Worth Watching: Trailer for Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Uncertainty

October 13, 2009
Source: MSN

Uncertainty Trailer

I hadn't heard of this film before today, but it actually looks pretty good. Uncertainty is co-directed by Scott McGehee and David Siegel and stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt (from 500 Days of Summer), Lynn Collins (from Wolverine), and Olivia Thirlby (from Juno). That cast alone is enough to convince me to see this, but you have to check out the trailer as well. I can't tell if this is some sort of cell phone thriller, about a big turning point in their relationship, or about a girl trying to come out of the closet. I'm hoping it will all make more sense once I actually see it. Thanks to MSN for debuting the trailer today. You can check it out below.

Watch the official trailer for Uncertainty:

<a href=";fg=MsnEntertainment_MoviesTrailersGP2_a&#038;vid=2d1e160c-11a8-40d2-aba0-7c25771e67a9" target="_new" title="Exclusive: 'Uncertainty' Trailer">Video: Exclusive: 'Uncertainty' Trailer</a>

A young couple (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Lynn Collins), in love and facing a life-changing decision, find one seemingly ordinary July 4th cleaved in two by the flip of a coin on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Uncertainty is both co-written and co-directed by Scott McGehee and David Siegel, who last directed the indie Bee Season as well as The Deep End and Suture before that. This first premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last year and was eventually picked up by IFC Films for US distribution. They are now bringing Uncertainty to both limited theaters and on VOD starting on November 13th this fall. Go check it out!

