Will Alexander Skarsgard Be Kenneth Branagh's Thor?

March 10, 2009
Source: Latino Review

Alexander Skarsgard as Thor

Ever since it was first announced that Thor was coming to the big screen, fans have been debating endlessly over who would be a perfect Norse God of Thunder. We've heard Kevin McKidd's name tossed around before, but Latino Review has a new scoop today that seems quite solid. They say that Alexander Skarsgård, son of actor Stellan Skarsgård, has been meeting with Thor director Kenneth Branagh and that this isn't the first time they've heard his name brought up. While it's not official, they've gone to lengths to confirm that meetings have taken place, and if you look at that photo above, it might just make sense.

Here's where I'm conflicted. Paramount would never let Marvel make a Thor movie, currently slated for release on July 16th, 2010, without a big name actor somewhere in the cast. It's just common sense. So if Alexander Skarsgård gets the role as Thor, then they've got to fill up the supporting casting with big actors. But I think it's the other way around. I think we'll still maybe see a bigger name in the lead and that Skarsgård might actually be some supporting character like Thor's brother Loki instead. Just because he looks like a Norse God in real life doesn't mean he has to be Thor, he can still play a different Norse God.

Alexander Skarsgård has starred in "Generation Kill" and "True Blood" recently, so he's got some acting experience, but he's no big name actor by any means. He definitely has the looks, but I still believe Paramount won't let Marvel or Kenneth Branagh fill up the cast of Thor with a bunch of unknowns. As much as the fans would love to see them cast someone who has the looks more than anything, they just can't sell a big summer movie without any big names. We'll obviously find out soon enough how true this all is, but for now, I'm going to entertain the idea that Skarsgård is Thor. Would Skarsgård be a good choice?

