Daredevil Reboot Confirmed, David Scarpa Writing New Script

February 5, 2010
Source: Hero Complex


Another day, another reboot. Hero Complex has confirmed that Fox / New Regency is moving forward with a Daredevil reboot, hiring screenwriter David Scarpa (The Last Castle, The Day the Earth Stood Still) to work on a new script. No director has been named yet nor have they started casting, so there's not much to go on yet. But they do say this: "Those familiar with the reboot say that the new project would give Scarpa latitude to reinterpret plot points and character nuance." I'm glad he's changing it up a bit, maybe we'll get a better movie this time? I didn't hate the first Daredevil, but it's one of my least favorite superhero movies.

We've been hearing rumors about a Daredevil reboot for a few years. It was recently mentioned in a Variety piece last September and we also wrote a big story following Comic-Con way back in 2008 about how Frank Miller wants Jason Statham to be Daredevil. If I can throw my $.02 in, I suggest Kevin Smith for director on this one (thanks to a tip on Twitter). I don't know how much freedom he'd have working on this, but I know he'd do a good job with the character. I just wish this was back in the hands of Marvel Studios and not Fox. Until we hear more about this, I've got to ask: Is anyone excited about a new Daredevil reboot?

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  • Sigurjon
    Hollywood always creative!
  • Xerxex
    David Scarpa? really? The ruined The Day The Earth Stood Still with his shitty script...and now he gets Dare Devil? wow.
  • Spider94
    i agree marvel studios needs to be on the reboot,i don't really trust fox with this marvel movie after seeing xmen origins wolverine.and also they have to stick more to the comics,the marvel knights version of daredevil has a good storyline i think they should do.
  • Sabes
    Hahaha.... ...*sighs* >:\
  • Cody
    I knew it was going to be bad news before I read who wrote the script, Ill be sure to miss this one.
  • Ron
    I kinda liked Daredevil too. But true, it wasn't the best superhero out there. It had a awesome soundtrack though! Hopefully this time they add Stick this time around. I don't think Jason Statham can pull off being Matt Murdock. Sure he is fit enough for the action and probably look good in the costume but I doubt I can take him seriously as a blind lawyer! He isn't that great of an actor. And hopefully Frank Miller won't direct it! I love his comics but I think he should stick to only comics or only co-write the screenplay.
  • Rops
    I thought the first Daredevil was entertaining even though it was bad. I've been hoping for a reboot for awhile. I'm excited that there will be one, not excited about the writer. If Kevin Smith could at least write it I'd be more excited. As director I'm not sure if I'd like him to do it. I think he's been on a downhill slide lately (I didn't enjoy Zack and Miri and I think Cop Out looks terrible). Guess we'll just have to wait and see eh?
  • Anti-Fox
    This is being made to prevent the rights going back to Marvel and FOX knows that Marvel Studios would do a better job than they can. This reboot will suck and then after a couple of years FOX will just reboot it again and again just to keep the rights in their flithy hands.
  • mike
    original Daredevil was actually pretty decent, even with Ben Affleck, so a reboot is not needed.
  • Joey
    Daredevil is a really compelling character. What killed the last movie was silly action sequences (a fight on a seesaw? really?) and terrible CGI. The material is there (vendetta, courtroom drama, love interest, blah blah blah), someone just has to execute.
  • Matt
    I have a solution to this that I think can make everyone happy. I hope Disney/Marvel executives read this board. I'm sorry if this is a bit long, but I want to walk through all of my argument here so bare with me. Fox is only making this movie because it is about to lose the rights to Daredevil if it doesn't "start production" on a Daredevil flick by a certain date. Like any executives in any business, they see a hot trend and want to catch in it. They see the business Dark Knight and Iron Man did, and to a lesser extent their own X-men and Fantastic Four films. Now I have to assume the Fox executives know that they are running into the law of diminishing returns by rebooting these films. Look at the Hulk film from Marvel as an example. The second Hulk film was relatively well received, but only did moderately better than the original. Marvel has decided not to make a Hulk movie for now - and we will only possibly see the Hulk in an Avengers movie, and the Hulk is a much, much more popular character than Daredevil, and more popular than the Fantastic Four for that matter. I grew up with these characters so I love them and will see many of these movies unless they are horrible (read Punisher). But others won't. I talked to many of my friends about seeing the second Hulk movie when it came out - friends who don't have a comic book background - and by and large they just weren't interested. They had seen the Hulk movie before, had thought it was average entertainment generally and didn't see the need for another one. I would imagine that Marvel and Paramount had to spend a lot on marketing to convince people that a second Hulk movie was worth seeing. Daredevil is in the same boat (ass will be the Fantastic Four in a couple years). If they want to Fox can spend a lot of time and money in making a movie that even if it is better than the first, will likely only make slightly more than the first and that is after lots of money is spent in marketing. My proposal is that Disney/Marvel buys back the character from Fox. The suits can work out the monetary figures, but I would guess the amount could be some fraction of the expected profit from a second movie - and Fox gets million for literally not doing anything. Fox then can invest those millions in other film projects immediately - instead of working for a year or two and hope they strike gold with a second Daredevil film. Marvel gets Daredevil and the Fantastic Four back to incorporate into their movie universe where they are infinity more valuable. With Fox, Daredevil and the FF are stand alone, but in a Marvel universe, they could interact with the Avengers, and perhaps down the road characters like Luke Cage and Iron Fist, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, etc. Most importantly - fans of these characters will get a better made film - whatever film Marvel ends up making that features old hornhead - and that is ultimately what I want most of all.
