Damon Says Next Bourne Might Be a Prequel Without Him

February 1, 2010
Source: Empire

Jason Bourne

I don't think Universal knows what the hell to do with the Bourne franchise. They tried getting a new script written for two years following The Bourne Ultimatum in 2007, but to no success. Then late last year, series director Paul Greengrass suddenly quit Bourne 4 over "problems with Universal," prompting Matt Damon to say he wouldn't continue as Bourne without Greengrass. Well, that's all they needed to hear, as they're considering a prequel without Damon. Empire has the scoop straight from Matt Damon himself: "There'll probably be a prequel of some kind with another actor and another director before we do another one."

Damon added that, "just because I think we're probably another five years away from doing it – we've got to get a script…" It's almost ironic that Universal has gone through numerous writers for Bourne 4 and yet they still "don't have a script." In fact, even Damon admits that Universal doesn't know what the heck to do. "If you have any ideas, call Universal," he laughed. "They'd love for you to get in touch!" I'm sure they would! It sounds like they're desperate to keep this franchise alive, probably because they're in need of another big success (and this is one of few successful franchises they've had in recent years). But it was supposed to end after Ultimatum and now they just don't know where to take it next. Or they just can't agree upon a script.

Empire actually puts a positive spin on this, saying: "And in a way, this could mean that audiences could well get the best of both worlds – they would get a prequel that shows just how badass Bourne was before he became the amnesiac assassin with a conscience, and eventually get to see an older, wiser Damon reprise the role for one final time." Well, if you put it that way, that actually sounds pretty damn cool. But in all seriousness, does anyone want see some kid play Bourne in a prequel before going back to Damon again years later? Whatever the case, this isn't confirmed, so don't take it as fact until we hear from Universal.

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  • Cineprog
    I say bring Back Paul Greengrass, so Matt Damon will do the installment of Bourne. Paramount should have never let Greengrass quit: " Let's face Bourne might as well be Dead in the water if Matt Damon is not on board Everyone knows Matt Damon as Jason Bourne. Paramount want's to perswade Paul Greengrass to get back on board.
  • New Bourne Baby
    Its not as if we were bourne yesterday, the franchise needs Damon and Greengrass. Bring back this duo and ill even consider becoming a bourne again christian.
  • RPD
    Fine with me. As good as he is Matt Damon is not Jason Bourne. Bourne is a character...
  • Will
    I think they should leave Bourne with Damon--it's a role that he molded, I don't think any other actor could play it the same way. I'd just wait it out until they get a good script for a fourth. Or--don't. Leave it at 3. I'd be fine with that too.
  • Milky Milky...
  • Mike
    Damon is the best Bourne, always will be.
  • Coolhandluke
    I am a serious Jason Bourne fan,having read all three of Ludlum's novels,as well as Lustbader's,who I might add,remains true to Ludlum and Bourne.I am finishing up "Deception".That being said,Universal should just stay true to the evolution of the character.Next in line is the "Legacy",In my opinion,a great read,as are all the novels.It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what to do next in this series,having the groundwork laid out already.Stop jacking with Greengrass and Damon!Let them do what they do best!Damon is to Bourne as Connerey was to Bond!Don't muck it up!You have a very special,unique opportunity to become as iconic as Fleming,but with a much more complex,completely American,Jason Bourne....don't screw this up,Universal
  • Michael
    How to create a film playing after the backflash scenes in Ultimatum without Damon? Would be super stupid.
  • Sinnycal
    So Bourne without the point. Great idea, fellas!
  • Cody
    Just the milking the udder of the american pocket, they should stop now so they dont ruin the integrity of the franchise. The last one was a perfect ending to a perfect trilogy, why are they trying to fuck it up?
  • Franzen93
    We already know how jason bourne began. David Webb committed to the program in that training facility. His first job was that russian senator and his wife. What else do we need to know? Universal needs to get Greengrass and damon for a sequel or quite.
  • Frankie
    I see this as not going well... it was repeatedly stated that it all started with Bourne and he was the first. We also know he was a captain in the military I believe. So unless he took a mine to the face and had a face implant, I don't see how you would get around it. Maybe him kicking butt on the playground..Give in Universal and get Greengrass and Damon back and please continue. Don't kill one of the few profitable franchises that you have
  • germs
    Next stop for Universal is to reboot the whole thing. Desperation makes people do crazy things.
  • jebstuart
    leave bourne alone. no sequel. no prequel. its good as is
  • jomba joose
    A Grease fire... remember when they swapped out Jack Ryan's with Harrison? Where did that franchise go?
  • Jason
    "Fine with me. As good as he is Matt Damon is not Jason Bourne. Bourne is a character…" sorry, but without Matt Damon, Bourne wouldn't be Bourne. How would you like Zac Effron and Miley Cyrus in the movie instead of Damon and Joan Allen? No way you could see another Bourne Movie without Damon playing as Bourne.
  • FilmMAc
    oh no nooo noo without Matt Damon film will sucks....




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