Bill Paxton Wants a Twister Sequel, Has Met With the Studio!

January 8, 2010
Source: Premium Hollywood


It's a dream come true! Out of nowhere (just like a tornado!), Premium Hollywood (via AICN) ran some extensive quotes from an interview with Bill Paxton where he talks at length about a sequel to Twister. Despite being ridiculously cheesy, Twister is one of all-time favorite guilty pleasures, I loved everything about, including Bill Paxton. And I'm secretly a tornado nut (despite having never been in one). Anyway, Paxton says that his inspiration for a sequel came as a result of a trip that he took to the Ozark Mountains last spring to track the infamous Tri-State Tornado of 1925 with a friend. You know what, I'm all for this!

Paxton says that he's "had a meeting at the studio with Kathleen Kennedy about it." I'm not exactly sure what studio he's talking about, but it's probably DreamWorks (since that's where Kathleen Kennedy works), not Warner Bros (who made the original and put out the Blu-Ray last year). Anyway, he goes on to say that Tri-State Tornado gave him ideas "and from that I kind of extrapolated an idea for a sequel. And I kind of put that together into a format, and now we're kind of waiting to see if that's going to move forward." But they need Steven Spielberg's blessing and he doesn't think they'll get that "til there's real studio interest."

Of course, Paxton also talks about 3D, because that's now the big thing in Hollywood, and how it "could obviously be pretty amazing" to see a Twister sequel in 3D. He also explains, depressingly, that "the only reason I'd like to revisit that ground is because I realize we're living in a time where big movies cost so much to make that the town is looking for built-in audiences." So he doesn't think it would be a good idea to do creatively, but thinks it's a good idea because it would make him and the studio boatloads of money? Now that's how a true genius like Bill Paxton thinks! Why isn't this guy running a movie studio in Hollywood?

As for where or what the Twister sequel could be about, Paxton actually has some good ideas. "I thought a sequel could explore it in a more enthralling way, getting into more of the history and the lore, more of a darker version of the first one." He's talking about the history and the lore of tornadoes, which I'm all for.

"I think you'd still want to have a lot of the dark humor and all of that, with the flying cows and everything," he said, with a laugh. "I think you could kind of intrigue people more by getting into a little more of the lore and really understanding. I just think there's a lot more to explore there. When I researched the first film when I was getting ready to do it, I just found so much stuff. Ultimately, I was happy with Twister, but I also had thought that it could've gotten a little deeper into it."

Considering that the Discovery Channel has turned tornado chasing into a full-on annual TV series, I think it's safe to say that people still are in love with mother nature and would definitely enjoy seeing more about the history and lore of tornadoes. Hell, let me be the first to admit that I'm a tornado nut and have always loved seeing them in movies (even in A Serious Man, wink wink). This may be a crazy idea, but I love it. And his idea about making it darker is perfect - that's exactly what I wanted to see in Twister (although it didn't get too dark). And as long as they get Philip Seymour Hoffman back, I'm already sold. Bring on Twister 2!

