Cheech & Chong Confirm that 'Up in Smoke 2' is on the Way

February 20, 2010
Source: YouTube

Cheech and Chong

I received an email from a reader named Brandon tonight linking to a YouTube interview with legendary stoners Cheech and Chong talking about all things geek, movies, and, well, Cheech and Chong. But at one point (about 1:02 in) they talk briefly about what they've got coming up for movies and Chong says there's three things: a concert movie, out on 4/20, called Hey Watch This! (pre-order on Amazon); an animated feature, "a bunch of those" Chong says (not just one movie), but the first one will get released "sometime after 4/20"; and lastly, they reveal that "we're also working on a movie movie, Up in Smoke 2." Hell yes!

They both go on to joke that they're going to call the sequel "Avatar 2: Escape from Guantanamo," which doesn't really make sense, but whatever. The big news coming from this interview is that their are a "bunch" of animated movies on the way, as they're just animated sequences of clips from their old stand up shows, so they have plenty to pull from. The other big news is that they are apparently working on a sequel to Up in Smoke, which I would say is the most popular of the Cheech and Chong stoner movies. I'm sure this has been rumored for years, but this is the first time we've heard either of them mention it. Heard anything?

The original Cheech and Chong's Up in Smoke, released in September of 1978, is the infamous stoner movie that first introduced Cheech and Chong to the world. It was actually a fairly big success, too, earning around $44 million total (which was impressive for the time). The plot follows "two stoners" who take a van made entirely out of marijuana from Mexico to LA. Sure, I know they followed that up with plenty of other movies that could be called sequels, but I think they want to make a direct sequel or a "revisit them 35 years later" kind of thing. Who knows? But I can't wait to see it. Glad to see Cheech and Chong back in action! Agree?

