Check Out JoBlo's Fantastic 'The Art of David Fincher' Tribute

October 2, 2010
Source: JoBlo

The Art of David Fincher

In honor of the release of David Fincher's eighth movie, The Social Network (which is a must see in my opinion) this weekend, we're featuring this fantastic YouTube video that takes a look at the art and work of the iconic filmmaker. I was emailed a link to this video from reader Greg but it originates on JoBlo. Nick Bosworth and Fraser Lomas created The Art of David Fincher tribute specifically for JoBlo (hence that intro) and it contains classic scenes from Se7en, Fight Club, Zodiac, The Game, Benjamin Button and more, and really does remind us how talented the man is. Any fans of Fincher must watch this - it's magnificent!

As Greg explained in the email he sent: "It's hands-down one of the best dedication bits I've ever seen and it really shows how brilliant and wide-range Fincher really is. Highly recommended view!" I agree with him completely and it shows that Fincher does have a vast emotional range as a director. There's no way anyone can watch this and not be amazed at the career and stunning work of David Fincher. He is one of my favorite filmmakers for a reason. With The Social Network he's succeeded at telling yet another fascinating, modern story with as much brilliance as ever before. Could this finally be his year at the Oscars? We'll find out soon!

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  • Robbie
    I feel like watching every Fincher movie right now!
  • Joe
    Wow.......simply wow. I'm really touched right now.
  • Irene
    That was so beautiful. All the moods and nuances were captured. I loved it!
  • tEDDY bESS
  • jeffrey Lamar
    Thanks for sharing this. The man is a genius. Waiting for a Chris Nolan one now.
  • Don.Pablito
    I'm a huge admirer of Fincher's work, but it say's "the video is not available in your country". Too bad.
  • Xerxex
    c'mom where's the love for Aliens 3!? it wasn't that bad, if anything it was decent. - Trying saying that with a straight face! The video was very good.
  • Ricardo
    The Fight Club part has some major spoilers, even thou the last scene in the movie is absolutely gorgeous imo. It's the one i remember the most from the movie. I'm really pumped to see The Social Network now :)
  • Moon
    That was almost as good as the montage they did for Martin Scorsese at the Golden Globes.
  • Kevin
    @ Xerxex I read on the site from Nick (who made the video) that a long while ago, David Fincher practically disowned ALIEN 3 cause it was a horrible start to his career. Fincher never wants to acknowledge the movie at all and wants nothing to do with it. So basically, Nick acknowledged Fincher's wishes and didn't include it. He loves the movie but respects Fincher's opinion. This is a terrific video regardless.
  • DuirMan
    Awesome tribute. Finally, someone puts my favorite track from the Inception OST to good use. "Dream is Collapsing" is slowly getting over-utilized.
  • Xerxex
    I figured that was the case, not the best start ever. he does have a great career.
  • CameronPoe
    Hans Zimmer's music makes everything epic.
  • Neal
    This video is lacking Alien 3. Therefore, please watch this. Of all the links not clicked in a comments list, you'd be a 100% right for not clicking them. Not clicking this link will provide a 100% wrongdoing on your end. This man made a video in tribute to David Fincher, including Alien 3, and it's a better video because of it.
  • Neal
    Wrong link. Massive fail. Still a good watch though.
  • Always followed David Fincher over the years. Big fan of his work. Especially his lighting. Something I try to do on projects.
  • CLAW
    David Fincher is an absolute pimp but I can't see him ever topping Se7en or Fight Club just because those two films are perfection. Don't get me wrong his other films are good just not masterpieces and I'm sure The Social Network will be great as well but he's already done his best work. Se7en and Fight Club are just a different breed of film and because of them Fincher will always be one of my favorite Directors.
  • deltavoyage
    In my mind, David Fincher is second only to Christopher Nolan. I adored Se7en, Fight Club, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I'm fully anticipating The Social Network to be fantastic, and I'm looking forward to seeing it.
  • Ani
    Good work
  • Areyouhigh
    Agreed totally... I never realized how much his works have influenced my life, or been a checkpoint/focal point, in my growing as a film buff... I can honestly say I haven't seen a director that is so in touch with the times or the psyche of the world before,during or after the films release. Hopefully he will go down as a master of our time
  • Areyouhigh
    just a quick followup, I'm gonna watch the fight club bd now for nostalgia... and because its amazing 😀
  • victor
    I love Fincher's darker works the best, Benjamin wasn't that interesting to me, I enjoyed TSN quite a bit, but I have the feeling that Fincher's better work is behind him already. Maybe he'll surprise us again, Tarantino Fucking loves Fight Club.
  • Cody w
    This was good, but you play that epic zimmer score to anything and it can just move I really just wanna watch Inception again lol.
  • DoomCanoe
    second best director I've grow up with Nolan being the fist great tribute
  • Moon
    Can something new get posted on this website.
  • klain
    fucking youtube giving this messege: This video contains content from UMG. It is no longer available in your country.please put on another addresss or give another link.
  • Storm
    fincher getting old and we can see that in his recent movies.zodiac was first point to a bad and wrong change for him.if you follow his recent commercials,you can see that, his is empty from any new idea in his works.i hope him a good turn. some box office or some positive grades in yahoo movies will not save his lost performance. every + grade for his recent movies are just like poison for him.he is lost.find the real david fincher.
  • angry man
    a ludicrous edited video!!! where d fuck is alien3 ??? his is known for alien3 and JoBlo's freak editor has forgot to put some fucking footage from Alien3.getout of here and wipe your fucking ass and let to do some one professional.goddamn you nasty video and your fucking are destroying Mr fincher with that cheap materials.he will never need you work.




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