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  • Adam
    Skarsgard is a pretty good actor, from what I've seen. He tends to play the aloof type though, and so I can't really say I've seen him do a wide range of emotions. I agree - he's probably best as a side character instead of the lead.
  • Daas
    Hell yeah!! I hope this is true! He has the look, he can act, and he's 6'4!
  • Dan
    He was excellent in Generation Kill, definitely has a commanding screen presence. Would make a great Thor.
  • ThorKing
  • Magnus
    Alexander Skarsgård would be perfect! Since he's already swedish he doesnt need to fake the accent (which I've always pictured Thor having).
  • I don't know any of these guys, but I'd say having a fresh face could work well
  • xerxerxex
    He was great in Gen Kill as stated above by Dan, and is really the only reason I got into True Blood for a while. He has a commanding presence, and is tall to boot, so this is a good choice for Thor, and I would love to see him as Thor!
  • Guy
    Loki will be the "name". Skarsgård is perfect for Thor.
  • Elizabeth
    Alexsander Skarsgard is the PERFECT Thor! Not only because he looks the part but, anyone who has seen Generation Kill or True Blood knows the man can act. If he's not cast as Thor, I'd probably have very little interest in paying money to see it on the big screen.
  • Luis M
    They should cast Will Smith. Hey, if his name came up for Captain America once...
  • Tim "CLoverfield"
    Yes, very good choice. Can't help think the wig is helping him from True Blood. If he had just been seen in GK, would he still have the appeal? Doubt it. However, True Blood Season 2 goes into Production very soon. Will HBO and his contract be a problem for Alex?
  • zach
    Thors going to flop hardcore this will be worse than zoom sorry guys but cant wait for the avengers!!
    Alexander Skarsgard would have to be LOKi, He doesnt have the bold look that Thor should have. Thor was always portrayed as a big burly guy, kind of the way superman is portrayed as broad shoulders and square chin and villans are always portrayed as skinny slim phisique's and kind of twisted. You cant change Thor and make him small just to make him look athletic. I dont know who i would want as thor, Samual L Jackson? Dulf Lundgren? Wesly Snipes?
  • andrew
    i would have to agree with #12 here, its going to be really hard for them to cast Thor, and not too many people know who thor is. just the other day i was at work and one of my co-workers was reading an article about Super-Heroe movies coming out in the next 3 years. one guy was like who's thor?? Another dumb employee says oh he's like tarzan who carries around a speer. I obviously correct his retarded remark.
  • 9mm
    Paramount has no say in the casting. That is the whole purpose of Marvel financing the whole thing on their own. Starting with Iron Man Marvel is footing the entire bill so that they have 100% creative control. Paramount is only being used as a distributor. Its the George Lucas method.
  • Trey
    I like this guy..he was cool in Generation Kill
  • Skarsgård would make a PERFECT Thor! If anyone has actually seen him in True Blood, he's actually quite imposing. He's like 6'4", pretty built, he's got the Norse look, and most importantly, his mannerisms are perfect. He can be intimidating and sullen, but he always has that underlying streak of humor and charm that Thor is known for. I could definitely see him slaying Frost Giants and going toe-to-toe with the Hulk.
  • harrison
    in a perfect world we would have a young vlad kulich filling the role, but hes in his fifties now, so skarsgard may be the best choice available
  • ?????
    He definitely looks the part and I think Marvel would be wise to cast him. If there is a big villain, thats where you can get your big name star in.
  • Matt
    He looks good. I'd say its harder to find a Thor than a Loki, Sif, Odin, etc., because he has to be a certain size. Loki or the others can be your established star. The villian is always the more dynamic character anyway - and they can really go to town on whover is Loki.
  • Daas
    Why are some people saying he should play Loki? Are you guys complete morons? This guy could pull off Thor about as good anyone could hope. He certainly has a big enough frame to bulk up significantly. Look at him here: And look how he towers over everyone at 6'4:
  • Eric
    I think Triple H should be thor. He is big enough in the build department. and i think that he could pull it off.
  • bart
    BRAD PITT!!......PLEASE!!!.....BRAD PITT!!!!
  • Henry Jones Sr.
    Tobey Maguire wasn't really a global superstar until he did Spiderman. So I don't think they necessarily need star power, just a good premise.
  • zetsu
    i think from the picture above he would be better suited to play loki,(i think i speak for every red blooded male here, who's up for some big titted hot blond to play the fucking enchantress along side loki as the two main villains.)
  • "Paramount would never let Marvel make a Thor movie, currently slated for release on July 16th, 2010, without a big name actor somewhere in the cast. It's just common sense." why is that common sense? although not a Marvel movie, Superman Returns cast an unknown to play the title role ...
  • curiouscaseofredbuttons
    YEA! What 26 said!
  • Daas
    Why the hell would you tap a 6'4 blond Swede to play Loki instead of Thor? That's just incredibly moronic! This guy is perfectly built to play Thor, and he's a great actor to boot. It doesn't matter if he's not a household name, Marvel can get a big name to play Loki and/or Enchantress, etc. That way you can attract the shallow morons that watch movies based on name recognition.
  • buffy summers
    It's Meekus from Zoolander! 😛
    he looks good like of norse descent. but not the commanding aura of thor Im really goin for brad pitt to play thor. I HOPE THEY WOULD MAKE LOKI INTO A PRETTY GIRL!
  • TABS
    I think he is a perfect choice and i am loving this way of casting where unknowns are being chosen over the A-listers. Look how Shia LaBeouf's fame skyrocketed after being cast in Transformers in 2007. Star Trek also has the relatively unknown Chris Pine and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra has the not so popular (yet) Channing Tatum. Give this people the chance. They are the future of Hollywood films, imo. And you know, it is not always about the cast, it's the FILM. And also there was a news saying JOSH HARTNETT is in a shortlist to play LOKI.
  • Voice of Reason
    No matter who plays Thor, they will look like a douchebag and the movie will suck. I love me some Branaugh, but he will turn this movie into a giant metal spider of a disaster. Who REALLY thinks this is an appropriate waste of 100 million+ dollars and their own $12 come the time of release?!!?!?!?
  • Ryan
    Brad Pitt will always be my 1st choice for Thor PS: we want a godlike character, not a vampire
  • Fisherr
    He looks ok but Marvel should have a known cast for the movie.
  • bozoconnors
    Ho boy. I'd be highly inclined to say hell yes - after a strict regimen of "HOLY CRAP MY MUSCLES HURT" weight gain and working out a'la the 300 workout x 2. (if that's even possible) @#29 - Wow. You've just single-handedly ruined every single thing I thought about this guy. 😉
