Will You Be Able to Watch Nearly 3 Hours of Avatar in 3D?

June 4, 2009
Source: SlashFilm

James Cameron's Avatar

We're all anxiously waiting for James Cameron's Avatar and hoping that it will change cinema as we know it. I, for one, am anxious to see if it finally shows us what 3D is truly capable of, in terms of enhancing the storytelling (and not just being used as a sales gimmick). But I know people always complain about the glasses and the eye strain of 3D. SlashFilm reports that they talked with producer Jon Landau at E3 today and got confirmation that Avatar is at least two and a half hours long, maybe even three, depending on how Cameron cuts it together in the end. Will you be able to watch nearly three hours of Avatar in 3D?

Of course, my answer to question is "hell yes!" I'll be watching Avatar no matter how long it is. But I don't think everyone else will say the same. Landau said that Avatar was "definitely over two and a half hours." That kind of running time isn't really a shocker for a Cameron feature. Aliens ran 2 hours, 17 minutes (plus an extra 17 mins for the special edition); The Abyss ran 2 hours, 18 minutes (plus an extra 33 mins for the special edition); Terminator 2 ran 2 hours, 17 minutes (plus an extra 17 mins for the special edition); True Lies ran 2 hours, 21 minutes; and Titanic ran 3 hours, 14 minutes. So 3 hours plus seems quite possible.

Not only are there issues with IMAX, since a platter can only hold up to 160 minutes, but I get the feeling not everyone would be able to sit through a three hour, 3D movie. I know I won't mind, but my eyes don't get strained watching 3D. Is this even plausible or likely? Would you sit through three hours of 3D?

