbender and Henry Cavill would be the best choices overall actually!
  • DKnight007
    Reynolds has IT! Timberlake and Cooper are jokes!
  • RandyG
    Remember when JT started crying when he got set up on Punkd? I'm not that familiar with Hal Jordan. If someone messed with his tv and odds and ends would the Green Lantern sob like a girl?
  • Dave
    nathan fillion all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • mr sol
    Why the F would they even consider Ryan Reynolds if he's playing deadpool? It's almost like asking Christian Bale to play as Cyclops.
  • matthew
    ryan reynolds ftw!
  • He tries so hard…
    Dknight cracks me up as they have no idea about Green Lantern obviously, at least in respect to Hal Jordon. You described Cooper as the perfect Hal. Learn before you speak. Hal is a douche and that's what's so great about him. I still don't think Cooper could pull it off though, Fillion is the best and only choice.
  • Gavin
    @Ayindi I agree Ryan would be a good flash
  • PJH
    Ryan Reynolds playing the green lantern would be great if he wasnt dead pool already. My vote goes to Bradley Cooper. Having Reynolds play lantern would be like Tobey Mcguire playing spiderman and batman.
  • PJH
    Let me just add that Jared Leto would be a HORRIBLE lantern
  • Spider
    Cooper all the way! Reynolds was born to play, 'Deadpool' and even, 'The Flash'. Timberflake??..hmmm....NO!!!....keep him far away from this!
  • Al
    its gonna be Cooper.
  • MJ
    Of the three? I guess the first guy. No disrespect to Reynolds-- he's one of my favorite actors, and had better pull off a kick-ass Deadpool flick-- but he's already been Hannibal King and Deadpool, just for the sake of a LITTLE continuity amongst comic book movies, one actor should only be allowed to portary one character. He's a great choice for Wade Wilson, so I can overlook the Hannibal King thing, but he simply can't-- or at least shouldn't-- be Hal Jordan. No to Justin Timberlake, just for the fact that he's Justin freakin' Timberlake. In their mind, has ANY fanboy ever imagined Hal's (hell, ANY comic hero's) voice as whiney and pathetic as his? He just screams "wimp", and one thing Green Lantern is not, is a wimp. Mark Whalberg might be a nice choice. He's a good actor, I think he could pull off a super-hero. And he's got the built-in arrogance of Jordan.
  • Xerxex
    I hate Timberlake the singer, and I actually love him as an actor, Southland Tales is awesome with him as a narrator, but as Green Lantern not so much. Why is Reynolds even in this? He Deadpool through and through, albiet I thought he would've made a great Flash. So I give in to Cooper. The guy just seems like he would deliver a great G.Lantern!
  • DKnight007
    Hal Jordan is NOT douchebag! Hot headed and cocky yes.....a douchebag no! There is a difference! Deadpool is small time compared to GL and if WB's gives him a better deal than what Marvel offers why woudn't he do it? Did Reynolds sign a muti pic deal with Marvel? If he did, then why is WB's even considering him unless he can get out the Marvel contract.
  • DKnight007
    This top three list is a weird top three list to say the least..... If Reynolds is legally contracted to do a small time Deadpool film, then why would he even be considered? Also, how the hell small time actors like Timberlake and Cooper even in a top three list to begin with?? WTF??!! Terrible
  • moldybread
    Timberlake?? I am laughing so hard I think I am going to crack some ribs....what an absolutely assinine choice....Cooper should win this one on looks alone...
  • Nate
    WTF? Bradley Cooper isnt a small time actor...he's getting a lot of gigs lately However I'm not really convinced with any of them for a good Hal Jordan, I think he should be played by an older actor. (Isn't he portrayed as a middle aged man in the comics?) Jared Leto might make a good Kyle Rayner maybe...
  • DKnight007
    Reynolds, Cavill, or Fassbender should be the top three choices! Cooper is currently the force fed flavor of the month and overhyped because he made you fools laugh in an overrated comedy like the Hangover was! Cooper is NOT lead material for a potential sci fi franchise film like GL. There are far better actors out there and I'm disappointed that it has come down to these three? If I had to choose then Reynolds all the way! Reynolds has the "IT" factor!
  • GL #1
    yeah, this list is certainly odd to the say the least. If it came down to these three, than maybe they should have stuck with Jack Black? lol I would choose Ryan Reynolds over these other two clowns.....Timberlake and Cooper?? Give me a break!
