Worth Watching - Feb 20: Alex Rivera's Sleep Dealer Trailer

February 20, 2009
Source: IGN

Sleep Dealer Trailer

Remember that trippy Matrix-like poster I put up a few days ago for a film called Sleep Dealer? Well, here's the official trailer, courtesy of IGN, if you've been waiting to see it. Sleep Dealer debuted at Sundance last year and is a low-budget sci-fi story set in Mexico. This trailer actually does a great job of summing up the entire story, so I don't need to go into it myself, I'll just let you watch this. Though don't forget that I really hated this. Out of all the films I saw at Sundance that year, this was one of my very least favorite films. That said, a few of you may like this trailer enough to give it a shot anyway. So take a look!

Watch the trailer for Alex Rivera's Sleep Dealer:

[flv: 598 324]

Sleep Dealer is directed by first-time fillmmaker Alex Rivera, of only the short film The Sixth Section previously. The screenplay was written by Rivera as well as David Riker and was developed at the Sundance Institute. This first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2008 and went on to win the Alfred P. Sloan award and Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award, which are both outstanding achievements. Sleep Dealer was eventually picked up by Maya Entertainment and will finally hit limited theaters on April 17th.

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  • The concept looks interesting. But the film looks boring and poorly executed. Meh.
  • JussHaten
    Kinda looks like Last Days, Dark City and a Matrix mix.
  • wildrews_slave
    What a stupid looking movie............
  • tommyturner
    Alex, what did you dislike about it? It looks kinda interesting.
  • Pj
    God that was awful. The narration was horrific and the trailer just didn't flow.
  • Bryanmakeup
    So critical, take a chill pill man. It's only a trailer!
  • Abuse of futuristic technology in the third world? Interesting concept. The voice in that trailer was totally wrong, though. It's times like these I really miss Don LaFontaine.
  • Alex - During the shot in the beginning after he says, "You won't want to miss it" where an abandoned house is hit in the roof with some form of artillery - Isn't that from the scene in Ang Lee's 'HULK' where the Hulk is standing outside of his old home just before its hit with a shell and explodes?? Aside from that, the movie concept looks interesting, but not enough to make me go see it. ----- I'm officially calling this movie out! I wrote that above section about 10 minutes ago. Luckily I found the clip online. Go to 2:35 and you'll see what I mean. Ang Lee's Hulk wasn't the best(with obvious reasons), but this indie film is even less inviting to me.
  • @1. I may have to agree. Great concepts like this need a bigger budget, like The Island's.
  • bassbin
    damn pretty poor on the explanation front by the old narrator, im still baffeled about sleep dealers and getting connected. oh and the sloppy quotes dont sell it to me either
  • max
    Not the best looking trailer. Sounds bit odd and confusing. The film might explain everything, but at least the trailer doesnt really help getting me excited about trying to find out what the fuck is happening in it!
  • #10 and #11 said I was going too.
  • Brent
    #8 - It's not the same footage. But it is the same house. Probably the same explosion. It looks different camera angles of the same missile strike. How weird. I wonder if the studio went through old stuff they owned and said "Hey do we have any unused clips of a house blowing up?" Anyway, that was a good eye.
  • There are two other trailers for this film that did much better at convincing me to want to watch this. This trailer is just bad at making people want to go see it. But for a low-budget indie sci-fi piece, I think it looks pretty good.
  • Al
    parts were interesting....but it looks to ADD
  • Mac
    Way to weird for me to miss it.
  • JDG
    looks like a matrix prequel
  • Looks similar to Surrogates...but worse
  • Eric
    @1. I sort of agree. I'll still watch it somehow....
  • @8 you are 100% right I'm guessing they were counting on the fact that you only get a decent look at the house for a second, plus Hulk is blocking the shot. Man recycled special effects. What else did they skimp on? Still looks kind of interesting despite all that though.
  • jj
    LoL worst ovie of the year inc! and I thought pink panther 2 gonna suck
  • The Kid
    Isn't this whole thing in Spanish or something like that? The voiceover was awful but there were some cool visuals in the trailer I'll give that much. not really sure if I would check it out though.
  • Django
    I think it looks awesome! I also think alot of people aren't willing to give a pro-Mexican indie sci fi a chance -- I'm there on opening night!




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