Worth Watching - Feb 19: Battle for Terra Trailer

February 19, 2009
Source: AOL

Battle for Terra Trailer

It's very rare that we ever see independently developed animated movies (that aren't terrible). Battle for Terra, originally called just Terra, is one of them that deserves plenty of praise for both its great story and fantastic animation. Yet it has been mishandled ever since it debuted at the Toronto Film Festival way, way back in 2007 (that's where I first saw it). The first trailer has finally hit the web today, courtesy of AOL, and it's worth checking out. Above anything else, I hope everyone notices how oddly similar the story is to Sony's Planet 51. Is it a coincidence that Planet 51 was made after Terra first debuted? I think not!

Watch the trailer for Battle for Terra:

[flv: 460 237]

Battle for Terra is directed by Canadian filmmaker Aristomenis Tsirbas, also known as Meni Tsirbas, who has worked in the visual effects industry for years and made his feature directorial debut with Battle for Terra. The screenplay was co-written by Tsirbas and writing partner Evan Spiliotopoulos, a Disney story consultant and screenwriter. Tsirbas' MeniThings was the company that did all of the animation work. After debuting at the Toronto Film Festival back in 2007, this was eventually picked up by Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions. Battle for Terra arrives in limited theaters starting on May 1st this summer.

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  • that guy
    This looks really good.
    Ummm...this is also looks like a similar, not the same, premise to James Cameron's Avatar. Peace loving eco-culture, military centric humanity struggling to survive.
    wow. I just read the summary for Planet 51. All of these plots, Battle for Terra, Avatar and Planet 51 have incredibly similar plots.
  • -Peter-
    I don't know... not doin it for me..
  • Fuelbot
    Sweet! Avatar's coming out early!
  • The Awsome Norwegian Dude With Sunglasses
    Yeah, I don't know.
  • Kassandra
    I laughed at "It's a trap!". I don't know about this movie though. Are the humans supposed to be the bad guys?
  • neonblue
    looks good
  • What's up with the trailer? after like 17 seconds it stops and starts over!
  • Okay it's working now. Movie seems alright.
  • carfonexdo
    "its a trap" lol
  • Steven
    Admiral Ackbar? Nice. The cast in this is really impressive, looks like it could be one of those pleasantly surprising films.
  • max
    I like how it looks, might be a bit "cliché" to be honest, but sounds interesting!
  • darrin
    im with max. this looks interesting. its not like the other animated films.
  • Sawyer
    I really love the way the animation looks! And did I see flying dolphins somewhere in there? Awesome. (:
  • xerxex
    nice, something new in the animation field.
  • PJ
    im confused. is this a kids movie or not?
  • real talk
    reminds me of TITAN AE hope its just as good
  • Trey
    Feels similaor to AVATAR. Same deal. Man invading an alien planet for survival.
  • Allen Sharpe
    wow cast, movie looks above average
  • Zso
    At first this looked stupid, but then when they introduced the plot point of invasion it became cool. I have one huge gripe with this movie though... OUR planet is called Terra! The only way I will ever let this name displacement pass is if it's actually part of the story, meaning that this is an origin story of how humans ended up on 'our' planet (very similar to Iced Earth's concept albums "Something Wicked" parts 1 and 2). However, the first few seconds of the trailer debunk this theory when they say that Earth has been destroyed and show a map of the continents, unless at the end they terraform Terra to look like the original Earth once did, which would be stupid. Sorry, but I just hate that nobody knows the 'real' name for our planet (Terra), or our moon (Luna), or our star (Sol).
  • Al
    looks good ish. i just think we are dealing with a Delgo.
  • Trey
    Why do the aliens always talk with American accents? No wonder you guys think you're the center of the universe. LOL.
  • therevdoc
    Looks awesome. Cliche, yes, but still good. And it's cliche to call things cliche.
  • Wylles
    Wow... incredible...I really wanna see it, more than planet 51!
  • I'm impressed. Looks as good as The Incredibles.
  • Bounca
    I am impressed, looking forward to this and a rather big cast for this movie which is great. I think the trailer was also well put together!!
  • This film looks like any other pixarish 3d movie, like shit. Why do people think that because Pixar make films with a certain look that they have to copy it?
  • RoarSaysAlex
    these graphics are terrible. the whole movie looks like a crappy PS2 Cut scene
  • Delightful! I will be in the front row of the theater snacking on some babies. Go evil conquering humans!
  • But I'll need an umbrella; those are handy for movies that take your money while spitting in your face...
  • Moviegimp
    It looks like it could be good but the writing is pretty bad. Besides "it's a trap!" you can hear "it has begun" "this is going to be bumpy ride" and a few other "borrowed" lines. This may be a homage as well, if so than it's all good. Another possible homage is the one alien with the girl flying home is the same character as the turtle in Finding Nemo, exactly the same voice delivery. Is it the same actor, did Owen Wilson voice that turtle? I don't remember. The thing I really find surprising is how many big name actors are in this yet it's not a well know movie. Just because this movie and Planet 51 have humans going to other planets and little greenish aliens I don't see much similar. The plot of Planet 51 is about a earth astronaut who has to escape before becoming part of the alien museum of explorers. I don't know where it goes from there but it doesn't sound very similar. This movie is basically Episode I where the humans are the droid army including the homages. Hopefully the turtle sounding guy is as close as they come to JarJar.
  • Carlo
    This looks like total crap.
  • Jimmy Marione
    Why do you a-holes keep referencing Planet 51? Who cares? It's a dumb-ass cartoon and it looks like crap. Go watch Pocahontas if you want animation and grow up losers.
  • The Kid
    The voice acting sounds good, and the story seems interesting enough but the animation did nothing for me. Everyone kind of looks the same, on the Human side and the alien side. But I do like the idea of the humans being the bad guys.




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