Worth Watching - Feb 3: Daryl Wein's Breaking Upwards Trailer

February 3, 2009

Breaking Upwards Trailer

Breaking Upwards is a quirky little romantic comedy about a young New York couple that intricately strategizes their own break up. It looks fun and very entertaining, to say the least, and stars the same guy that wrote and directed it. The film will be showing at SXSW in March, so I'm happy to feature this trailer today (via SlashFilm) well before its world premiere. In addition to Daryl Wein and Zoe Lister Jones, the film also stars Peter Friedman and Olivia Thirlby. It's definitely on my list of films to see at SXSW this year. Let us know if you think it looks good too and look for our review and coverage in March.

Watch the trailer for Breaking Upwards:

Breaking Upwards is about a young New York couple who, after four years together and desperate to escape their ennui, but fearful of life apart, decide to intricately strategize their own break up.

Breaking Upwards is directed by actor and filmmaker Daryl Wein, who previously only directed the documentary Sex Positive. The screenplay was written by Wein, fellow lead actress Zoe Lister Jones, and Peter Duchan. The film is premiering at the SXSW Film Festival in March where it will be looking for a distributor. Stay tuned for more details on Breaking Upwards later in 2009!

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  • Kevin
    Looks kind of annoying. But Zoe Lister Jones is hot, so it has that going for it.
  • More dicks in New York. Whoopee. They looked like dicks though.
  • nem
    If I ever get a chance to watch this movie, I'm gonna break my TV.
  • Janet
    I think it looks interesting but it could go either way. I like Zoe Lister Jones. She was really good in Arranged.
  • Jimbo Slims
    Oh woe is me - I'm a young man in New York and I've never even attempted to act like a man before. Boo-hoo! Better take yer date out ta THIS one!
  • max
    I think it looks very good. Soundtrack sounds nice and the actors seem to be doing a good job. I dont really understand why the first 5 comments are against this movie in a way.. When this is a bit like 500 days of summer :/ At least the trailer. Of course the plot is different, but the same kind of feel to it. And Im sure it will end with a happy end anyways. LOOKS GOOD FOR ME.
  • MajesticXIII
    Haven't we seen enough (or not 😛 ... ) of movies like this? "Old-time" lovers who want to refresh their sexual / emotional life decide to break up and go to every possible extreme to accomplish that. Both sides involved. But before the end they somehow realize they don't want to lose their better halves, thus end up together again. He / She who hasn't seen a movie like this one, and sincerely believes that it unveils the mystical secrets of love, has my permission to pursue a life of marriage.
  • dan
    it doesn't look bad, but i'm not anticipating seeing this at all. in fact, i may not even watch it.
  • Dusty
    sleeper film.... Juno, Superbad, etc..... getting that vibe from it
  • Meg
    This looks kind of like it might be too emotionally distant. I know that's the style these days for this kind of indie film, but... it looks a little bit TOO distant for me. I'll wait and see what the reviews say.
  • Django
    Meg # 10 - that's because in addition to a brain you probably have a heart in there, and this boy/lady coupling is that all-too-typical "weak-kneed boy meets free-spirited girl" mini-relationship of this day & age. As our parents might say - "It's a bit backwards, ennit?" Let's go see another movie, and skip this one till the reviews come in, eh?
  • darrin
    i saw a movie like this already, its called seeing other people
  • Eman
    Not bad at all.
  • Fatdudewhogetsnakedforcheetos
    Looks like it could be good. I liked the helmet tap thing. Check out the "Breaking Upwards Rap Video". Pretty funny. And you see some girl's Sharpied-up bottom and Olivia Thrilby shows us her bra. That should be enough promo for any guy with a working yadayoo.
  • Meg
    Diango #11 -- You're on. 😉 I do like some of the moments, and it looks like there is some potentially great technical work in there. I'm just not feeling it from this trailer. Of course, I didn't "feel" Let the Right One In when I saw the trailer, and I'm hearing phenomenal things about it, and it's the one film I most want to see right now. So I can be wrong!
  • Django
    Meg (now #15). Sounds great. Except that I live in the deep, deep Alaskan Tundra and your name doesn't sound like one of the few people who live around here. Cheer up, there's always helicopters. ;P If this one has a sad ending and finds a way to show how this guy grows from the experience into something with a slightly thicker hide than balsa wood, maybe there's something to it.
  • Django
    I'll ask the local Inuit cheiftan if he's heard of ya, though.
  • Jimbo Slims
    Okay, after seeing the rap video, I'm only slightly more interested. Is that aesthetic part of the movie? Hope so, cuz that'd be tight.
  • Shouldn't Michael Cera be in this?
  • Meg
    No Inuit tribes for me, though I did take an arctic trip last year, does that count? 😉 Bite your tongue, #19... Michael Cera needs to get away from this kind of movie. He can be awesome, just needs to quit being typecast.
  • Krug
    Haha, #19, your post was so on the money I don't need to add to it. But I will say this: Enough with the "look how quirky we all are" indie cookie-cutter comedies that this movie looks like it most probably is going to be.
  • F.C.
    i adore the soundtrack! does any one know the songs playing?
  • Garrett
    Indie bullshit. I might like it if it wasn't so in love with itself.
  • Case
    Actually looks pretty good. Seems like I'm on a roll for disliking most of the crap others like, and liking the stuff that people think looks dumb. Guess its time to take the 'ole IQ test again.
  • Garrett
    Yeah 24, you are so beyond everybody else. You and your different way of thinking. Bravo
  • BSP
    Where's the review guys? SXSW is over. Still hung over?




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