Screenwriter Peter Morgan Says Bond 23 Has a 'Shocking Story'

December 20, 2009
Source: MI6

James Bond and Felix Leiter

The last time we heard anything about Bond 23 was back in June, when EON Productions announced that Peter Morgan (The Last King of Scotland, The Queen, Frost/Nixon) would be writing the screenplay along with Bond franchise regulars Neal Purvis and Robert Wade. Bond website (via SlashFilm) has an update from Morgan saying that the screenwriter moved to Vienna, Austria earlier this year to work on the screenplay. All that he would tell them about it is that "it's a shocking story." He also added that "Bond creates a hysteria around it" that he hasn't seen before in which everyone is always asking about Bond 23.

As a diehard James Bond fan, I've been trying to think about some possibilities for a "shocking story." Though I have a good feeling that they might be killing off M. Judi Dench has said she's returning, but let's not forget that her version of M in the Daniel Craig movies, in theory, exists before the version of M that Bernard Lee played in the old Sean Connery and Roger Moore Bond movies. We need to get a new M anyway and right now (in the Bond universe where Vesper Lynd was killed) she's the closest person to Bond and one of the few he can trust. So if she were to get killed, that would definitely shake things up for James Bond.

Of course, there's no director attached to this yet either, so we don't know too much about it. According to reports back in 2007, Daniel Craig will still be playing James Bond for at least three more movies. MI6 also states that pre-production on Bond 23 has been put on hold because MGM is still looking for money or a new owner. I'm one of those people who is always looking forward to the next James Bond and it looks like this next one may hit in 2011 as planned. If they can still start shooting late next year, they'll still make that release date. But who should they get to direct Bond 23? Danny Boyle? Matthew Vaughn? Someone else?

