Worth Watching: The Tournament Trailer with Ving Rhames

August 26, 2009
Source: YouTube

The Tournament Trailer

Yet another worth watching trailer that I stumbled across today (thanks to Collider). The Tournament comes from director Scott Mann and stars a few notable actors like Ving Rhames and Robert Carlyle. The tagline for this reads: "Every seven years the world's greatest assassins gather… Only one will survive." It's sort of a tournament for assassins set in an "unsuspecting town" and Carlyle's character gets involved because he accidentally swallows a tracking beacon from one of them. It's not the greatest plot, but it does look like it has a lot of awesome action, and that's what really counts the most. Anyway, fire this trailer up!

Watch the full trailer for The Tournament:

For more info on this film, head to the official website at

Every seven years in an unsuspecting town, The Tournament takes place. A battle royale between 30 of the world's deadliest assassins. The last man standing wins the $10 million cash prize and the title of Worlds No. 1 Assassin, which carries the legendary million dollar per bullet price tag. Anyone interested in it?

The Tournament is directed by Scott Mann, of a few short films previously. The screenplay was co-written by Jonathan Frank, Nick Rowntree, and Gary Young, who are all first-time feature writers. This film was developed independently and hasn't been picked up for US distribution yet, so stay tuned for more updates.

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  • CoreyMPAnderson
    Hey this looks pretty good.
  • last Son
    This looks great. B-Action film at its best!
  • Marcus
    WOW, AWESOME!!!! This looks incredible. I know its a formulaic film but have we actually seen this done before. I think it looks great!
  • N
    I love mindless violence
  • Xerxex
    looks pretty good, I just hope the action dosen't overshadow the plot...wait it probably will.
  • ZzFDKzZ
    Haha does look good.
  • Cody
    Yeah looks like some good ole' fashion mindless action...if its R ill be looking forward to it. Also who the fuck doesnt notice a bullet sized tracking device in there coffee.."hmm weird some weird metal thingy in my---bah nevermind mustve been nothing"
  • Al
    80s campy b-action flick? cool i guess.
  • Kevin
    Looks sweet! I'm gonna go out on a limb here, but I bet the priest wins............
  • alexandre
    well the story looks awesome from the moment the priest is On Babyy
  • Ishteaque
    Holllly Mollly shiiiiit I'm booked
  • AJ
    Looks awesome, instant cult status. feels like Battle Royale, but with assassins and not Japanese students.
  • Bryanmakeup
    Well that looks BAD ASS!!!
  • Sancho
    looks cool alittle corny but good ill watch
  • zeldaprimed
    I Love Female Asian Assassins...
  • Shuriken
    Kelly hot!
  • JimD
    Oh hell its Marsellus Wallace.
  • crumb
    Robert Carlyle! i'll watch it.
  • me
    "You need to start killing if you want to stay alive" Looking forward to! But I have to agree with #6 Xerxex, it's probably just a mindless action-packed flick with no great plot.
  • beavis4play
    over-the-top action kind of reminds me of " smokin' aces". i into seeing this.
  • Crystal
    At first i was like "yeah, looks like some good mindless violence, I'm up for that" and then the priest came in, and i was SOLD!!!
  • Jimbo
    Actually looks 110 x better than Terminator Salvation.
  • DoomCanoe
    fuck yes!
  • albino
    quite funny, i watched it just yesterday over here in good ol' germany. it was shown during the "fantasy filmfest" and it's exactly what the trailer looks like: the story's bullshit, but the action is pure fun and lots of gore...decent b-movie
  • Jon the Rob-ot
    Being a priest is a good cover...
  • Janny
    out of all those 'world class assassins' why was only one of them smart enough to dig out that transmitter? looks like fun though
  • Jean Claude Van Damage should have been in this 15 years ago. Late nighter on tv for sure.
  • SuicidalOptimist
    Robert Carlyle is awesome! Looks like a brainless action flick for a friday night. At home I mean, not at the theater. With a bag of chips and some beers. Sweet!
  • D.
    No one else remembers this movie? Mean Guns (1997)
  • Syphous