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    these films are so fucking shit,i use to be stoner & i thought they were shit then as well as now.
      ura just gay u couldent pick a good movie if there was 1 hangin owt ur arse hole
    • Fuck You Deadpool
      i think i speak for everyone here when i say, shut the fuck up, and if you think they're shitty movies than get a life and stop commenting on the fucking news article about them you asshole.
    • Doobisbone
      You're shit!
  • Benlomand
    Awesome! Lets do a movie a bout how cool it is to do crack. Terrible movie, terrible thing to joke about.
    • Hixvillian
      that was very ignorant, why dont u figure out what its about before u show errybody how stupid u are and make an ass outta urself
    • Anonymous
      dude its just pot
  • Ossie Davis
    The common person likes a funny stoner. Stoner comedies are good for the box office. Classic stoners in sequels to stoner classic movies could be, if my calculations are correct, a success. Besides, these guys don't REALLY care about the success. They love life and weed and movies. Fuck it, give em' the spotlight.
  • Matt
    Free Tommy Chong!
  • Cody
    Too bad they were the worst stoner comedies ever...only funny stoner shit these 2 came out with were there albums. I smoke weed and the movies were total shit, soo boring. This will probably do good in the box office though cause well its a cheech and chong flick for this generation, stoners will flock to it.
    • Braveni99er1
      ugh, stoner this stoner that....its a funny movie in general u dont have to be a fuggin stoner to like the shit
    • Buccabucko
      yeah right their movies were some of the best to this day maybe you should lay off the weed dumbass
  • Jack Novelli
    Just what we have all been waiting for, a film about two aging hipsters, Tommy Chong, 71 and Cheech Marin 63. We didn't need to see Harrison Ford in Indiana's Bones IV and we certainly don't need to see this duo either. Who wants to pay to see two old Stoners rehash their old material. They need to be taking this little trip in the privacy of their own retirement homes. The only pot they should be smoking is medical marijuana to help them with their arthritis.
    • Live_stoned_die_laughing
      keep your comment for yourself if you don't have anything meaningful to say
  • cesking
    weight in the anchor! how much did it weight? i dont know i forgot.... you forgot?! rofl always cracks me up, im looking forward to the sequel
  • cintilla
    Dazed and Confused is one of my all-time favorite movies, period, and it happens to be a stoner movie.
  • Up in Smoke was pretty good, but other movies they did were pretty crappy. It has been years since they've done one and it would be interesting to see them both in a movie again. Also, so much about pot and drug culture has changed over the years, it would be interesting to see what they could do with that. I'd really like to see them to do it just to stick it to the jerks in the government who busted Tommy. Business as usual :)
  • horray
    This is so great for the end of prohibition! FREE MARC EMERY!
  • JimD
    Hey man... right on.
  • Colt
    I really dont like cheech and chong movies.
    • Duh
      dont like cheech and chong movies yet you searched the net to find this thread and post on it?
  • slopshoe smith
    oh come there is anything actually GOOD being done these days??? quit yer fu*kin' bitchin' least they have fun...
  • krunks
    If your a stoner and you say cheech and chong movies are shit,then perhaps you need to buy some good shit instead of the leaf your smokin! cheech&chong are fab.
  • shuller
    Most of the sequels are pretty bad, however Up in Smoke is a terrific comedy with some well acted and well written scenes. Plus $44 million back in '78 was a very good box office and if I'm not mistaken it was the most profitable comedy for its distributor (can't remember who it was). Anyway, I haven't been a pothead for a long time now, but I'd still pay good money to see a fresh C & C flick.
  • Craig
    Not a stoner myself, but I love a good stoner movie. I loved Pineapple Express. I haven't seen the original Up In Smoke in its entirety, but the bits and pieces I've seen over the years did seem humorous at the time. That said, I'm not so sure a sequel sounds like a great idea. Cheech Marin is 63 and Tommy Chong is 71. It was funny when they were in their 30s, but does anyone want to see a movie about a couple of stoned old guys? I'd find it a little sad that they never got their act together.
    • Live_stoned_die_laughing
      why would do they need to get their act together this is their act they love smoking and for a real stoner there stands no age on smoking (ofc i'm not saying you need to start smoking when your underaged :D) and I think a couple of stoned old guys must be more hilarious then 2 stoners in their 30's.  you can see a stoner in his 30's everyday but old stoners are harder to find
  • Film Fan
    This is so sad and desperate. And this way too little too late. Give it up guys.
  • Cody
    #14 the only funny parts are when there getting high and talking about drugs the rest feels like a hippie throwback music video....think you need to buy some better nugs.
  • Mega Jet Jaguar
    Funniest movie with stoners that I ever saw was Grandma's Boy. If you haven't seen it yet, rent it out. It is going to be a classic.
    to all the weed haters: take a chill pill its about time they did this :)
  • twittwit
    Only Rodney Dangerfield could successfully pull off comedy movies well into his 60's and 70's, although after 'Back To School', they were only mildly amusing at best. Cheech looks like he's melting in the sun and Tommy Chong comes off more as a crazy, old, homeless Vet. The only value an 'Up In Smoke: 2' would have is possibly in raising awareness to the growing push toward legalizing Marijuana on a Federal level. More than likely, though, it will have the opposite effect, considering the image Cheech and Chong project on the recreational use of Marijuana. Now if the film depicts the two stoners doing what they always do and suddenly get mixed up with a young, open-minded and inventive entrepreneur who then go on to revolutionize or should I say, reintroduce Marijuana to the world as a renewable bio-fuel, toppling the well-anchored and all-powerfull Oil Barons towards a bright and better tomorrow, then I would be excited to see this.