  • ebbie
    Cooper is the smarmy douchebag guy, not the hero. Reynolds is already attached (in fans' minds) with Deadpool. Timberlake seems too untested. I hope these three were guys that *were* in contention but now that the actors hold has expired are no longer as solid as they were for the role. Seriously, get Chris Pine in there. You have a guaranteed fan base and a pretty good shot at a hit.
  • GL #1 This news seems to be bit more promising than the report from the HR. I'm all for Ryan Reynolds being cast as Hal Jordan!
  • DoomCanoe
    Cooper is the perfect fit... i can just picture the guy with the mask on and he looks just like a fucking action figure i had when i was 12
  • DKnight007
    Well I also hope the US magazine article is more accurate than HRs story. I don't know about US article saying fans would want Timberlake in the role though?? WTF? Timberlake would be god awful and Cooper would be a joke of a casting choice. I would rather see Reynolds or Leto with Reynolds being the #1 choice. Deadpool is to small time for him!
  • Tex
    Of the three listed up above, I can't see how it won't be Cooper. If it's Timberlake, they all but guarantee the wrath of every single fan of the comic. Furthermore, I don't think it'll be Reynolds either because he's working on Deadpool and Lord knows what else right now. Plus, I just don't see Reynolds playing the part. Sure there will be the time when his comedic skills will shine (e.g., learning to use his knew powers), but I can't see him taking an alien seriously. I'll always feel like he's about to crack some smartass joke that will ruin the scene. Cooper started out in drama on Alias if I remember correctly, and he was very believable as someone who's in over his head while conveying a sense that he's compelled to do the right thing no matter what. By that characteristic alone, I think he's earned the job. True, he is more famous right now for comedy, like Wedding Crashers and Hangover, but he can pull this off whereas the other two listed can't because of lack of talent or lack of availability respectively.
  • jfc3po
    I like Bradley Cooper for this, but I think it would be great if it was Nathan Fillion. What does everyone think of David Boreanez or Eddie Mclintock?
  • DKnight007
    Cooper would be a terrible choice! He is good at only good at playing stupid douchebags and nothing else. Plus he has a beak for nose! LOL Cooper would be horrible! He can't carry a big time franchise film without going into douchebag mode. Far to risky for WB's. They need someone bankable....
  • cisco1 ^^Interesting read and take. I don't feel comfortable with this Cooper guy being in a top 3 list for anything let alone Green Lantern? That is just weird, but even weirder would be is little Justin Timberlake being on the list? Unreal and stupid. I won't watch the movie if that happens. Ryan Reynolds would be good, Leto would be an interesting choice as well. I would have preferred Fillion, Worthington, Cavill or Faddenbender personally.
  • Mark.E
    i like bradley cooper but id rather see him as captain america but out of all them id rather see him as green lantern than reynolds and timberlake.. i look ryan reynolds..but c'mon hes deadpool!!! and for timberlake its the same with the beyonce - wounder women thing ... let the singers sing and let the actors take care with the acting(i dont hate any of them btw i like both of there music) id rather see nathan fillion as hal jordon(the fan made trailer is fuckin awsum) or chris pine(i like pine as captain america also),Emile Hirsch, sean farris ... off the top of my head
  • Mark.E
    ^^^^^^ like**
  • cisco1
    haha....Cooper as GL is depressing enough, but as Captain America? Holy crap! How crappy can casting get? Reynolds, Worthington, Cavill, Fillion, Duhamel are ALL better choices for GL than that lousy beak nose Cooper and Timberlake!
  • Ajax
    Fillion is the best choice IMO, but if it had to be these three I'd take Cooper.
  • Imperial
    Well, apparently it's official (or quasi-official) that Ryan Reynolds will in fact be GL as Variety is reporting that he has been offered the part. Not exactly sure how I feel about this, but it's better than JT, I think we can all agree on that.
  • Daas
    Man firstshowing yall are slow, its been announced: RYAN REYNOLDS IS HAL JORDAN!!!
  • Darunia
    Ryan Reynolds is already doing Deadpool. I think after the Hangover, it's Bradley Cooper's time to shine.
  • M
    Isn't Reynolds playing another superhero guy already? I don't think he should get this one. Cooper? Not really either Timberlake? Haha is that a joke? Might as well give it to an unknown than these three, or possibly find better people to choose from, cause these guys don't cut it.
  • Chaks
    I don't think either of them will do well at the role.
  • Trisha
    Im happy Ryan Reynolds got it.




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