    Ha! D. (#29) is right. This looks basically the same as Mean Guns, only with more blood and better actors and better story. Mean Guns was doomed though, Ice-T and Christopher Lambert? Good God, that's a fail. This movie looks much better and if the trailer isn't advertising it as something it's not (like Basterds) then it should be an entertaining, theater-worthy, fun time.
  • wHiskey Tango….
    Looks like a decent popcorn flick ala the Stratham movies. I'd see it.
  • ChrisUK
    hah looks fantastic! Plus Scot Adkins is in it, and he rocks.
  • I'm sold :-)
  • Marty
    Yeah it looks like a rehash of Mean Guns. Good to see a shot em up movie shot in the UK, and Bobby Carlyle keeping most of his accent for a change. Could be fun :-)
  • Found THE TOURNAMENT TRAILER without the subtitles and the TEASER TRAILER for it here:
  • big789
    The Tournament Is MPAA: Rated R for strong bloody violence, language and some nudity. Certification: USA:R (certificate #45537)
  • big789
    i hope Lionsgate gets this film and put this in theaters or release this on dvd
  • Yeah, I'll go for that :-)
  • dougo162
    A real mix bag, Seems like nice edit on trailer attempts to up the anty on probably what is a rather low budget shoot-em up flix. Can't beat the thrill of chase scene on a double decker? wahoo sexy--that'll bring in the Fast and Furious crowd. Always nice to see Robert Carlyle though. grade C
  • OK...I'm game!!...get it? 'Tournament' humor...oh well forget it. But seriously, pretty slick looking trailer. Little campy, slightly original, may have some dumb or dull spots but still feels like a good paced flick. Like the gritty look and who knows, this could be a sleeper 28 Day Later, or something that unexpectedly does well. Can't wait for this and Legion...
  • Paul Revere
    This is straight lift from 2000 AD's Button Man series. Still, looks good and I am highly likely to see it!!!
  • David Banner
    Ving Rhames finally in a good flick :)
  • Rachel Replicant
    its a classic story line and sure it looks like it has tons of stuff weve seen before, but it looks fun as hell and the type of movie you know exactly what you are in for from the begining..)I dont think anyone expects to see hamlet when they see this)! looks cool, id see it.
  • Lazarus from Sparta!!!!
    Straight to DVD Mate! Yarrrrr!!!!
  • straight cheesy.... I AM IN>... hahahha... love the concept... many like it.. and love so many of them
  • PinkSushi
    oh i wanna bang that kelly hu can u believe shes 41 .... na. not me
  • AprilCoolsDay
    Battle Royale is way better
  • jason k
    there is only one tournament, and it's name is Mortal Kombat
  • Sara Kail
    is it true some one from the crew died when they shoot this movie ?
  • neonblue120
    oh like that game you know the one with the same name XD and similar plot
  • film lover
    ^^49. A guy got his legs broke by flying shrapnel but that's it.
  • i was gonna say Mean Guns with C.Lambert and Ice T but others have beaten me to it 😀 i am not expecting a great story here but may be a twist at the end wont hurt either 😀 afterall its action or an all out action flick.. so bring some great action and scenes so lack of story may be forgiven 😛
  • Gaby
    ^ 51 film lover / do you know the guy ? as i heard two guys were hurt ,one is dead ,the other is with broken leg !
  • illia
    i knew both of them , nikolai nikolov and shero rauf, nikolai was with a small injury but shero broke both legs , after six month from the accident some said shero was dead another said he went back to his homeland iraq or he begin working in london . but niki is still in bulgaria working.
  • Illia ...Hi man .. I think you are the P.A from the movie .... am I right ? .... A friend who is a big fan of this site told me that there is a discussion about the movie Tournament and the accident .... and about me saying I am dead !!!! wow !!!! I am alive ...and I am having my last and final surgery after a week ... I can't die that easy 😉 I am anti death 😉 ... and I went to London ...but now I am in Bulgaria 😉 By the way how is Niki ...I didn't hear anything about him ... Best wishes
  • soth
    Hi, wow kelly hu the great. it 's so good!.
  • soth
    Hi, i wanna to see that movie espacially if there arte kelly hu in it and there are the kelly in this movie;she 's still standing so cutie and so innocent.I still love HER.
  • soth
    Hi she never losed her skill of martial art.Than my God.




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