Another Fantastic Poster for Gareth Edwards' 'Monsters' Hits

September 2, 2010
Source: Vulture

Gareth Edwards' Monsters

I know we've written about Gareth Edwards' Monsters quite a bit over the last few months, but please bear with us as we continue to cover all the cool stuff that Magnolia is putting out, because it's one of my favorite indie discoveries of this year and I'm all for covering everything. Although we've already seen that gorgeous official poster for the low budget sci-fi film, Vulture just debuted yet another "alternative" poster design that is just as striking, just as original and just as awesome. We also already got a glimpse in the latest trailer, but the tentacles in the right eye are from the aliens in this. And here's another positive review. Check this out!

Monsters Poster

Monsters is written, produced and directed by Gareth Edwards, a big up-and-coming filmmaker who shot this on a shoestring budget in Mexico and did all of the visual effects on his own computer. The movie stars Scoot McNairy, who I've actually seen in commercials recently, and Whitney Able. Here's the basic concept: "Six years after Earth has suffered an alien invasion, a cynical journalist agrees to escort a shaken American tourist through an infected zone in Mexico to the safety of the US border." It's a totally amazing film that I loved and will be pushing as much as I can through October. Visit the official website:

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    ok. i hated the last poster(it tried way way way too hard to do to many things). This poster is daring, and I love the hand scratched type. It doesn't reveal anything really, but it does beg you to look closer, not really showing you anything... I like it. I would buy this. Very hipstamic. hahaha...
  • Cracky
    God damn, this is beautiful. I don't really care much for posters, but this... this is just plain neat.
  • [A]
    I like it. Very nice job..
  • Ben
    Wow this is the best poster I've seen all year!
  • Xerxex
    The use of a Gas Mask as a symbol is one my favorite symbolic themes. It just oozes an eerie feeling, gives a tone of despair and destruction, great poster!
  • Ed
    Wait til you find out how she gets the gas mask...
  • beavis
    ok #6 - your comment has really got me wondering.............i can't wait to see this!!!
  • ray
    crazy poster, looks rad....cant wait
  • Amy
    sounds cool and highly inspired by District 9, haha.
  • I'm thinking about how movie posters have evolved over the years. Half a decade ago, this film's poster would've said, "IT'S OUT THERE! FROM OUTER SPACE TO THE WILDERNESSES OF MEXICO! CREATURES YOU WOULDN'T HAVE DREAMED OF! -- BECAUSE THEY'RE NIGHTMARES! HERE THEY COME! THE MONSTERS!". And the poster art would've featured all the colorful aliens splotched onto the sheet, with debris and falling buildings and trees all around. And smack in the center of the poster -- the hero, looking dashing and bold, and the heroine, showing way more cleavage than anywhere in the movie. Of course, today, they just go with an ominous photo of the girl's face, underneath a gas mask. And the alien's tentacles hinted at in the goggles. Beautiful, ain't it?
  • tir na nog
    Cant wait for this...anybody know the budget? the trailer looks like it cost a fortune...also when is it coming out?
  • ^#11 - You're joking, right? We heard the film cost around $15K, that's it. It was shot on a shoestring budget by themselves down in Mexico. The release date is October 29th limited in the US.
  • Sorry everyone but as much as I see if someone didn't watch the trailer ..will think it is some kind a flags reflected on the mask not a tentacles !!! and If you just can explain what is the big deal in this poster I will be thankful ... I don't see anything special in it !!!
  • Xerxex
    @14 not really Shero, the Gas Mask is universal to be honest. We need more of them.
  • Xerxex
    @13 its the aliens appendages for sure.
  • Hi Xerxex ... I said : for some one who didn't watch the trailer will never knows it is an alien's tentacles or appendages .... That mean anyone who watched the trailer knows it is for sure!!! 😉 and for the Gas Mask : Man speak with someone who is not born in Iraq and Kurdish 😉 ... I know what is a Gas Mask !!! 😉 ... I wrote It is Remake means it is a ripe off for the (right at your door)'s poster ... It is again a Gas Mask , It is a close Up shot and again you see the reflection on the glass of the mask ... By the way the (right at your door)'s poster is really impressive !!! because it was new for 2007 and it is more detailed .. and you got a nice location background story (Hollywood) ... and of course a foreground event too (falling chemical particles)... and the main character is in the middle ... !!! The question is why the Monster's poster is a great poster !!??? there is nothing new in it .. and as I said the look of it is a rip off for other poster !!! I can call it a boring poster !!! .. By the way if you had to choose between one of these two posters which one you will choose !!??? and why ? 😉
  • Xerxex
    If i had to pick, I'd go with Right At Your Door. Better design overall. But any poster that uses a Gas Mask is gold to me. I really did put my foot in my mouth, that's what I get for skimming your comment. I'd say this poster is really good because it envokes a startling sense of fear! A Gas Mask only means the worst is happening when a regualr civilian wearing one, i.e. biological warfare, etc. But "Right At Your Door" has the better poster. As for what is the better film...I think Monsters will take the lead...eventhough the two are completely seperate films.
  • I like the trailer too .. I like the way of surviving specially in such kind of movies when they left a lone or they are the only people on the town or maybe even on the planet 😉 However I know one think : never the trailer show what the movie will look like ...that is why I can't guess anything for the movie ... until I watch it 😉
  • tir na nog
    Cheer's Alex,sometimes people inflate the budget to sell it at a higher price to a studio,but I still think 15k is very little,looking forward to it.




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