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  • Nasty Nate
    Come on Bill! Spare us this please. I thought the first was lame when it came out in the 90's. How about a 3D movie about a 3D movie.
  • Dark Fist
    It's about time those twisters came back for revenge!
  • I hated this film on it's release. The treatment of Paxton's new girlfriend was so unkind and unfair, his fellow chasers including Seymour Hoffman were just such a disparate bunch of unfriendly geeks and the formulaic procession of here's a grade 3 tornado, now here's a grade 4 was lame arsed story-telling at the worst. The only thing worse than the film is the attraction at Universal!
  • Maybe they can actually go to OZ in the next one and stop assing around the tornado. Bring on the munchkins.
  • tobi,leader of the akatsuki
    yeah i'm up for a twister 2,the first twister is better than that shit the day after tommorow & 2012 the only thing thoose two films had going for them was the special effects,so yeah bring on the twisters.
  • Vincent Cipollone
    one of my favorite movies, saw it as a kid :). A total rush in theaters. along with the first Speed. I approve!!! and with todays CGI? !! :)
  • This is one of my favorite movies just for how awesome it would be to have that job. I would quit my day job in a second to become a Twister chaser! This is a great news!
  • Nada Nuff
    I liked the original, great FX and good story. Some 21st century tornadoes should be kool. I liked the Twister attraction at Universal Studios as well.
  • Voice of Reason
    Oh, Billy P, i loved you in Twister.....bigger question is: would they bring Phillip Seymour Hoffman back as well?
  • AC
    guilty pleasure is the perfect way to describe this movie
  • I think I'll stick to Discovery Channel's "Storm Chasers", which is a lot more interesting than a movie anyone could ever do about one of these. If you haven't seen the show yet, check it out! It's one of the few good shows left on TV. Who wants to waste time on a fake tornadoes when you have a TV show that has people driving their pimped out tank/car things into real ones?
  • TigerClaw
    I'm all for a sequel, Twister was a fun popcorn movie.
  • LOL I also hated this movie. I think I might have said this in another post, but I'll say it again -- The movie pretty much starts out with our protagonists hiding from a twister in a ditch, and having it go right over their heads. At that point in the movie, I said to the person sitting next to me "What are they going to do for a climax, spin around inside a tornado and high-five?" Sadly I was pretty much spot-on.
  • I'm ALL for it. The first one was a lot of fun. I believe they could make a second one work as well. Let's do this.
  • Cody
    Am I the only one who thinks Paxton has the acting ability of a cardboard box?....I would be down for a sequel if he gets smashed by a truck in the first 5 minutes.
  • t
    eh no thanks. without Michael Crichton i just don't think it will be the same. The first was was cheesy, unrealistic but good and sure there is still a market for it but I don't think it can match up without Mr. Crichton attached. With his death this past year I think it should be left alone.
  • Xerxex
    How many wife's will he have?
  • Corey
    As long as Phillip Seymore-Hoffman says "the suck zone" again, I will be happy.
  • Film Fan
    "Twister" stunk, I'm sorry. And Payne by name....LOL! You're right about that lame attraction at Universal Studios. I was so pissed I waited as long as I did for THAT!
  • give us a break
    really now. you got away with it in the first one, reasonably good film with a tolerable story. trying to drag this out into another story is flat ass going to REEK!! save the money for something that has a chance at being entertaining.
  • TxGirl820
    OMG! I would totally go see this movie. It would be amazing!
  • Chris
    Maybe he just feels effects have moved on enough that he won't get burnt retinas this time around? :)
  • twittwit
    "We're Screwed! Game Over, Man!"
  • patrickt
    • The Ferrit Yo
      No way, man... Second generation Dodge was, and always will be, the best. I still have my 96 Ram 1500 v8, and that thing went through a tornado, and it still has the crack in the windshield from 7 years ago....I should probably get that fixed... but.. YEAH BILL DO IT!!!1 I LOVE YOU!!! I also loved Twister. It is my favorite movie and I watch it every weekend.
  • dan
    I really hope this happens I cant wait
  • SOJC
    Twister is my favorite movie, Respect The Wind is my favorite song, and the score album is my favorite album, tied with One Life by 33Miles. I"ll track this idea to see if they make a movie and count down the days 'til it comes even more than The Last Airbender.
  • Josh
    I so agree with Botchy! All/most of the vehicles that are used in this film should just be updated to current date.... That would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • K-Dawg
      N-no.... NO..... The new Dodge Rams aren't that good looking... NO.... Bill you can use my 96 Dodge Ram for your movie! 
  • jodie
    i loved twister but some of the tornadoes in it didnt look real to me except for one big one at the end also some of the ones in the day after tomarrow didnt look real ether. the one in the movie inkheart looked more real than any other movie the same with the wizard of oz and it wasnt even cgi. but twister 2 they should have it be a hurricane movie for example they got the pack into the tornado but they need to go back and get data from a hurricanes tornado to complete it that would be cool
  • AllanP
    It would be cool if using the data they got from the first movie, they figured out how to actually stop a tornado, like with an explosion at the top of the funnel that creates a vast amount of hot air that disrupts the mechanics that drives a tornado, completely killing it. They try it on a small one first and it works great. They try it on a second, bigger one, with disasterous results (they may actually make it stronger), so they abandon it. Until the first recorded f6 in history threatens to wipe out a city. The stakes are higher as they have never seen a tornado that big, and they have to set off a massive explosion right next to a city.
  • AllanP
    Cos remember, Aunt Meg told Jo in the ambulance, not to go warn people, but to go stop it. And obvioulsy it would take a few attemps to stop the big daddy at the end, cos they don't want to make it any stronger. P.S. I agree they gotta bring dusty back, along with the rest of the team, all of them. They were great, I could totally believe they had been friends for years chasing these things and going through some seriously tense times together. The humour really helped with that I think. P.P.S. I'm not sure if there is any real need to make it darker. You could certainly use some darker parts, but on the whole the tone of the movie should still be fun and exciting, like the first but different haha!
  • Bobby
    I think a second movie on twister will be great and the movie base on the tri-state Tornado will be a box office hit like Titanic.If you had the director of Titanic directing the movie great a book called the tri-state Tornado by Peter Felknor is the story of Amerrica,s greatests Tornado disaster would be a good story to tell
  • Dffd
    Yeah of course bring on Twister 2, especially with 3d potential......and/or at least more action, less love/hate..althought it pleases some females viewers..just bring it on.
  • Cyberterroristatlarge
    Ok everyone seems to be judging just the very idea of it by their distain for the 1st. It was a fun movie, but as most who saw it would agree, they expected something more realistic and dark. Why not just make a new movie about tornadoes instead of a 'twister 2', it would still attract the same crowd. Tornadoes have yet to be done justice on the big screen, and Paxton seems to have done more research then DeBont did for the 1st movie so I trust him. I hope they do make it.
  • Just make sure if the windshield breaks it stays broke!
  • Megaman014
    Doooooooo ittt please
  • Bonnie
    Loved Twister & can't wait for Twister 2. Especially if they include more facts & history about tornadoes! My friends & family can't wait. Please make the sequel! Bonnie (o:




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