Alexander Skarsgard Lands a Lead Role in the Battleship Movie

June 17, 2010
Source: Heat Vision

Alexander Skarsgard

Although he didn't end up in Marvel's Thor, Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard has booked a lead role in another big movie. Heat Vision reports that Skarsgard, son of actor Stellan Skarsgard, has signed on to star in Universal's Battleship movie, based on the Hasbro board game and being directed by Peter Berg (The Rundown, The Kingdom, Hancock). Skarsgard will star as a "straight and narrow" naval officer whom Taylor Kitsch, who has cast in this a few months ago, idolizes (military hierarchy at play). This is Skarsgard's first major studio role since starring in True Blood and, as long as everything goes to plan, it should be big.

Battleship isn't even slated for release until May of 2012, so we have a long time to wait, but Peter Berg is preparing to shoot this in August down in Hawaii. Although based on the board game, this Battleship movie, written by Jon and Erich Hoeber (Whiteout, Red), sees an international fleet of various battleships coming together to fight a water-bound armada of "otherworldly origin" - as in some aliens who have some crazy ships that dance along the top of the water like bugs. I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more about this project as it continues to cast and move towards to start of production. Stay tuned for updates. Anyone excited?

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  • it's such an odd concept, but if I don't think of it as a board game movie I might enjoy it.
  • carlos
    He was ridiculously good in Generation Kill, and will most likely bring the thunder in this movie too.
  • Brandon
    I support anything this guy does.
  • Xerxex
    I've supporting this film from minute one, and it just took a giant step forward in the awesome department.
  • Syphant
    He was so freaking good in Generation Kill. Hope he has a career much like his dad's.
  • Rashad
    naval officer not navel unless he's in charge of guarding the precious belly buttons
  • seanathan
    i think he'd be better suited for the movie adapation of Connect Four.
  • seanathan
    he would, of course, play red.
  • Cody w
    Repeating 2 and 5, He was rediculous awesome in Gen. Kill, awesome news for this movie, however Im not quite sold on the whole thing yet. It has potential to be either completely terrible or an awesome fest.
  • Sgt. Shultz
    #7 said 'His so cute' as the opening remark to her comments ... Therein in lies the audience that the producer is aiming for; the Twilight legion of tweenie girls, skanks wishing they were tweenies again and their pimply faced boyfriends looking to cop a feel, Justin Beiber girlies and their horny cougar moms. For the rest of us, this Battleship has been sunk even before it begins prodution.
  • Rick
    This guy rocks in True Blood. His dad is no slouch either. I've liked most of what Peter Berg has done. This is shaping up nicely!
  • @11... Have you seen Generation Kill? Just because girls think he's cute doesn't mean this will be any less gritty. Skarsgard is as R rated as they come at the moment, the most recent episode of True Blood opened with him banging a mortal for 6 hours while she was chained to the ceiling in his dungeon. This will be far from "for the Twilight fans...I hope.
  • Michael
    It was asinine that a top notch SWEDISH actor like Alex doesn't get cast in a THOR movie. He's so good in True Blood.
  • Sgt. Shultz
    #13 It's a movie based on a Hasbro board game for heaven's sake ... Do you or anyone else honestly think that Hasbro is going to allow a movie based on one of their most popular family games to be anything but wholesome?
  • @14...Your comment was based on the actor, not the film.
  • Darren
    So If Berg is working on this movie i guees that means that his adaptation of Dune is on hold? Was looking forward to that movie.
  • Why in the fucking hell would he take that joke and not the lead in Thor?! Fuck you movie gods.
  • michael
    That would imply he was offered the lead in Thor, which he wasn't. He would have been perfect for it though.
  • Rashad
    No he wouldnt have. He's too small
  • Darren
    your too small Rashad
  • Craig
    He's pretty great on True Blood but not even he can get me interested in a movie adapted from a board game.
  • Harry The Spammer
    My piles are sensitive today. And bleeding a bit.
  • @michael he actually was offered the role and turned it down. His dad took a role though. Man the guy is a freaking viking for crying loud and tall as shit. He would have been PERFECT, of that you and I are correct.




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