Worth Watching - May 24: French Cliffhanger-ish Vertige Trailer

May 24, 2009
Source: ShockTillYouDrop

Vertige Trailer

Forget that Cliffhanger remake, just watch this instead! Here's the pitch for Vertige: A group of friends on vacation decide to venture onto a trail high up in the mountains that has been closed for repairs. The climb proves more perilous than planned, especially as they soon realize that they are not alone. The adventure turns into a nightmare. It's a modernized, French version of Cliffhanger, with some impressive camera work, but unimpressive characters. The trailer was discovered by ShockTillYouDrop and it looks like it could be fun. But are they being sabotaged or does their climbing gear just suck? Check out the trailer below.

Watch the trailer for Abel Ferry's Vertige:

[flv: 596 326]

For more info on the film, visit the distributor's official website at:

Vertige, aka Dizziness in English, is directed by first-time French filmmaker Abel Ferry, of the 2004 short film The Good, the Bad, and the Zombies previously. The screenplay was co-written by French writers Johanne Bernard and Louis-Paul Desanges. The film is being released in France this summer but doesn't have a US distributor yet. Gaumont was selling the rights to Vertige during the Cannes Film Market, so we will likely hear an update soon or potentially see it at a genre film festival coming up sometime this year.

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  • its not the gear that sucks, its the movie.
  • qweqwu
    exactly, how much do they pay you to promote those pieces of shit movies
  • justsomeone
    let's push them all off the cliff and save the world from another cliche' movie. "...a group of teenagers go on a vacation to a and realise they are not alone..."
  • PJ H
    That was fucking hilarious.
  • Curtis
    lol wow that was a good laugh for the morning, terribly put together trailer and even worse acting. I will say the camera work is nice but that's all.
  • subzeron
    waaaaa , haaaaaaaaa! , aaaaaaaaa... (screams)
  • xMort
    It looks good. I don't understand the previous commenters. I like this site, because it brings to my attention movies which I will otherwise miss. Keep up good work and don't mind these people!
  • mtz
    from a fench point of view the actors suck ... sad though ...
  • Ken Masters
    The music didnt fit the trailer well. And trailers are the most important at grabbing viewers. Passable movie....
  • tuwhitt
    I don't understand how you can make that big of a judgment from so little dialogue. Unimpressive Characters? This was practically a teaser. As in, to tease you with promises of action. I'll save my judgment for a full trailer and chalk this one up to 'looks like it could be good'.
  • Squiggly
    @#2: why would you assume that the people making some french low budget genre flick are somehow able to afford buying extensive international media coverage? This trailer has popped up on a number of sites. It's just an interesting looking campy flick that happened to catch a couple of the right eyes and popped up on some blogs and crap and then spread. It's probably only even making rounds here at all because they had it at Cannes, which is where all the movie blogs and journalists have been for the last week. I agree that the music is dumb, but it's also cheap since it's public domain music (lots of no-budget flicks have mozart and bach music playing - especially in the trailers). I think too many of the tards who come here expect that every movie has to have some amazingly clever plot and big stars and tons of high-quality effects, and it bothers me to see this sort of film even posted on a site like this. The people who come here generally aren't interested in flicks like this or movies that are REALLY bad, like Mega Shark Vs Giant Squid. The irony? Transformers and Terminator and most of the other 'big' hollywood movies usually end up just adding more window dressing and effects to a film that would otherwise be even less impressive than this as far as acting and plot are concerned. The same people who bash shit like this as being "horrible", making fun of how much it 'sucks' will get their feathers all ruffled if you tell them how shitty you thought Transformers was. it's just fucking movies, people. Some movies are meant to be analyzed and pondered, and some movies are meant to be enjoyed. Transformers and Vertige are both sitting in the same boat as far as I'm concerned, so if you don't like it go shove some giant robots up your ass and shut the fuck up. I'd rather watch this or "Altitude" or "Mega Shark" than I would Transformers 2.
  • DoomCanoe
    HAHA... I
  • scm1000
    Wow, what the crap was that? Did some YouTube kid cut a movie of his friends to the music from 300?
  • Kevin
    Not a great trailer, but I'd still rather see that than Transformers 2.
  • Syphous
    Sweet music! And you can't go wrong with a French Vin Diesel! This movie is going to ROCK! I mean, suck balls. My mistake.
  • teen angst
    #13.... wow, you just showed the whole world how ignorant you are. 'Oh, Fortuna' 'from 300'. let me guess, you're 17?
  • I hope it has aliens in it.
  • Susana
    lol interesting choice of music at the end
  • Gus
    Mon dieu, le crappe!!!! Bless the French, can't invade them - they got no oil. Can't nuke them - they got the bomb too.
  • Lillee
    What's with the Excabilur and Maxwell House music?
  • MCB
    What amazes me is that some uber-rich executives sat in a boardroom and thought that spending millions to make this garbage would be a solid decision...




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