  • Munson
    Skarsgård skulle rocka fett som Thor! :)
  • Casey
    Alexander is already a beloved actor in Sweden and received critical praise for his work on "Generation Kill." He has an army of female fans- all of whom will be first in line for tickets if he's cast. These comic book movies have to appeal to women, too, if they are going to be huge (hello, Gwyneth Paltrow) and Alexander isn't an unknown to the millions of women who read Charlaine Harris's books and watch "True Blood." He showed that he's more than a pretty face by his portrayal of Sgt. Brad Colbert so he's someone that fanboys support as well- think Hugh Jackman and his total mastery of showtunes while being the perfect Wolverine. Plus, casting a Swede who is well-known in Europe lends authenticity to the film and helps ensure that it's a world-wide hit.
  • EmmaLee
    James Preston Rogers for Thor!!!
  • sweetwater
    Sorry EmmaLee, Rogers isn't handsome enough to be Thor and he's not an actor. Can you imagine him working with Branagh? Skarsgard IS Thor.
  • grham
    WHA!?! I Really thought they would go with kevin mckidd, if ure talking about aura or presence, i think a battle hardened, grizzly veteran is what u will find looking at mckidd, rather the tall lanky boyish face of skarsgard.
  • sweetwater
    I love Kevin McKidd and have been following his career since Trainspotting, but he's not really big enough to play Thor. I think he's around 6 foot, but he frequently looks small next to his costars. Skarsgard is a little over 6 foot 4 inches and towers over everybody. He's got a killer bod that could easily be beefed up for the role. Plus, he is, in fact, Scandinavian. Skarsgard has been acting since he was a child and is the son of esteemed actor, Stellan Skarsgard. He can play Meekus, he can play Sgt. Colbert or Vampire Eric or anything else you need him to morph into. Alexander Skarsgard is an experienced actor - and he was born to play Thor.
  • Spiderman
    Tobey Mcguire, he sure was famous before Spiderman...
  • M
    Perfect choice for Thor.
  • Carl
    Want Alex as THOR? Vote Skarsgard for Asgard here:
  • God of Thunder
    The role of Thor does not necessarily have to be played by a big name actor, in fact it would be much better that way. He just has to be a competent actor with a commanding presence. I agree with those that have said the supporting cast should have the bigger named actors. Just look at 1978's Superman movie. Christopher Reed was practically an unknown and they gave the role of Luthor to Gene Hackman & the movie was a success. But like I said before the actor has to has to be good enough to nail the role....if not it could be like Superman Returns. And let us not forget of course the story has to well written, if not it will suck no matter who plays Thor - Alexander Skarsgard, Brad Pitt or whoever.
  • God of Thunder
    I made a mistake earlier...I meant the late, great Christopher Reeve.....not Reed. Also, since I'm back here again, I can't help but wonder about the current popularity of Marvel's Thor in pop culture. I grew up up reading all the marvel titles in the 60's and 70's and there were lots of other Thor fans out there then, but there are many movie fans out there who may have know idea who Thor is (with the exception of the movie: Adventures in Babysitting). I personally think that Thor's story could make for an epic movie if put in the right creative hands....but outside of comix fans–Will there be enough interest in a movie about a Norse God living in modern times? This could be a very good movie that fails to reach blockbuster status due to lack of interest...or worse, a train wreck of a movie that gets plenty of hype, but fails horribly at the box office.....Batman 4 anyone? ....Man–I hope not, because I think Marvel's Thor is a cool character and this movie needs to do well in order to help set up upcoming Avengers movies!!
  • BeefyAngusMcJohnston III Esq.
    I've got my money on Will Ferrell, or Sacha Baron for the role of the 'Norse G-d of pancakes.' Having been an avid comic book reader and blogger for the past 3 days, I'd say I have the credentials and capacity to designate a star for this role. I recently saw Transformers 2 and felt it sucked major geriatric ball5!!! ...Much like these over payed, snobby a55 actors. Who can barely hold down their shots of Patron let alone their emotions. Crash'n their expensive automobiles and catch'n DUI's, living above the law and cry'n because they're only getting 8 million and not 20 for a film. Think'n they're G-d's gift to the world, cursing and putting down hard working individuals because they got regular water, when they asked for 'sparkling.' And, don't forget we all poop the stinky kind, and get some of it on our fingers. Who gives a crap who plays who in what dang movie? How about who's teaching your kids math, english, or history? ..I forgot you have no kids. (I'd hope not? For your kids sake) No time, too busy criticizing the world of 'Marvel' and 'DC' yet, never accomplishing anything of your own. The damn youth today thinks its cool to be a snobby a55 brat. Acting out, smoking sausages in night vision cause Paris did it. Giving HJ's and BJ's to post on youtube, cause they crave attention. I applaud you all for providing the lifestyle for these ingrates of Hollywood. Who are the most disgusting role models for the children of my corn. Next time you're debating who should play what character, think about the amount of bathrooms their mansion has and who helped pay for it? Then, ask them for an autograph, foto, or to have a sleepover and see how appreciative they are for you paying for their glamorous lifestyle? While you sit alone in mum's basement, wank'n the surviving member of the lollipop guild, or shovin'n a luke warm turkey kielbasa up the pooper, then sniff'n it. And, Im sik of everything be blak and white!! We went from white superheroes, and presidents, to having Hancock and Baroke (Sic) because look at our economy!! What about an Asian, or Indian American President?! Everything so dang one sided, are they're only 2 races in this world? It'll be nice to see the day when there's only one, the 'human' race!! Not that I've got anythings against Aliens, I'd sure luv to get my hands on a shelia with 3 boobs and no mouth ..cuz im tired of hear'n 'where you from?' retard Im form Earth, where the he77 r you from venus? In closing noobs of the world, I won't be making funny faces cuz of your tard'd responses. Cause I accidentally found this page google'n 'Thorny Snatch' for my mid day stroke, and I won't make the same mistake twice. Bless you all, live long and prosper. Always floss before going to bed, and may you all find a significant other that is not inflatable.
  • Hashi
    "he's got some acting experience" ?!?! He's been acting since he was FIVE. Movies and plays alike. "Some" experience, huh? At least do some researching before writing... :]
  • jay
    alexander maybe an unknown but he is the best tv actor i have seen for a hella long time. if he's not thor im boycotting




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