Awesome Trailer for Neil Marshall's Roman Epic Centurion!

February 12, 2010
Source: IGN

Centurion Trailer

Fight or die. Wow, this looks incredible. IGN debuted the first official trailer for Neil Marshall's Roman soldier epic Centurion starring Michael Fassbender, Dominic West, and Olga Kurylenko. Wow this looks unbelievably frickin' awesome! I love Neil Marshall's fight choreography and cinematography, it's gorgeous, and those two together here in this movie looks outstanding. Great cast, great visual style, what looks like a great story. It gives me chills! I kinda hate to say it, but this looks better than Ridley Scott's Robin Hood. I'm way more excited for this sword and sandals epic than Ridley's - that's a sign of the times. Watch it now!

Watch the first trailer for Neil Marshall's Centurion:

You can also download the Centurion trailer in High Definition on IGN

Centurion is both written and directed by British auteur Neil Marshall, of Dog Soldiers, The Descent, and Doomsday previously. It's an epic action adventure film set in 117 AD about a group of Roman soldiers who must fight for their lives behind enemy lines after their entire legion is decimated in a devastating guerrilla attack. I guess we didn't know until now, but it looks like Warner Brothers is bringing this to theaters in the US? No official release date is set yet, but I expect it to hit in the second half of the year, right when it's the perfect time. Until then, keep watching this trailer and telling others about it, too. What did you think?

