Will We See a Different Michel Gondry for Green Hornet?

March 24, 2009
Source: Collider

Michel Gondry

Seth Rogen has been doing the rounds this week, talking with press for Observe and Report, so after staring in awe at how thin he's become, the next most popular question is always about The Green Hornet, his passion project that he's starting up in June. Collider was the latest to get in touch with Rogen and focused on the choice of director - Michel Gondry. If you know who Gondry is, you already know his style, that low-budget feel with cardboard sets and other imaginative and quirky designs. It worked for The Science of Sleep, but doesn't really work for The Green Hornet, but thankfully that doesn't matter.

So why doesn't it matter that Gondry's low-budget quirky style won't really work for Green Hornet? Well, we'll let Rogen explain why Michel Gondry doesn't want to use that same style anymore.

"Me and Evan have actually approached him with ideas like maybe we could do something like this… you could do some of your weird people made out of string and shit like that. He's like, 'No, I don't want to any of that. The fact that you think I want to do that drives me crazy and makes me never want to do anything like that again.' He hates being predictable and repetitive and doing what's been done before. As soon as he starts to feel like he's expected to do something he doesn't want to do it at all."

I actually really like hearing this, even though I love Gondry's older style and all of his other movies, this just makes me so much more excited. I understand why people are so worried about Green Hornet, related to Gondry's style and Rogen's ability to play a superhero character, but after hearing updates like this, and seeing how thin Rogen has become, I'm confident that The Green Hornet might actually turn out pretty great. As for the story we'll see in this, Rogen says, "at first we were kind of resisting the notion of an origin story but then we realized if we kind of embraced it and played with that idea it could be a lot better."

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  • Scott McHenry
  • rogenhatersunite
    Why is this site so in love with a total turd like Rogen? None of the other movie sites report so much on the beloved Hornet and the waste of life Rogen than Alex does. How I hate Rogen. Hate . Hate , HATE!!!!!!
  • D-9
    I really do feel ill after reading this.
  • Nut-Meg
    This just keeps getting worse and worse. Actually don't think Middle schools boys r going to see this. What is the Green Hornet gonna do? Throw up in his GF's purse?
  • Dan W
    We'll just have to wait and see. No sense in bashing it right now, you just sound stupid.
  • DCompose
    #2: Hate's a strong word you unacceptable cunt.
  • DarkRaven18599
    I don't know, I rather like Seth Rogen. As such, I'll make an effort to see his films. As for the Green Hornet film, as #5 put it so well, there is no point in being negative before the film has even come out. Who knows, it might be really good.
  • Smiffy1
    #6. Here here!
  • brou
    I don't understand... Gondry invented Bullet time, uses CGI, Check his commercials and videos, Gondry has many tricks in his pockets... Check these videos on youtube and you'll see what Gondry can do : He's not just using cardboard, I don't know where this idea comes from. He mixes techniques like no other, that's for sure and his mix of comedy and melancholy only belongs to him.
  • Well said #9. You too #6...sounds like a fitting description for a person who says they hate someone that they don't even know. Rogen's a hard worker who's left more of a legacy in the past year than he'll leave in his life. So #2 next time you want to hate on Rogen why don't you write, direct, act, or produce something first so we can compare your work to his.
  • rogenhatergotpunk'd
    Man #2 got PUNK'd gawcho style!!! Now hopefully he learn to keep your mouth shut. And trust me, if he decided to write, direct, act or even produce something on his probably wouldn't even make it on YouTube. lol
  • Shane
    I don't get the Rogen haters. This will be awesome.
  • Tim Cloverfield"
    In peloquin we usually trust. I for an adult disagree with Rogen being anywhere near the Hornet. Maybe hate is a strong word, but as an ADULT, and not a fan of toliet type humor, and I believe I can perceive talent.......there are perhaps 10 comics who are true talents and would love to have a shot like Rogen has gotten. I don't agree at all with what is happening here. I have not been 14 years old for many a year.
  • GreenHornetFan
    I despise the fact Seth Rogen is involved with this. #2 has a point though. This is the only movie fan site that endorses and reports Rogen being attached. Am not a fan of Rogen at all.
  • Haha, you know I'll always fight for Rogen Tim until he does something to prove me otherwise. I do think he's a better writer than actor, but sometimes those two have to go hand in hand to get across the character development you were trying to accomplish when you wrote it. This role could give him a chance to break away from the typecast slapstick fat guy, but if he puts on the same performance as usual I'll personally launch a Rogen haters fan site. I'm just hoping he'll diversify as an actor and try to portray someone other than himself for once. He's definitely a good writer though and has had a hand in evolving humor to it's sophisticated level (along with Apatow). I wouldn't put him in the same category as the Sandler, Carrey, Myers era of humor we saw in the 90s though. He's definitely part of the contemporary humor we're seeing in Hollywood recently. Keep hating on him here at FS and I'll keep defending him, seems to make for good conversation ;o)
  • Tim "Cloverfield"
    Fair enough my Dear peloquin. I have been a fan of the GH since a wee lad. I will try and give it a chance. But if "they" screw with Kato..............i.e.Branden Fraiser or Will Smith....I am outta here! I totally understand and agree with your point on the humor Hollywood is trying to force. $$$$ more than being true to the craft, but your right....the slapstick dumb, chubby kid he potrays time after time is just boring and the more mature film fan is just not down with it. If you strat the site, I will be your first member.
  • peloquinfan
    See! peloquin is the shit! ( I don't like Seth though Dawg)




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