  • marcy
    Yes!About time!I met tommy Chong when he first got out of jail outside the Calvin in Northampton ma.He was on probation and couldn't get stoned with me but gave me his autograph.More power to these guys!
  • lando (Party at the moontower)
    ? ANY cheech ang chong beats out "Dazed and confused" sorry.. yes, D&C was funny and has some classic lines but you cant beat out the first stoner classics!
  • finally a sequel to the greatest movie ever made cheech & chong are legends so f@#k yall hatin a$$ Pigs
  • sergio pasquel
    i'd love to see up in smoke 2.
  • nicky smalls
    considering how low budget all of these cheech and chong movies were i would like to see any of you assholes make a single movie as memorable as up in smoke or nice dreams or cheech and chongs next movie or any of them really. Yes some parts were better than others but none the less its well thought out funny stuff......... and as for the guy whos comparing weed smokers to crack smokers i honestly dont think your opinion should matter cause thats just as fair as comparing asprin to meth so if you dont like cheech and chongs style just dont watch it dont whine about how they are too old or how there old movies sucked........ i cant wait till 420 to see hey watch this
  • Wayne
    What was the skit where a military officer said, "I need a volunteer" and Cheech said, " I'd like to help you but I got to re-primer the jeep".
  • JOEY T
  • Your fame is over... LET IT GO!!!
    • Nebuchadnezzar
      Their fame is as eternal as your love of photon torpedoes , turbolifts and millenium falcons .. Haters like you who will never glimpse a fraction of their fame should stick to the battlestar gallactica forum or dream of meeting Stephen hawking or making out with bill gates .... Intellectual prowess has it's applications ... But not when your burning a fat blunt of sum OG kush topped off with sum muthafukn eat a dick neuroBITCH42
      • Neb... you are a perfect example of everything that is wrong with this world. Take care now.
        • Live_stoned_die_laughing
          go f*ck yourself or smoke a joint and let your world open
  • air last 1950 society
  • skeezas
    All u supposed dope smokers really must have had TOO much, either that or u r smoking tea leaves cause Cheech and Chong are absolute legends and to see the boys get back together is an absolutely fantastic thing. I've seen 'hey watch this' and I have to say, they still got it. They revolutionised these type of movies. If u think their movies are crap, have u really actually watched them properly? There r so many classic comedy bits in them its hilarious. I gather u haters out there r too slow to pick up on this non-stop set of jokes. It's ok to hate them but keep it to yourselves guys. There are ligitimate fans out there including myself that absolutely love the idea of their comeback. And as for 'Up in Smoke 2' Hell Yeah! Can't wait
  • skeezas
    LONG LIVE CHEECH AND CHONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Me
    Those who don't like it don't get it. It's a send up. Pedro & The Man are not Cheech and Tommy, you goofy bastards. They are f'n genius. Up in smoke still inspires directors today, ask Quentin Tarantino. Show some respect, unless you've brought somethin' better. Unless you understand what you're talkin' about, shut your hole.
  • tuff2chase
    Those early Cheech & Chong films were funny stoner movies, I can't believe people are dissing them. I don't smoke weed these days but I watched Nice Dreams and Cheech & Chongs Next Movie recently and thought they were still as great and funny as they were back in the day, there's some great scenes in those movies. For the people saying all stoner movies are shit sit down and watch Pineapple Express, it's excellent, James Franco's performance in that film is classic. Anyway I'd like to see a new Cheech & Chong film, I just hope it's a good script and they're not just cashing in for their retirement.
  • eeasy
    up in smoke 2?? damn man nvr thought theyd do that is awsome and you stupid f*ckin a$$hole lickin f@ggots who be talkin that sh*t need to eat a dick and die
  • eeasy
    then im fauna bring ur as$ back and kill your bitch ass again
  • StoneR
    Fuck anyone who doesn't like to sit back with their one of a kind roar custom with a bowl full of sticky ass loud and smoke out to "up in smoke." lol that's my shit. Legalize!
  • Me
    Cheech and Chong is INFAMOUS for doing stoner movies.  It's also no big secret that they're advocates for the legalization of pot as well as their history with smoking it.  I loved Up in Smoke and I love them.  I'm only 27 yrs old and I AM NOT...repeat AM NOT a stoner but IMO it's always fun to watch movies like that.  I would definitely watch a part 2.  Everyone knows what these 2 are about so if you don't like it then it's simple.  Don't watch the movie...don't buy it on DVD, don't rent it, don't watch it on demand. 
  • Youdoski
    Dudes, smoke some and calm down. This movie will be 10x better than some of the stuff that Hollywood has been putting out.. Look at the Karate Kid remake.. 
  • CelebrityG
    WHERE THAT MOVIE  Cheech & Chong's Up in Smoke PART 2 AT  ? LYING SHIT..... Dont make up something if you dont know nothing punk.....
  • Brentfriesen
    in't still smokeing the sequal to up in smoke????
    • Zack
      Next Movie is the Sequel.
  • Me
    I would like too really see them two together again ..... If cheech would be kool an not a dick it happen.
  • froes
    muinto loco de marijuana




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