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  • I realize that UP was just over an hour and a half, but I would've almost forgot I was wearing the 3-D glasses if it wasn't for the molded plastic being sharp on the top of my ears.
  • Dim_one
    "Hell yes!" but not in 3D !!
  • Fuelbot
    Complete immersion? Yes please.
  • I feel that if a movie has a strong story and is entertaining throughout, you might not even realize the running time. When I was finished watching "Saving Private Ryan" or Titanic" in the theaters (long running times) My legs were so stiff because I had not moved an inch, i was so into the movie and the suspense. i hope that this movie will have the same effect of involving you in the story and the visuals that you will not even notice that 3D glasses are on your face or the movie is running more than two and a half hours. I have only seen limited amount from this film but I have a good feeling that this will be this generation's Star Wars. I hope.
  • Jertown
    Unless it's an exceptionally crappy movie, I usually get so lost in movies that I don't mind a long running time.
  • James Cameron film...I will make myself sit through 3 hours of 3D!
  • This movie is building up such a megaton bomb of secret hype, that by the time it comes out, headlines are gonna say, "AVATAR CURES CANCER!" 3 hours is worth it. See what comes of it.
    No the glasses would give me a big ass migraine. Will watch it for 4 hours if he made it 4
  • Greedo the Rodian
    Titanic was 3 hours long. That brought a lot of butts to the theatre. I wish Jurassic Park was four hours long. I was disappointed when it was only 2.
  • Greedo the Rodian
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't I hear that they might be coming up with a way to have a 3D movie without you needing glasses? There's optical illusions like that, but they are static, not sure how much it takes to make illusions in motion. But I swear I've read about it.
  • Greedo the Rodian
    Sorry for the 3rd post in a row, but when do you guys think we can expect a trailer? Perhaps for the opening of Transformers?
  • Black Dynomite
    I enjoy long running times on movies with strong stories like TDK. However, I've yet to watch a movie in 3D for that amount of time. It may prove to be too long, so I'll let you know in December if it was too long or just right.
  • d
    i sat through 9 hours of people walking to a volcano(Lord of the rings). I think i can sit through 3 hours of robots and awesomeness.
  • jelipe
  • I dunno if I'll be able to watch 2 seconds of the trailer in 2D..let alone the entire 3 hour film in 3D
  • Corey
    It's been a while since I've seen something I liked made by James Cameron. I've never seen anything with Sam Worthington in it (T:Sal doesn't count, forgettable movie). I've never watched a movie longer than 2 1/2 hours thinking "Come on just show Two-Face". And, I've never see something in 3D. SO yes, I will be there.
    It's not the glasses or the eye strain, it's the dimness, the lack of brightness in the image because you are wearing lenses that take away reflected light from the screen.(like sunglasses essentially).
  • I think it is a matter of working up a tolerance. Try bringing a couple books, your iPhone and a Nintendo DS with you whenever you go to the bathroom.
  • Tomi Lahdesmaki
    will they release a non 3D version of the movie also?
  • Caleb
    #13...true statement sir.
  • Patrick
    this movie is so overhyped! You don't know anything about the story line it and you haven't seen any footage (picture or vids).
  • Rickmeister
    It hardly can be much longer than The Dark Knight. Otherwise the film would not fit on a conventional IMAX playback system.
  • PinkSushi
    it dont really matter how good the film is, man its all about comfort and 3 hr wearing those dizzy 3d glasses. NO WAY !!
  • Nadir
    You said it, titanic was three and a half hours long and that was the highest grossing film ever, i dont people have a problems with the length, i think kids would have a problem but its not a kids film, so it doesnt matter. Also this is a James Cameron Film, his last film was titanic 13 years ago, i am so psyhed for Avatar and i will watch it in 3D and IMAX
  • Moviegimp
    Hopefully it will be like #4 said. It's so involving that you won't even know you are watching a 3 hour movie in 3D. I did find that the 3D is worse for me and others who actually wear regular glasses though. Putting those 3D ones over your glasses can be quite a stain on your nose. My nose was sore after UP so 2 and a half or 3 hours I don't know about that.
  • 9mm
    I have problem with eye strain in 3d movies. I had to take the glasses of for a few minutes every 30mins or so during beowulf. But hopefully it doesnt mess the movie up so much.
  • David
    Absolutely, bring on the epic.
  • true my friend. Someone needs to invent 3d contact lenses to cut down on the plastic pinching your head and ears.
  • Greedo the Rodian
    They just need to make 3D glasses not so disposable. I buy cheap sunglasses from 7-11 for 5 bucks that are way comfortable. They're not fashionable, but they're comfy.
  • alan
    "people watched lord of the rings series so yea y not" but i don't think i can watch it in 3d
  • Peter
    I have never seen a 3-d movie. They don´t have 3-d where I live, so I don´t know if I´ll get a headache. But the LOTR movies were all longer than 3 hours, and so was Titanic. Especially with the first LOTR I didn´t feel the time at all, so I´m all for a well told well edited 3 hour Avatar.
  • avoidz
    If the story sucks it's going to feel like six hours.
  • Ashitaka 21 San
    I still have yet to view a film in 3D, but this may be the first.
  • wizard bones
    fuck it yeah. why not!
  • snickers
    Well, Watchmen flew by for me, so if the story is solid in Avatar I can probably ignore the numbness in my ass for three hours.
  • wannawatchavatar
    IDC if it is long as fuck. I love long movies. They feel more complete than just ending them in the standard time (100 min.) or (1:40) 2:30 and onwards are the movies that turn out real good.
  • carte r4
    If i tried very hard than i can watch Avatar in 3D for 3 hours. I know its not easy but i can try hard than i can do this.
  • Max
    I am sure that Cameron's Genius made me choose my professional life course. I am so grateful for it. Hope one day to thank him in person. If he made it 3 hours long - I have no doubt in his genius. His decisions are best quality trademark on this planet. I totally trust him
  • zibo fricka
    I'll add Heat, Heartbreak Ridge and Dances with Wolves to the list of 3 hour movies that didn't feel long at all in the theatre. None, however, were in 3D.
  • Char
    I've seen it, on IMAX 3D. I wish it had been two or three times the length. I didnt move throughout cos it was so amazing.
  • let's be honest guys....the movie was awesome,and 3 hours with 3d animation was the best 3 hours i have spent in the movie theater last year. i really love it,and during the movie i was thinking i was there with that people and one of them. i think, the movie is too interesting ,doesn't matter it lasts 2 or 3 hours, you will watch it till the end with passion and with breathless with the greatest pleasure . home water filters
  • Magnoodle
    I saw Avatar last night. I had NO problem with the 3D glasses apart from them not being real comfortable behind my ears. A bit of padding would have been nice. My eyes were pretty tired watching it but that was because my eyes were GLUED to the screen and during several scenes I had to remember to blink... But with the nearly 3 hour run time and intermission would have been nice. Mainly because when all was said and done I was suffering from a severe case of buttockal numbness. I was sitting in the back of the theater and normally could have stood up the stretch my legs. Only problem was the theater was PACKED. Elbow to freaking elbow. If I stood up there was no sitting back down.
  • Kaleidoscope
    Oh, hell yes! Seen it 2 times, and on Saturday I`m going for the 3rd time, only in Imax. Loved it, loved it, will love it, over and over again until it disappears from theatres!
  • Happyfairy
    My husband and I went to see Avatar in 3D Valentine weekend. I felt a bit sick but my husband was complaining of his eyes hurting after the film and by the next morning had a full blown migrane! It was a good film but we won't be seeing another in 3D again. There should been a warning attached to such films.
  • jake
    Oh well.. i just saw the movie 10 times ...! !




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