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  • Taylor
  • Scotty97
    Wow, so these look like 2 decent movies. Wait, what? That's only one movie?! Wtf, mate? Will definitely need to see more.
  • bartc3
    So its obvious, to me at least, that the movie is showing us two people at a big turning point trying to decide what to do that day, what part of town to go to and what to do about the big thing that they have going on. The movie shows us at least possible outcomes for the same 2 character based on choices made sort of like 'sliding doors'.
  • Oren
    "I can't tell if this is some sort of cell phone thriller, about a big turning point in their relationship, or about a girl trying to come out of the closet" "about a girl trying to come out of the closet" ...Doesn't look like that at all, looks like she's hiding that she's pregnant. On a side note, this looks interesting, aside from the pregnant drama stuff.
  • ^ Ah, you may be right, might've missed that the first time around... Though I thought there was an intimate moment with her and Olivia Thirlby? I kept seeing those scenes are those two girls being lovers? Man, I am totally confused by this movie. Anyone have any idea?
  • Scotty97
    Oh bartc3, please don't talk about Sliding Doors...ewwwww. I would hate to see actors that I like get sucked into a suckfest like that. *shivers*
  • Jdjz
    Just IMDB it. It's on there. One of the comments from a person is this: "The reason why this film is so interesting is because of its structure. To help make a decision, a couple flips a coin, then two stories progress simultaneously. Each story shows us the outcome of a different coin-toss result. One story is a mystery/action film and the other shows us how the two characters interact in a dysfunctional family BBQ. Beautifully shot and performed. The film masterfully uses the coin-flip device and avoids being gimmicky – kudos!" So i guess the movie shows what would happen to the couple depending if the coin was heads/tails
  • gplongwood
    Looks interesting
  • boriskat
    It looked to me like Olivia Thirlby plays her sister, not her lover.
  • jh
  • beavis
    the "coin-flip" stuff seems kind of meh..........but the rest of it with the cell phone looks like a pretty good thriller.
  • David
    Looks like it doesn't know whether it should be a thriller or a romance. Weird stuff. Personally, I did not like it.
  • theotherbluth
    JGL and Olivia Thirlby! count me in. Looks intriging to say the least. I know what you mean Alex about the closet comment, but Joseph clearly states "Your not showing" to his GF. So I agree w/Oren, it's a pregnancy.
  • Antioch
    I really like JGL, but this looks kinda dumb
  • DoomCanoe
  • jason k
    looks lame maybe its bc i had hopes too high for it seeing jgl
  • Cody
    This possibly could be an awesome movie...but that trailer like what in the fuck just happened.
  • mrmr
    im o so confused
  • Collin
    I'm not confused, but I am intrigued.
  • Definitely feels like two separate films - curious to see how they match in the end. hmmmm... Lynn Collins is hot
  • Sabes
    I'm confused, but curious.
  • Conrad
    kinda reminds me of "Sliding Doors" only with intrigue
  • Tra la la la la di da
    been done but whatev. Two different choices...ugh.
  • PeasantBurner
    At one point in the trailer, JGL clearly says "Would we be people with a kid? Or would we be parents?" She's pregnant.
  • Reminds me of Run Lola Run. Interesting.
  • Knawx
    Sliding Doors -
  • ross
    She is pregnant, he says "Would we be people with a kid? Or would we be parents?" and she also says "it's been 11 weeks" (i'm guessing thats how far gone she is) and theres another point when he says "Your not showing, i can't tell" when she is fretting about lying to her parents/loved ones. Alex, how the fuck did you get she was a lesbian from the trailer, it's obvious she's up the duff (pregnant). oh dear. the film looks really good though i'd be interested to see it on its release.
  • Eman
    I'd check this out... and as far as the Comment from PeasantBurner.... Do you know how some people have kids but are terrible parents? I think he was touching on something similar to that. Some people have kids and love their kids and some people are just people with kids... Nicely said.
  • FW
    May be pregnant, but she sure can run -- and looks good doing it! im only a little confused, but otherwise agree with Collin.
  • M
    looks interesting. anyone know the music in trailer?
  • Raygun
    Joseph Gordon Levitt is going to be the next leonardo dicaprio.........
  • AprilCoolsDay
    Since when did that Joker start imitating Two-face?
  • raquelswell
    Joseph still looks 12 years old to me.
  • raquelswell
    And terrible trailer too.
  • teamsolovictory
    Yo dawg, we heard you like movies so we put a movie in yo movie so you can watch while you watch!
  • nocsyn
    well i am certain that this looks like a piece o crap
  • Cutty Sark
    POS ideas with POS actors...go figure.
  • Jack
    This was the worst movie I've seen in years. Boring, nonsensical, illogical, meandering, ridiculous, stupid. Horrible script, terrible direction, even Joseph Gordon-Levitt only sometimes manages to act well and sometimes does not. His co-star... does not. The writers and directors are either completely inept or lazy and clueless. The movie -looks- terrible, badly shot. At one point, Gordon-Levitt's character says, "Look at what's behind you," and it's completely black at that point. Nothingness is behind her. The cameraperson zooms out and tries to show us something pretty... we see some lights lit in buildings... and some messy camerawork that should have been edited out. According to the filmmakers and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the movie was written in "3, 4 months", it's much shorter than a typical script, there wasn't a lot of rehearsal of the actual script, and there was a lot of improvisation. Maybe all of this would be a way to a swell movie in more talented hands, with an actual idea. The majority of the movie is spent in fillerland, spent at a July 4th party at the girl's house, hanging out for no real reason, talking with her family, playing with a dog.
  • Scotty97
    I'm not AS negative about the movie as ^Jack^ is, but it really was a debacle from the get go. It's two separate movies trying to be one "indie" movie. Upon a repeat watch, I can certainly see where the "correlations" are between the decisions to be made, but there's not enough connection( between the two stories. The two stories felt more disparate than the two they crammed into "The Majestic". Solid acting from both JGL and Lynn Collins(looking 2 decades younger than she did in Wolverine). The cinematography was at times absolutely stunning in the very divisive use of color(you'll see) and in the landscaped shots. At times it was also completely confusing, blurred, poor angles and bad composition. That may have been the intention of the filmmakers, to show the rugged edges and heart-pounding pace, but it was overused like a student film. I didn't get convulsions like I did from Cloverfield, though. Worth a watch, if you like the actors. Honestly, either film would have been a solid release even at the shorter lengths. The fact that they were supposed to(and I guess kinda did) tie together left me waiting throughout the whole film for the revelation that would bring both world's together and make the lead-in worthwhile. When there was so little resolution to the connection between the two, it leads me to believe that maybe the director was trying to cast his own moral beliefs on to the characters, like one big decision could ruin their lives(hint: it involves pregnancy) or lead to familial bliss. 2.5 out of 5




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