Worth Watching: Nicolas Winding Refn's Bronson Trailer

August 19, 2009
Source: Hulu

Bronson Trailer

Magnolia Pictures has debuted the official US trailer for Nicolas Winding Refn's Bronson today on Hulu (apologies for those not in the US - you can see another trailer here). It's about the "most violent prisoner in Britain." A young man who was sentenced to 7 years on prison for robbing a post office ends up spending 30 years in solitary confinement. During this time, his own personality is supplanted by his alter ego, Charles Bronson. This movie is crazy, that's the best way to describe it. Nicolas Winding Refn has a kind of Stanly Kubrick-like style and Tom Hardy's performance as Bronson is just incredible, but it's a really weird story.

Watch the official US trailer for Nicolas Winding Refn's Bronson:

Bronson is both written and directed by Danish filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn, of the acclaimed Pusher trilogy, Fear X, and the upcoming Valhalla Rising. The screenplay was co-written by Nicolas Winding Refn and Brock Norman Brock, of Come as You Are, Guardian of the Frontier, and Dogging: A Love Story previously. This is based on the true life story of Michael Gordon Peterson. The film first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and was eventually picked up by Mark Cuban's Magnolia Pictures. Magnet will be releasing Bronson in limited theaters starting on October 9th later this year. Go see it!

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  • Xerxex
    issue Alex, no trailer.
  • Xerxex
    like it. I get A Clockwork Orange vibe from this and thats a good thing
  • Not sure why it's not working... That's the only version available. Just click it and it'll take you to Hulu and you can watch it there perfectly fine for now, I guess?
  • Xerxex
    it worked after I re-freshed the page.
  • zeldaprimed
    Sander Cohen....Bioshock.... This looks awesome!
  • DoomCanoe
    movie was AMAZING!!! i definitely recommend it to anyone who liked Fight Club and A Clockwork Orange. The directing is great, the comedy is hilarious and the insanity of it all is just wonderful. not to mention its all a true story about bare knuckle legend Michael Peterson!!!
  • Hulu can fuck off. Seriously
  • mike
    Saw this a couple of months ago. It was ok, but thats it.
  • PimpSlapStick
    Thats the dude who played a young Captain Picard in StarTrek Nemesis
  • luden
    Please don't link to hulu, I can't view it in my country.
  • Walter Sobchack
  • Xerxex
    Tom Hardy! Twombly in Black Hawk Down, how did this guy stay under the radar this long?
  • Kevin THAT'S how you make a trailer! Looks bloody brilliant!
  • Richard
    I think it is that guy in Star Trek. he got kinda buff lol, I think it looks pretty damn cool actually.
  • Badasss!
  • Dirty Dutchman
    I saw the film over a month ago and was disappointed, but Tom Hardy who plays Bronson performs extremely well. You can easily see that the director had a limited budget and tried to compensate with some clever camera shots, but after 30 minutes I became easily bored... still worth seeing though.
  • LV 426
    Yeah number 16, i watched it a few months back and was quite disappointed in all, was hopeing for a really mad movie to go with such a mad person but i never delivered especially after reading alot about the guy, dont get me wrong the movie is well made on the shoe string of a budget that it had and a big round of applause and hats off for Tom Hardy he portrayed Mr. Bronson amazingly, any way worth a watch just for him.
  • Benlomand
    Looks dumb.
  • John J
    You must watch this film for Tom Hardy's performace. Funny one moment, terrifying the next. If I saw Tom Hardy in the street and he was still in character, I would simply get out out of town. A tour-de-force performace.
  • gary m
    looks awesome
  • dan
    looks very "meh". too much bombast and not enough substance.
  • neonblue120
    i liked it hope it will be good
  • Ska
    @dan Well no fucking shit. It's a goddamn trailer.
  • darren
    can't watch it. I'm Canadian. Apparantly not good enough to see this trailer
  • Go
    Hy, please reupload the video. At this time, only people from us can watch the thrailer. So please reupload the video to another location. Thank you!
  • lando
    WOW! that looked great, I was already thinking "Clockwork Orange" before they said looks like its on the same level of psychological violence (and even more physically violent than CWO) cant wait to see it...
  • Boom
    I'm really over this whole "No one outside of the US is GOOD enough to watch Hulu." shit. It's one of thousands of video hosting websites. Find an alternative and get the hell over it. Alex already said plain and simple that Hulu is the only site hosting the trailer. He can't change that, so stop asking.
  • darren
    @27 It's a piss off when companies like Hulu only allow streaming in the United States. What's the point of having a website when you can't make it global. A lot of the films money is made outside the US so it's stupid to only allow People within one country to watch it. i don't think anyone was complaining about this website
  • darren
    Whoever can't watch it on hulu just go to You Tube. They have it
  • Marty
    Tom Hardy is a great actor, especially when he plays a nutter. Ideal for the role of Bronson. If you're a fan of Hardy you should check out Martina Coles 'The Take' Here's the youtube link and here's the real Bronson talking about Mad Frankie Frazer




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