Check This Out: First Concept Art Image from Pixar's Cars 2

January 25, 2010
Source: Upcoming Pixar

Cars 2 Concept Art

"The world's a racetrack as superstar Lightning McQueen zooms back into action to take on the globe's fastest in Cars 2, a high-octane 3D comedy." It may seem a bit early to be looking at some concept art for Pixar's Cars 2, especially because it's not due out in theaters until June 24th, 2011, but then again, this is Pixar, and it's always great to see this kind of stuff. Plus they're already hard at work on the sequel anyway. Found in Disney's Annual Shareholders Report (via Upcoming Pixar) is the first bit of concept art from the color script for Cars 2 that we've seen. Check out the new shot of Lightning racing in front of Mt. Fuji below.

Cars 2 Concept Art

It was revealed last year that Cars 2 will see Lightning McQueen, his pit team and pit boss Mater, heading around the world for the Race of Champions taking place in five different countries with champions from different disciplines like Formula One and rally driving. Apparently "Mater gets involved in a 'Hitchcockian' case of mistaken identity, saves the life of a British secret agent called Finn McMissile (who looks a lot like an Aston Martin) and becomes embroiled in a huge spy thriller. Only no-one believes him. That too comes to a head at Buckingham Palace." Former Pixar producer Brad Lewis is making his directorial debut on Cars 2.

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    Of all the sequels they could have chosen, WHY CARS??! I. Want. INCREDIBLES 2!!!!!!!!!!!
  • katieD
    japan eh? looks interesting.
  • Franzen93
    Completely agree #1, Cars is the worst pixar film, why choose that for a sequel. I dont want pixar to start pumping out sequels like dreamworks, keep the ideas fresh like WALLE.
  • Xerxex
    I'm with 1 and 3, I'd rather see a "A Bugs Life" sequel than Cars 2. Pixar only has two new films underway "Newt" from Brenda Chapman and "The Bear and the Bow" from Gary Rydstorm, along with Monster's Inc 2 and Toy Story 3, they should focus on those not Cars 2!
  • germs
    I really hope Pixar doesn't just start pumping out sequel after sequel. Not to mention I thought Cars was one of the weaker movies.
  • Colca
    Why make a Cars sequel? Because of all the movies Pixar ever made, Cars was the most financially successful when you take into account merchandising. Not to mention, although it was probably the least popular among adults, it was hands down the most popular movie Pixar made with kids 8 and under, aside from Toy Story that is. My job has me working inside 5 or 6 customer houses a day, and guaranteed if there's a kid in that age range, there's 10 times more Cars merchandise than anything else. And these kids are absolutely obsessed with it. Just cause it's not a popular choice for sequel among adults like us doesn't mean it's not a brilliant decision to make a sequel.
  • Kevin
    I agree with the others here... Cars is easily my least favorite Pixar movie. I know it is still popular with the kiddies, but the movie was pretty weak and really does not need a sequel. The one Pixar movie that SCREAMED sequel was The Incredibles... where is my Incredibles sequel??!!
  • Chris H.
    #6 got it right. You still see ass loads of Cars merchandise on the shelves EVERYWHERE, and believe it or not it's still selling. Cars was a merchandise peddling juggernaut that wipes out every other Pixar film in terms of sales. They're simply cashing in and hoping that a more international version of Cars will get parents of other countries shelling out the same cash American parents are doing here for their kids. The film is supposed to hop to locations around the world, I like the pick to use Japan as one of the locations. Love it or hate it, Cars is hugely successful and that's what drives sequels. It makes total sense if you actually applied thought into it. If masterpieces of film were the only movies to get sequels we wouldn't have had Transformers 2... and soon Transformers 3.
  • Dan
    My four year old nephew can't wait for this film, and the new Cars Land. I'm sure we will all be buying him more cars merchandise when the movie comes out.
  • FancyMonocle
    I like to think that Pixar can do no wrong, but I really wish they weren't doing this.
  • Just what is the attraction with Pixar's Cars? I don't get it, the movie was awful but kids love it. I#m obviously missing something...
  • awful
    this concept art and this movie....awful
  • az
    Why is Pixar's doing sequels? Their new, original stuff is always so amazing. "Up" was incredible.
  • Lucas Duke
    What are you people talking about. You are some dumb people. Cars made billions of dollars and I would say it was pretty good. I think you all a bunch of Yankees that hate Nascar. The movie was all about seeing the world differently from your own eyes and to stop and smell the roses. And anyway the director from The Incredibles, Brad Bird, already said he will not do a sequel even though it made a lot of money. So that is my take.
  • guh
    Its been obvious that there was gonna be a Cars 2 since the credits of the 1st one started rolling. But i would much rather like to see The Incredibles 2, i mean that had a huge cliffhanger ending, they have to make a sequel or else it would make no sense.
  • Having a child, I often ask other friends who have kids what films they watch with the youngsters, quite a few have said they enjoyed watching Cars. I take nothing they say seriously any more. My son watched Totoro the other day, and even though it was weird and it wasn't spelled out in big silly letters what was going on, he really enjoyed it. I listen to a lot of interviews with artists and animators who work on the Pixar films, (the Pixar exhibition in my city was pretty amazing), but what most of them say is that in the beginning they are given a lot of freedom, by the end it's all just a generic bland house style that is put out, my favourite part of Pixars creative process is the sketches and background painting ideas, even the Cars one's weren't that bad.
  • silver
    Incredibles 2
  • lighting mcqueen
    wooow look at all the hater on cars 2 you guys must hate cars all together look the movie was good,, why may you ask because it shows you that it doesnt matter how big you get or how much fame you have at the end of the day family and friends is what matters in life good job cars 1 cant wait for part 2 stop hating on a good thing
  • shelz
    I went to see this movie with my husband, we didn't even have kids! We loved it and bought the DVD. When our nephew was old enough to watch it he started watching it, now he watches it every time he comes to stay with us, about once a month. My husband and I have been hoping for a sequel since the first one. We will be there opening weekend with our nephew in tow.
  • kachow
    I have watched every animated film with my 2 year old. The only movie that we continually watch is Cars, I must've seen it 837 times and it's the only movie I don't get tired of watching. I can't wait for his first movie theater experience to be Cars 2 because it is probably the only movie he will sit through. The merchandising for this movie has been brilliant, he loses a car we buy a car etc... I am going bankrupt on Mater's!




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