Brilliant Viral Postcard for 'Let Me In' Sent from New Mexico!

August 8, 2010

Let Me In Postcard

I totally love this viral marketing. It's just awesome. It's not a game that leads to anywhere or anything, but the little hints they're dropping along the way are just brilliant. Perfectly creepy, yet fitting for the film, and a great way to get me (and hopefully you guys) more excited for this. I received a postcard over the weekend sent from Los Alamos, New Mexico, which just so happens to be where Matt Reeves' Let Me In takes place. The card is hand written by, what looks to be, a 12-year-old kid (which is awesome that they even did that) and contains a morse code message. It's a bit long but some other sites who have already deciphered it.

You can see a photo of the front and back of the postcard below (with my address blurred obviously). The morse code message translates to: "I must be gone and live, or stay and die." According to 24 Frames, that quote comes from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, but obviously it works perfectly for the movie and for the story in the movie as well. What did I tell you guys? Brilliant! I'll let you know if we receive anything else like this or the bloodied funnel. You can read all of our Let Me In coverage from Comic-Con and watch the full trailer if you haven't seen it yet. I really can't wait to see this, I've got very high hopes for the movie.

Let Me In Viral Postcard

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  • PinkSushit
    coooooooooooooooool shit
  • tEDDY bESS
    Cool? I hate this viral crap. Just another way to dupe people into thinking a movie is coller than it really is. Viral marketing is the STD of advertising. We never relied on this crap back in the 80's and 90's. Back when movies were really cool.
  • feeheeheeheeny
    that's freaking awesome!
  • Lucas
    they are trying to buy your opinion. and it seens they are getting.
  • sam
    the line "i must be gone and live, or stay and die" is one of many Romeo and Juliet reference from the book. it's a cool marketing ploy for an entirely unnecessary movie. watch the original, and let's stop encouraging the hollywood remake obsession. it needs to stop.
  • David Banner
    Somehow this would have been a tad cooler if ppl on their mailing list got one in the mail. But then, how would the filmmakers get ppls mail adress? :) + Points for being a bit creepy :)
  • RC
    I can't believe I didn't know they were "remaking" this. But I mean... why? I know it was popular and all, but it only came out two years ago. I'll still see it since I'm now interested (I saw Let the Right One In just 2 days ago) but I still see no reason to remake it.
  • Lizzie B.
    Agreed with #4. This hollywood remake obsession is kind a sad. European cinematography is very original and full of great movies, especially spanish and swedish. Let it live own life.Both remakes, Let the right one in and now Girls with tatoo dragon, is so unnecessary. Both movies are perfect as is, and by watching original I actually don't have great need to watch again same plot with different cast. Not matter how good is it marketing.
  • twispious
    this is an adaptation of a book,which has already been adapted to a movie.I mean,how new can this be? Not so.
  • Cody w
    *Ahem* #2 The STD of advertising is the giant 3D.
  • u know what? this is the first time i agree with all the comments posted before me. BOYCOTT "LET ME IN" !!!
  • I think you should too, Alex! Show them u are not buying any of their "kiss ass" effort, Alex.
  • Movieguy
    #5 you are 100 percent right the original should have just been widely released. I recently watched it a nd loved it.
    Hey I thought this movie was supposed to take place in Colorado in the '80's...did they change that? They filmed in New Mexico or what?
  • Come on guys, are you serious!? I LOVE viral marketing and I totally love receiving this stuff. I don't care if it's them trying to sell me on it, I'm excited to see the movie, I've heard great things about it, and I'm now very optimistic. I would hope all of you can be, too, because this is apparently on par with the original. Believe it! #14 - Yes they did, there was an explanation to the change at Comic-Con.
  • So where as China get ridiculed for violating child labor laws to make shoes, it's OK for Hollywood to do the same for Viral Marketing...sweet though it may be:P Nah, just messing. That's so effen cool!! Thanks for posting Alex. I sure hope something similar to that train sequence makes it into this film. Looking forward to this totally!
  • Dear Alex, if Let Me In is on par with the original, a big if, by the way. What's is the point of remake it? If they want to pay tribute to the original, fine, let us watch it for free.




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