Check These Out: Photos from French Zombie Film 'La Horde'

January 9, 2010
Source: Arrow in the Head

La Horde

Not to be confused with the other French horror film The Pack, this is its own breed of horror. La Horde, or obviously just The Horde in English, was recently picked up by IFC Films for US distribution sometime this year. In addition to that news, our friends at Arrow in the Head scored a good batch of new photos from the film as well as a look at the French poster (which I've cropped a bit for the photo above). You can watch an early teaser for the film, but I suggest starting with these photos, since they just look insane. La Horde is part of the "political French horror" movement and played at the Venice Film Festival last year. Proceed!

La Horde Photos

La Horde Photos

La Horde Photos

La Horde Photos

La Horde Photos

La Horde Photos

La Horde Photos

La Horde is set on the outskirts of Paris and follows four corrupt cops who go on a rampage to avenge the murder of one of their own by a group of ruthless gangsters, holed up in a condemned building. But once they get to the building, hordes of bloodthirsty, cannibalistic creatures invade, savagely attacking everyone. Running to the roof, the survivors discover that their entire world is in chaos. The streets are filled with massive heaps of countless cadavers and the entire city is in flames. They'll have to make it down thirteen floors full of voracious creatures to escape and survive. This definitely looks pretty damn cool. Thoughts?

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  • Fisherr
    28 days later (French Version) Who knows?...One way to find out.
  • (I'm french, so sorry for my english) I saw it at a private premiere, 'cause i was act on the film last year. This film is pretty good. They're some problems about the story, which is a little bit boring at the middle of the movie, 'cause the story doesn't change a lot. But theses little bad exceptions are not so important (just boring ^^) and the movie is good (i give it a mark of 7,5/10). If you're reading the french, you can read my (constructive) opinion on my blog : Keep working on this great website !
  • beavis
    it looks like good zombie-killing fun.........i'll be looking for it.
  • matthew
    the first picture looks like dmx lmao
  • Faust
    Four survivors on a roof that have to make their way to the bottom to escape... kind of sounds like act one of No Mercy in the Left 4 Dead video game lol.
  • Bo
    I remember watching a feature on this film a while back, and yeah, it looks like a live action left 4 dead slash dead rising movie, but it looked awesome, theres a scene
  • Cody
    Yeah that top poster looks just like a l4d intro poster. I always welcome a zombie movie.
  • Toucmyinfection
    claustrophobic much? :l
  • KepaX
    Regardless of the Dawn of the Dead riffs, this will probably better 1000 times better than any horror movie Hollywood has produced lately. Cue North American remake.
  • Madnezz344
    another zombie movie? when will they stop?
  • Francis
    What the hell is this!?
  • This will no way be as good as Against the Dark, the Steven Seagull zombie/vampire masterpiece. No one kills zombies with a sword like 'Nico'.
  • Izyk
    #11 You can never stop the Zombie movies, they just keep coming at you.... and that's cool. :)
  • bob
  • frenchbob
    It's not just another zombie movie it's the first real french zombie movie, but with too small a budget
  • Cineprog
    Thanks Bob #15# for the link to La Hord Trailer it looks intresting, the Pictures by the way look o.k, if no one has seen the Trailer go and watch it at the link given by Bob #15# it worth a watch.
  • tobi,leader of the akatsuki
    that look's pretty fucking scary.
  • toni
    I've never played L4D, but I watched my exbf play it...and btwn. the description and the posters, I agree. L4D on film. Zombie movies are always worth checking out!
  • Alex T.
    The teeth in the last pic are way to fake looking. Anyways I would be content if I never saw another zombie film as long as I live. It's been done to death. No pun intended.
  • Said
    after the first pic. i freaked out!!! then once i calmed down i though " this movie will kick ass!!!
  • iris B.
    soundss like QUARENTINE..
  • Dyaus
    A video clip at this address :
  • Jackal
    I'm french too, so excuse my english either. Okay, here we go. The Horde is a movie directed by a true geek (the name of the movie makes reference to WoW). This movie is one the best zombie movie ever, and the hell knows that I love Romero or 28DL. It's huge, violent, fast, gore, fun, and exciting. You'll love it.




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