  • People's Champ
    I thought Daredevil was okay, wish they would just do a sequel not a reboot. Ben Affleck was good enough as Murdock, It just has way to much Elektra and Colin Farrell was horrible as Bullseye. (and I like Farrell) Oh yeah, No Coolio! But it's all bullshit anyway, Fox just doesnt want to lose the property.
  • Spider
    As much as I think it'll be cool to remake "Daredevil", I say Fox should do the right thing and just surrender the property back to Marvel(never will happen). This whole remake business wreaks of desperation and this whole endeavor would be in contempt of the real character--re-made just to keep from losing the property to the tune of piss poor results. I recall the Canon Films/Albert Pyun debacle in the late 80s where the cheapie "Fantastic Four" was made so that the studio wouldn't have to surrender the property...and some of us know how that turned out! That said, the "Daredevil" and FF properties rightfully belong back in Marvel's hands where they will do the characters justice!
  • Lookout
    Ben Affleck should direct this movie. Period.
  • AD
    Can you actually get the original cut of Daredevil on DVD nowadays? I absolutely hated this movie when I watched it in theaters... Years later, I own the directors cut and quite enjoy it. It's not even the same movie I saw in theaters seeing how it's so different. I actually think (with exceptions like the seesaw fight) that it's a pretty good film and I actually like Afleck in the role.
  • disney
    hello this is disney and we want rights to our property back, kthnxbai!
  • I can't see this ending well to be honest...=/
  • Cineprog
    Let's hope that David Scarpa can do a better job of Rebooting Daredevil than he did on The Day The Earth stood Still it was crap. What a load of Boaring shit the Remake of The Day the Earth Stood still.
  • rocker
    I wish someone would reboot Spawn.
  • Nada Nuff
    Give Elektra her bandana (and a body, too, while you're at it). And PLEASE don't make it an origin story.
  • Jackie
    I say kill Affleck on the reboot. Affleck should go to film school and just direct. Let's face it, Damon is more versital of the duo screenwriting. Who ever gets it should go with Frank Miller and Jason Statham. Jason is much better suited for the role. This would definately give him A-list status. David should not come near anybody's script. That piece of sh*t remake TDTESS was horrible. The film fits Keanu's genre but the script sucked on every level. Kevin Smith should not be involved in anyway, shape, or form. Antoine Fuqua is way better at suspense, thrills and action than Kevin. Finally if the crooks over at the "House of Mouse" gets their hands on it, they will throw the money that needs to be spent on this film to give it that "Iron Man" feel this movie deserves to be a proper franchise.
    excellent,do the frank miller run on the title it's the best stuff.
  • lando
    its great to see marvel studios in on cant have someone come in and rewrite almost 50 years worth of material..look at the xmen movies! while I love millers writing, his direction isnt so hot..I would love to see miller work with znyder on a new daredevil or on something using some of the classic miller daredevil work.. and ben.. and while I actually really enjoy some of smith's work..Id rather see a dark or semi-gritty daredevil than a wise cracking humorous candy red matt murdock...
  • Fisherr
    yea, why not?
  • Blue Silver
    Why not bring in Kevin Smith as a writer, along with Frank Miller? To all executives: Please keep Mark Steven Johnson far away from this. I'd suggest Alfonso Cuaron to helm this film. He's got the chops and the flair for narrative, mystery, and good action with a little, or quite a bit, of darkness! (See: Children of Men)
  • The Kidd
    Daredevil always seemed like the lamest "superhero" to me. He is a blind man and his power is that he can see.... Doesn't that just make him cured. A miricle of modern medicine but not a superhero. Maybe I just don't know the extent of his powers. If he is more than that, I would watch it.
  • Nada Nuff
    @26: Daredevil's power isn't sight, it's "advanced radar". He detects, not sees. And his other four senses are ridiculously heightened. He's more in touch with his surroundings than anyone else in the Marvel U, and he uses it to his advantage. The movie actually explained it pretty well--I'm sure you can find a YouTube clip.
  • smackyou
    It was such a hit the first time. FAIL
  • DonJohn80
    The guy behind "The Day The Earth Stood Still"? Abandon hope, ye who enter here.
    I agree with #2
  • Xerxex
    It would be cool is Ben Affleck directed it, because I think he could do it! He already proved himself with Gone Baby Gone.
  • silver
    Michael C. Hall as DD, Ben Affleck directing would be pretty funny
  • I say make a "King Pin" movie where he takes on Daredevil, Elektra and Spiderman. Would probably become a two parter.... but interesting. I don't think they need to reboot...
  • Said
    ok but all i want is for Colin Farrell to play Bullseye again
  • brad
    Loved he first one...a reboot is so not necessary...make a sequel....and ben affleck was good as daredevil.
  • black
    how about let's not do a reboot or any of that. sequels and remakes, and adaptations are really getting on my ******* nerves these days. and another thing, stop with the ******* 3-D movies. that's driving me crazy too. it's not 3D until it's 3-D. What I mean by that is, real 3D movies would require holograms. otherwise it's one big optical illusion for two hours which might make an individual sick with migraine and headache-like symptoms. Hollywood my suggestion is to stop making 3D movies because eventually someone is going to come forth with a serious condition and might even sue you for it. all i'm doing is pointing something out that might happen in the future if you keep up these lame 3D movies. Avatar was good in 3D. Now leave it at that and leave it alone and go back to making standard 2D movies.




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