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  • Fuelbot
    After LOTR it's really gonna take something big to get me excited about stuff like this. This is not that movie.
  • real talk
    "it's a trap!"
  • I love sword and sandal films.
  • nate
    Looks ok... But, why do these movies always paint the Romans as the good guys, being preyed upon by the "barbarians"? The Romans were invading the lands of Germania, taking what they wanted... It'd be nice to see things from the other point of view...
  • Ackbar
  • d1rEct
    Neil Marshall an auteur? Well I don't know about that... Hmm...some of those lines might bring the film down but I will see it.
  • johnny rico
    He writes and directs his own films, outside of the studio system, what's not auteur about that?
  • J.R. Lööv
    This looks rly bad. And why use the Romans as the good guys? makes no sense.
  • Ben
    love the Descent nod with the hand coming out of the stack of bodies. looks the goods, I'll go see it. Love Marshall, guy makes great entertainment.
  • ville
    "And why use the Romans as the good guys? makes no sense" I agree. Come on the Picts! Kick the invading Roman's arses!
  • the looks great!
  • graffiti bandit
    "Wow this looks unbelievably frickin' awesome!" Hahahahahahaha... I had to laugh.
  • tir na nog
    Looks great,saw Olga in London last year,wow.
  • iPhone Mafia Wars: 9003390587
    Is this a prequel to Clive Owen's King Arthur?
  • K
    Looks awesome! Why are you comparing this to Robin Hood, they are completely different! "that's a sign of the times" WTF is that supposed to mean? Robin Hood will as good if not better than this.
  • Spider94
    are you kidding me? looks like a low budget made for tv movie even the world titles plus zoom in looks cheap ill take robin hood any day
  • Ron
    Exactly! As someone already mentioned, this vaguely reminds me of the movie 'King Arthur'! It 'looks' good. But not sure about the story and the acting. They only showed few scenes where Michael Fassbender is acting intense and nothing/no one else. Looks like Olga K is mere eye-candy! Robin Hood looks more epic though. I guess it has more to do with who had the bigger wallet when making the picture. But you can never can never go wrong with R. Scott at the helm of a war movie!
  • germs
    I'll watch anything with Dominic West in it.
  • Love Fassy! This looks like a lot of fun! Can't wait.
  • SlashBeast
    Apparently BC means "Before Colour".
  • Governor
    Looks like it takes place in the first 15 minutes of Gladiator.
  • Nick
    looks retarded.
  • Voice of Reason
    redundant as fuck. this is all shit we've seen and have consequently grown tired of it. ridiculous.
  • Romans, what a bunch ay jessies. Hanging aboot in togas and pounding each other, no wonder their empire collapsed.
  • Vold
    Looks epic. I do agree though that seeing the Romans again as the good guys is a bit of a pissoff.
  • theotherbluth
    I agree with the Romans as good guys comments. They are the imperialist pigs in this so I'll be rooting for the Celts. Kind of funny with Fassbender being British, playing a Wop invader OF Briton. The movie looks pretty sweet though. I love medieval war.
  • Al
  • Looks pretty good, its also known as The Ninth Legion, in the UK. Filmed in Hampshire, England.
  • WirenRoad
    Wow, defiantly not better than Ridley Scott's Robin Hood. I felt it was a little corny but I'm hoping for some epic battles
  • romans were good guys?
    ummm, so the romans are the 'heros' struggling to survive, and the germans/gauls etc.. who are being ruthlessly invaded and enslaved, having their homes burned/looted, their wives and daughter raped, their sons sold into slavery.. are the ''barbarians''... hmmm.
  • dennis
    looks pretty good, not gonna make any money, though.
  • CSGabriel
    Man you can't please any of you guys Jesus. And If they told it from the other way people would scream UNORIGINAL. I think It looks great and yes I think it too does look better than Robin Hood.
  • CSGabriel
    I'll watch anything with Olga Kurylenko in it though.
  • CruzCostelo
    right-in-your-face action!!!!!!!!!
  • Mike
    When will hollywood learn to stop making movies with attractive women who either play they hero or badass. It hardly ever works, especially when you are making a movie geared towards a male audience.
  • YK
    Looks pretty average, but entertaining enough. I've enjoyed Marshall's flicks to this point.
  • This looks absolutely gorgeous - lovely, elegant widescreen photography that puts me in mind of John Carpenter at his best - and the scope of the whole thing and the staging of the fights is certainly something to be excited about. The only worry is going to be the quality of the story. And after the misstep of Doomsday, that's a pretty big worry. Dog Soldiers and The Descent are great, so the question is will Doomsday be looked back upon as a momentary stumble, or does Marshall only have two good films in him? Time will tell...
  • oatmeal pimp
    gee, after reading all these comments I guess I am lucky that the trailer isnt playing for me here. sounds like I'm not missing anything.
  • mcat
    Centurion looks average at best. definitely dvd material.
  • beavis
    from what the trailer showed - i thought it had great atmosphere and visual style. the battles scenes looked intense...........i just hope the story/acting holds up. my initial reaction is positive.
  • DoomCanoe
    yet again.... "ITS A TRAP!"
  • doig
    #1 LOTR??? Umm this is a movie about roman soldiers invading britain so nothing like lord of the rings. #4 This movie is painting romans as the good guys cos in this movie the romans ARE the good guys. BTW they are invading Roman Britain and not Germania. 14# Is this a prequel to Clive Owen's King Arthur? Are you Fu#$%ing kidding? you must be on some good sh!t.
  • leinergroove
    looks good, but i have the "doomsday" fiasco as a reference...
  • Hahaha
    You compare this low budget Neill Marshall with Ridley Scott? Hahaha
  • The "Wow, this looks incredible" heightened my interest, but it didn't stay that way as I don't think raving about this trailer is the way to go. I do think however that this looks pretty good, and certainly a lot better than many of the comments on here indicate.
    It was okay, a bit shouty, some good parts with some decent visuals and camera work, the marketing for this won't be anything amazing and Ridley's Robin Hood will get the bigger slice of media so this does run the risk of getting shoved to one side especially considering the lineup of actors doesn't have any real hooks in there for people to get excited about. Just because a trailer is "Frickin awesome" it may not yield the epic we all hope for.
  • Phil
    The Picts are the people being attacked, invaded, killed, raped, etc.. by the Roman soldiers. The Picts are the heros in every way-defending their people, land, children, and future from the Roman invaders. How the hell is someone not Italian supposed to cheer for the Romans? That female warrior Boudica clone is so irritating. That will stop me from seeing this movie.
  • Chrisbo
    Alex, more excited for this piece of crap than Ridley's? This is like a cheesy version of King Arthur with more than one Keira Knightley displaying warpaint. Mind boggling how you could think this looks great. Entertaining sure, but not as serious as something Ridley would do. And stop saying Epic, its like a snowboarding saying 'Stoked,' annoying and old news.
    it looked ok,wait for dvd release.
  • CLover DOES NOT look anything like Scott's Robin Hood. ( your kidding right?) I think it is a must see if your drawn to this kind of story line and period action. I am going, when is the release?
  • Xerxex
    doig, LOTR set the bar for sword flicks, that's what #1 meant.
  • Brandon
    King Arthur comes to mind in so many ways. Not inthralled one bit by this. All for more Sword & Sandal flicks though. Just quality ones. A lot to ask I know.
  • Jimbone
  • Kelton
    Of Course the Romans are the good guys. Do you really want Scottish Barbarian freaks to play the good guys? I AM A SOLDIER OF ROME! I WILL NOT YEILD! --awesome.
  • Colm
    Kelton, what a racist comment. Every peoples have a right to defend their country, even if Nazis like you consider them 'Barbarian freaks'. You should direct a film depicting Poles (Polish Barbarian freaks?) as the bad guys and Nazis as the good guys 😉
  • lol
  • This looks like one of those movies that tries to be action, but, in the end, it's gonna be a love story between the yelling guy and the queen with the painted face and everyone is let go to go back to Romania. Sounds okay.
    • Thetenthregime
      Well, you couldn't be more wrong, lol.
  • idogis1
    Kind of like Escape from New York in the second century. I'll watch it, can't be terrible.
  • Daniel Felts
    Looks better than average but less than incredible. Not saying its horrible. Above average is putting it mildly.
  • Lana
    It seems sort of tv movie/80s ish but fun. Not something I'd pay to see, but fun television. A couple good names in it.
  • Thetenthregime
    Do you think Olga got paid less because she technically didn't have a speaking role?




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