Brad Bird Now in Final Negotiations to Direct MI:4 After All!

April 8, 2010
Source: Vulture

Brad Bird

A few weeks back, we reported that The Incredibles and Ratatouille director Brad Bird was one of three contenders to direct Mission Impossible 4 for Paramount. Well, NY Mag's Vulture is now claiming that they've heard from insiders that Bird has won them over and is in final negotiations to direct, but only if he agrees to a lower fee (since directing for three years on animated movies earned him more than they want to pay him now). This is fantastic news, as I was incredibly excited to hear that Bird's first live-action film might be the follow-up to J.J. Abrams' intense third Mission Impossible that I know lots of people enjoyed.

Of course, since all of this isn't completely official yet, anything could happen and Bird could be too rigid with his price and Paramount could choose someone else instead (who are the other options?). However, I take this as a sign that this is going to move forward with Bird because production needs to get underway soon if they're going to make that May 27th, 2011 release date that they set. This will definitely be Bird's chance to prove that he's as talented directing live-action as he is directing animated movies. I'm already looking forward to seeing what kind of Mission Impossible he delivers. Exciting times ahead! Thoughts?

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  • Xerxex
    huh, I don't know how to feel about this...excited? maybe not. Interested? Yes.
  • Loser
    Sounds good and I love me some more Crazy Cruise
  • Chris
    who cares after the first one do people even watch this series and if so Why??????
  • Loser
    MI3 was actually really good Chris
  • Voice of Reason
    If anyone doubts the MI series its soley because of Woo's craptacular contribution on the 2nd movie. The first and last were perfectly sound, awesome and damn enjoyable. Although I feel as though this movie is not where I'd like to see Birds talent directed towards, it may be the extra incentive to keep this franchise alive and usher Bird into some incredible live action films.
  • AgentX
    HOPE they don't screw this up with too much CGI special effects and just blowing stuff. HOPE the story line works away from the resemblences of other action movies. Only way they make me watch this in theaters is if they stay "TRUE" to Ethan Hunt.
  • harm
    hmm thats really intriguing. Especially if JJ Abrahms can take a very watchful eye over this to ensure Birds first live action is quality.
  • Dave Lister, J.M.C.
    If Brad Bird gets this gig, I might actually consider paying money to see M:I4 in the theater. Yeah "Iron Giant", "The Incredibles" and "Ratatouille" were animated films; but they were very well structured and extremely entertaining animated films. Brad Bird knows how to put a story together(he was, after all, a presiding producer, over the golden age of 'The Simpsons'); so I have no doubt that he can deliver a quality film, even if J.J. isn't hovering about. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that J.J. wants to hire Bird, so that he won't have to watch M:I4 so closely. That way he'll be freed up to develop his next Star Trek film.
  • sickdoghats
    the first one was great mainly because it had a good cast. jean reno, emilio estevez, jon voight and ving rhames. but it also had a really good story either way im going to see this. tom cruise seems to be having a strong comeback
  • Bird is a competent story-teller, so I'm sure MI:4 is in as good a hands as most. I guess he needs money and a rep to get his earthquake film produced. Good luck Bird! I hope toy make the sequel to The Incredibles though.
  • twittwit
    Does this mean MI:4 will be CGI? Tom Cruise is already cartoony in real life, so this should work out perfectly.
  • Thanks for the info. I agree with you that it is an interesting and potentially exciting choice for both Paramount and Bird. I also agree with some of the comments here about Bird's competent storytelling ability. I do wonder however, how his sense of storytelling will be affected by moving into live-action. With animation there is a lot of time to think out the story and plan out every last detail that makes it onscreen. That won't be the case with "MI:4" where a pre-determined release date will be relentlessly driving the production schedule.
  • David Banner
    The Incredibles on BluRay naaaaaow!
  • Imagine a world without a couch jumping Cruise and no Mission Impossible 2. Imagine how anticipated this movie would be. I cannot wait.
  • jjboldt
    The Inredibles and Ratatouille are by the far the worst Pixar movies if you aske me. Still better than most non-Pixar films. Ratatouille is just a strange story (a rat talks to a dead chef, who comes up with that?) and The Incredibles didn't have much to laught at. So not as thrilled about his name coming up for MI4.
  • David Banner
    No#15, it must be sad to be alone in the world




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