Worth Watching - Aug 15: Oliver Parker's Dorian Gray Teaser

August 15, 2009

Dorian Gray Teaser

I've received numerous emails about this film, so I wanted to feature it this weekend. Dorian Gray is an adaptation of Oscar Wilde's 1890 novel The Picture of Dorian Gray that stars Ben Barnes as the titular character. At first I thought, for some odd reason, this was some throwaway fantasy film that was grasping for attention when it should be going straight-to-DVD, but I was wrong about that. STYD debuted a trailer for it during Comic-Con (which I've included below) and our friends at Empire recently debuted a rather eye-catching poster (which you see a piece of above). It actually looks pretty damn good, so check it out!

Watch the teaser trailer for Oliver Parker's Dorian Gray:

Story centers on Gray, a corrupt young man who becomes the subject of a painting. As the man descends into a hedonistic lifestyle, the portrait begins to age and morph, but he is able to keep his youthful beauty.

Dorian Gray is directed by British filmmaker Oliver Parker, of Othello, The Importance of Being Earnest, and St. Trinian's. The screenplay was written by first-time writer Toby Finlay. This is an adaptation of Oscar Wilde's novel The Picture of Dorian Gray first published in 1890. Dorian Gray is premiering at the Toronto Film Festival next month and is set to open in the UK in September, but it doesn't have a US distributor yet.

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  • Garrett
    First time being first! Looks ok.
  • Fc
    WHOAH! he fine.
  • Meh. Looks a tad melodramatic? I'm not sure if that's the word to describe it.
  • ThinningTheHerd
    Very stylish, but the actor playing Dorian isn't grabbing me. Lacks charisma, which is kind of important for this character. Maybe others find him believable.
  • Godiman99
  • kell
    Ben Barnes Fan and this is a very good trailer. Would love to see the movie, if it will only come out in the U.S. and soon. I really like the Dorian Gray story, and I think Ben makes a very good Dorian.
  • mr psych
    wow anybody hear of league of extraordinary gentlemen?
  • Stan 'The Viewers Choice' Morrow (Facebookme!!!)
    #7 I have....if there isn't any boobs in this flick then, Straight to Netflix!!!
  • peter
    isnt he part of league of extraordinary gentlemen
  • Tra la la la la di da
    Meh...nothing great.
  • FEadmin
    Peter and mr psych - this is based on the book, "The Picture of Dorian Gray" Oscar Wilde's only novel. TLOEG has nothing to do with this story. They threw a bunch of fictional guys together to make that movie. Check out the novel by Wilde.
  • A-B
  • Ben
    Meh. Looks pretty lame.
  • MotherBoy69
    Is the character Dorian Gray in this movie the same in LXG movie? Just want to confirm...
  • LW
    What a man-whore!!
  • Meh
    15 - I think so, though LXG is just a mash-up of different novel characters, i think Stuart Townsend did a pretty good job playing Mr. Gray, i wonder if this Gray will have the same fate (stares into his portrait and literally rots alive)
  • RenRosePab
    The movie looks interesting, why base the movie by the letter according to book, remakes can do whatever they want, after all Dorian Gray is an old story, they have to rearrange some of it to match our time & viewers today.
  • Ham.
    Just finished reading the book, so this should be worth seeing! I doubt the film will be as good though, and how come Dorian isn't blonde like he's meant to be?
  • DoomCanoe
    love the story always have and yes he was in LXG
  • zombieman
    isn't the guy blond in the book?
  • James
    Any idea on the music in the trailer?
  • me
    I like the music too, but I don't know what it is. I'm not sure if I'm going to see the film.
  • dan
    i've seen this trailer before, but i liked seeing it again. the movie looks very good.
  • me
    The song is "Catch The Falling Sky" by Immediate Music, a music composition company for trailers.
  • jason
    Jude Law would have made a better Dorian Gray.
  • #7 woah ever read oscar wilde? this looks pretty good i'll go see it
  • joe
    Worth watching? Ha. "I've done dreadful things..." What, like making this movie?
  • Otacon
    gawd, that whole trailer screams direct-to-dvd
  • Tony
    Doesnt anybody no his Story From League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? or that his character is in it?
  • Wait. Did he really say, "If I told you, I'd have to kill you." ?
  • TheDude
    Sweeney Todd/From Hell feel
  • Tra la la la la di da
    What are people going on about with League? Yes, we know. Who cares? Because there's a book. Those things of bound paper with words in them so you can READ Try reading a book, I know it maybe new to you, but do try. And yes, this will suck more than most book to movies. That's just basing it on the trailer though. Straight to DVD. ha! Straight to network movie premiere.
  • chino
    yea #7 i think he was in the movie that was my first thought because ive heard dorian gray before so idk maybe
  • Christine
    WTF? League of Extraordinary Gentleman is that all you people know Dorian Gray from? Wow! I've read the novel, read the graphic novel, this movie is another adaptation of a book...simply put its a visual to those who've read the book. *granted not many of you people read huh? except texts and magazines* I'm looking forward to it and seeing how it can either be another book to movie failure or be a film good enough to pass the time and not be bad at all.
  • Django
    Hm. Wonder what Wilde would say about this extremely fashionable take on one of his better known novels. Moody, synth-string driven goth music? An opportunity to recast a rising young actor as a darker Prince than before? Personally ... I think he'd love it. As for me - I hope this inspires people to read more books. Hah!
  • D.
    kkkkkk... no one have ever read Oscar Wilde? Amazing!! At least the movie will be a great heat...
  • The Saint
    Well i think this movie might do to classic horror what twilight did to vampires
  • Sinbad
    Nice trailer! I'm a big fan of Oscar Wilde so this genuinely interests me! My only complaint is why does Dorian Gray look like he's 17? He's supposed to look mature and manly, the ladies have to like him of course! Other than that I'm greatly pleased with the look, I recently watched From Hell and am dieing to see another movie with that look and feel.
  • SuicidalOptimist
    I like the general look of the movie. Reminds me of From Hell, or even the upcoming Sherlock Holmes, with it's "dirty, dark and narrow old London streets" style. But Ben Barnes lacks charisma, imo. His presence on screen is just not there for me. He looks way too young, babyfaced and bland. I'd rather punch than do him, personally. Even Stewart Townsend was a better Dorian Gray. At least he looked like a grown man, with the shadow of a beard and an edgier face. Ben Barnes still has too much baby fat in his cheeks to be taking seriously when he tries to seduce the women. That's just my opinion, tho. Apparently it worked for the women in the movie. đŸ˜‰
  • Vold
    Looks like a good movie.
  • After League of Extraordinary Gentleman, anything is better.
  • rissu
    To the Saint: What? Make them sparkly and silly too?
  • FEadmin
    In the novel Dorian is young, about 21. Ben Barnes is 27 (I think) and yes, he does look younger than that but that's the right look/age for the character.
  • cs
    Isn't that the guy from Chronicles of Narnia??
  • Frank N. Stein
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  • capitaine soffye
    Dorian isn't blood because Ben Barnes would look hideous if he was. The book was good, hope the film is - it's very dark...
  • Lyndsay
    Does anyone know when Dorian Gray comes out on DVD in the United States?
  • ddemore
    Lyndsay, As the film did not come out in the US, there likely will not be a region 1 (US, Canada, N America) DVD, unless they broker a deal with a small DVD distribution company. I wouldn't wait around for one. I invested in a decent region free DVD player 6 years ago and it has more than paid for itself. (just a suggestion)




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