Composer Howard Shore to Score The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

January 24, 2010

Howard Shore / Twilight Saga: Eclipse

No matter how much hate is thrown at The Twilight Saga, you can't deny that the franchise has reeled in its fair share of talent. Not only have they brought in talented and acclaimed actors like Dakota Fanning, Anna Kendrick, and Michael Sheen, but it's brought in gifted composers like Alexandre Desplat to write music for the vampire romance. Now the saga has upped their game even further as Movie Score Magazine reports that Howard Shore (responsible for the Oscar winning music from the Lord of the Rings trilogy) has been brought on to compose the score for the third forthcoming installment in the series - Eclipse. Read on!

If anything, this can only help, however slightly, to make the films more appealing to any of the naysayers out there. There's no denying the dedicated fanbase who will love the series no matter what, but some of us need any excuse to make the franchise more tolerable. Shore's music should be an interesting companion to this installment of the saga which I have heard may shake the sacred ground that fans are praising because director David Slade has made the film a bit more akin to the horror films he's done like 30 Days of Night. So maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to talk about Twilight without criticism for once. But that's a big maybe.

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  • JPCaetano
    This is going to be like what I did for "New Moon", the only thing I was waiting for was to see what Alexandre Desplat would do with the score. I'll do the same with Howard Shore.
  • Xerxex
    *puts gun in mouth, try to think of something worth living for, can't pulls trigger.* 'nuff said, any Twilight news makes me wanna do that, lesson from all of this STOP REPORTING ON TWILIGHT.
  • Bruges
    I dont care for Twilight, but damn! go a little to far. It's just a movie. I dont like Potter movies, but I dont fly off the handle over the news of another. Anyways, Shore has done some pretty stuff, but he's done some lame stuff. So I'm blowin my head off.
  • Wylles
    Twilight = High School Vampire
  • Sean
    Twilight appeals to the stupidity of pop culture's so stupid. Like the majority of music you hear on the radio these days. What a shame.
  • I finally managed to get through watching Twilight part 2 the other day, after 2 attempts previous. It just seems like a long film where nothing much happens. Well produced but lacking in something, the music wouldn't help it any more or less.
  • shadow
    What Twilight is for girls, Transformers is for guys. Both are complete and utter garbage.
  • CK
    I would have liked to have seen Burwell brought back (maybe for Breaking Dawn?). His score of Twilight is both beautiful and moving, both as an accompaniment to the screenplay and as a stand-alone CD.
  • Linkfx
    These films are an affront to the values of good cinema and must be destroyed!
  • Darrin
    i want to see this film because so far , david slade never disappointed me, by the way imagine if Eclipse was hard candy meets 30 days of night. hahahaha
  • Six Three
    Just because there's a good composer scoring the film doesn't mean it's going to be good. Example: The Star Wars Prequels
  • N
    He's way too good for Twilight...
  • Ellie
    Lol, yes twilight is stupid, but it's my guilty pleasure. I'm thrilled at the choice of Shore to do the soundtrack. Coupled with Slade as the director - this movie might actually be worth seeing. It sounds like they're going for gore and guts - that mixed with Meyer's mushiness should make it quite interesting to say the least.
  • Shauna
    This is amazing news! Howard Shore is fantastic! I'm a huge fan. Very exciting. I'm excited for all of the Twilight fans to become acquainted with this man and his amazing talent. You won't be disappointed.
  • Natalie
    Loved LOTR's music. But, seriously, this is the most exciting thing to come out about Eclipse so far. If Summit, Slade and the screen writer, Melissa, hit any message boards at all to see what all the fans are discussing about Eclipse, it's NOT really the fights. Making the film "all about the fights" is completely betraying Meyer and her loyal fans. Make the fights that were in the book LOOK great onscreen is an added plus, however, that's not what we're REALLY looking forward to seeing. So far, looks like "they" missed the boat completely. Fans really want Edward and Bella to have more than a 10-second conversation, a leg hitch and so on and so forth. Just hit the boards, you'll see what we would love to see on film. Music will be great, I'm sure. The rest - not so sure.
  • Luke
    This is too bad. I'm not a fan of Twilight, but I am a fan of Carter Burwell, who did the music for the first movie (I'm not sure about the second). I'd rather hear music by him then Howard Shore.
  • SlashBeast
    Shore's music outside the LOTR movies is bland and generic. This'll be no different.
  • When I first saw/heard that he made the music for twilight, I was like "noooo". Because Howard shore is way to good to be abused in a gay vampire movie. Howard should concentrate on "The Hobbit". P.S Twilight sucks ass.
  • First of all, Maestro Shore's work outside LotR is NOT bland and generic, SlashBeast, so go to hell. Secondy.... *sigh* what the hell is this? The entity behind the largest and greatest complete film score of all time scoring for Twilight? I'm so disappointed I could cry:(




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