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  • birddog
    Danny Boyle PLEASE!
  • The director of Golden Eye would be good.
  • Jaf
    Guy Ritchie styles What what
  • Kaiser
    I would love to see a Guy Ritchie Bond movie that would kick ass. How about Paul Greengrass? He has left Bourne behind, maybe he can make Bond as good?
  • Batman
    Can we finally get a Daniel Craig Bond film that's coherent and actually makes sense from scene to scene?
  • usonnychiba1
    Guy Ritchie, are you serious?? The guy is a one trick pony, and ironically if you look up the word 'Pony' in cockney slang it perfectly discribes everything he's made after Snatch. Guy Ritchie?! Fack oooff!
  • crazyskunk82
    #2, the director of goldeneye already directed casino royale.
  • rockfeller
    Bring back Marc Forster.
  • samuel j
    martin scorcese
  • Garth Marenghi
    #5 Yes, it's called Casino Royale! 😉 Love that film. As others have said, I too wish Martin Campbell would come back, but he probably doesn't want to risk damaging his perfect record with Bond flicks. I say get Duncan Jones, the director of Moon. Thoughtful, stylish and classy - a perfect fit.
  • Janny
    suprised nobody said neil blomkamp
  • Dirty Dutchman
    #8 has been placed on Santa's naughty list for that suggestion. Killing off Judie Dench would be refreshing along with a director who has been inspired by Martin Cambell.
  • tetris
    i love guy ritchie as a director but i dont think his style would fit for a bond flick. but matthew vaughn would be an excellent candidate. as for boyle, i heard he wasnt interested so we'll see what happens.
  • Cody
    Dont know after seeing what Sherlock Holmes looks like it seems Ritchie kinda changed his style for the tone of the movie. I would love to see him do the same for bond.
  • Greedo
    Here's what I'm thinking, M dying isn't shocking enough. Instead, my theory is that M was with the bad guys (SPECTRE) all along, and Bond finds himself surrounded with nobody he can trust. I could be wrong about the whole SPECTRE thing, though. I haven't really done too much investigating, but in the 2 Craig movies there seems to be a sense that there is a SPECTRE, because it's been implied that they "have people everywhere." Now is the time for SPECTRE to come out of the woodwork, and M being a leader in SPECTRE would make for a nice twist. I'm thinking either this storyline or they have Bond kill somebody innocent in cold blood, without any conscience. Anything else wouldn't be as shocking.
  • Treeger
    Bringing SPECTRE & Blofeld back would intrigue me a lot. Although, the 'context' of SPECTRE was the cold war, nowadays the producers are putting in contemporary issues such as control over natural resources, with Quantum as the antagonist. Quantum is in fact the 'new' SPECTRE, but I think we haven't seen the nr.1 of Quantum yet. Craig says he has enough of Quantum, but I think Quantum still has potential... And as it is said that Bond 23 follows 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service', I do agree an explainable switch between a female and male M should be made to be consistent, although the use of Judi Dench as M in two different time-periods, and the usage of topics and modern gadgets that couldn't possibly exist in 1962 also isn't consistent at all. Maybe an assasination attempt on the Queen ?
  • moif
    Yes! Please kill off Judy Dench! She reeks of 'acting'
  • ryderup
    It's weird that SPECTRE dissapeared in the series. WOuldlove to have the organisation brought back, but in a matter that fit this new Bond (that I'm not a fan of)
  • monal
    SPECTRE died off in the in the movies due to a legal dispute with one of the writers Kevin Mclory....I would welcome them to bring back Spectre(not that the legalities have been resolved) and introducing a new M
  • napoleonblownapart
  • I'd like to see Doug Liman take a crack at the Bond franchise. I really liked how Bourne Identity and Mr. and Mrs. Smith were directed, and even Jumper might have been good if the acting hadn't been terrible (thanks to Mannequin Skywalker). It needs someone who can handle the quiet espionage parts alongside the big loud action parts.
  • mr sarcastic
    They should resurrect Rogers Moores flared safari suit
  • harrison
    how about tom tykwer? thought he did a great job on the international
  • S
    Okay, I'm just gonna throw this out there, and I'll admit that I don't have the most extensive knowledge of James Bond so it may have happened before, but the only "shocking" thing I can think of is that 007 has to go GAY. Perhaps in order to get close to some bad guy and there are no attractive women around. That would be shocking.
  • Spider
    All I can say is...after the lackluster "Quantum..." we, the Bond fans, need to be shocked!!! :)
  • rockfeller
    #12 lets face it, before daniel craig all the previous bonds were just camp nd silly. once you actually take away the bond name, can you honestly name a film from the series that can be considered a good film with a decent storyline or acting. the thing with bond is that people just like the idea of it and thats why everyone still watches these films. casino royale was an excellent film but it lacked that certain style that bond deserves. this is were marc foster really succeeded. although QOS lacked the depth that Casino Royale had, the look and feel of the film is what bond always should have been. to me the opera scene in QOS just defines what bond is and with the right storyline marc foster would make an amazing film. #23 tom tykwer would be excellent.
  • Frightened Inmate #2
    Daniel Craig is going to get that gay lover that he thinks Bond should have. He really said that. (no b.s.)
  • Bishop8496
    Killing M just for the sake of shock value!!! Nice recommendation, no wonder some people see us fanboys as stupid & lame, Judi Dench is a great addition to the cast & gives the Bond franchise some credibility & the last 2 films maximize her character becoming more relevant to the story. In comparison to the previous Ms(who are comparable to Charlie in Charlie's Angel or the mission voice in any Mission Impossible show/movie) who are just side characters. If the writers are really creative, there a number of ways to intensify the next film. They could resurface some of the old characters (Q, Moneypenny) but give them a more edgier tone, similar to Bourne/TDK characters(for the lack of a more modern example) - they are neither black or white.
  • Kevin
    Uh...#26 must never have seen Dr. No, From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, Thunderball, The Living Daylights, or Golden Eye (I'd also add On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Live and Let Die, and The Spy Who Loved Me to that list...campy, but GOOD!).
  • budbud
    Christopher Nolan! Is there anything he can't do?
  • guh
    maybe there shouldn't be another bond movie at all. face it he's worse than indiana jones. step aside bond and make way for Nate Drake!
  • leinergroove
    Matthew Vaughn would be an interesting choice! besides, he almost single handedly gave Daniel Craig the image/scenes he needed to be considered for the Bond role. There is this one scene in Layer Cake when Mr. X holds a gun and he points to the air: that was the moment when someone said "mmm, Bond"... Besides, Matthew Vaughn has this variety of films, something for everyone: layer cake, stardust, has been the producer of lock, stock... and now, kick-ass... mmm... interesting...
  • Batman
    #10're a really dumb guy.
  • Dgeet
    Paul Greengrass? or the guy who Directed "Inception"
  • Dgeet
    i mean the international not inception haha i saw the poster thats why
  • d1rEct
    Personally I think that Casino Royale & Quantam of Solace was shocking enough and not in a good way. The whole franchise has been turned to shit.
  • SS
    @#15: SPECTRE is now called QUANTUM.
  • Mark Sandford
    The last two Bond movies have been the best EVER Bond movies to be made. The Character is more believable (Brilliant job Daniel Craig keep at it!!!) the story lines have been more personal and the action and everything else about the franchise has been brought kicking and screaming into the 21st century. As for a new director: How about employing the guy who made the last two Batman films which by the way were also Brilliant! Who cares about my opinion anyway.....
  • politics1
    casino royale and qos were probably good in but they were rip offs of jason bourne those of us who have watched this over the years feel that the series has taken a turn for the worse daniel craig is a good actor but terrible for bond, no personalty no charm nothing each actor who has played bond has brought something to the role, craig makes you root for the bad guy




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