Director Brian Taylor Talks Better Special FX for 'Ghost Rider 2'

October 29, 2010
Source: Collider

Ghost Rider

I'm amazed to see that Crank directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor are actually still directing Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance for Sony, but apparently they have been given the greenlight and shooting is underway in Eastern Europe. If you've been following Neveldine/Taylor on Twitter, you may have noticed a tweet they wrote recently saying that "the dual role of blaze/zarathos will be a nic cage [sic] classic." That tweet caused a bit of confusion amongst fans, so Collider got in touch with Brian Taylor and got clarification by way of an answer that actually explains how they're using even better special effects than the first movie.

Taylor explained that "Zarathos is the Spirit of Vengeance that inhabits John[ny] Blaze when he becomes Ghost Rider. Unlike the 1st movie, where the rider was stiffly acted out by a various stunt guys, Nic will be playing all the Ghost Rider stuff himself – and we are creating a whole physical language for the demon that is different from the human blaze." Not only does that make sense, but it sounds pretty badass. Essentially, Cage will take on the "dual roles" of both the human Johnny Blaze and the skull-headed fire-blazin' demon known as Ghost Rider. Glad to see them take a more challenging route and also do something quite unique.

There was another article that ran today over on The Wrap talking about how the budget of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance got cut down from $135 to only $75 million, which is right where they're currently at. I don't think we should worry about the budget, as I'm confident Neveldine/Taylor have some tricks up their sleeves to make this look badass without spending a lot of money. Obviously this sequel has a lot of negative stigma going in, but I'm curious to see what they can come up with. In addition to Nicolas Cage, this stars Idris Elba, Christopher Lambert and Ciarán Hinds as the Devil. Will arrive in theaters in February 2012.

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  • reason
    i wouldnt see this if you paid me
  • I'd love to see him do a flame-fart. Part 1 was pretty bad, and even though I'd probably watch it again if it was on tv. I have some pretty bad tastes in films but that was definitely fairly snide in some points.
  • They must make the CGI much better ... that was the only reason I hated that movie ... I think the movie had to be a bit frightening !!! .. But it was funny seeing that funny skeleton on a CGI fire :-) ... The skull has to be more dark and kind a deeper texture as a volcanic look with fire all around it ... Not a white clean skull on fire as in the most of the scenes !!!! ... It just makes the CGI like it been made for a comedy not scary movie 😉
    These guys can bring it like nobodies business...never saw the first one, but this one has Idris Elba AND Christopher Lambert???!!?! Im there opening day.
  • Loser
    Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor should direct the Deadpool movie their crazy humor would fit that one perfectly
  • Voice of Reason
    I want this to be good. i want to like Cage again like i did in the mid 90s. I want this to work, but I cant say I'll hold my breath....
  • Cracky
    These guys mean business. Their past work shows that they have what it takes to make this movie a potential classic-- in some crowds.
  • croniccris
    until marvel gets the rights back to the character i won't expect much...the first movie was alright i just know ghost rider is such an awesome anti-hero i know his movies could be my favorite all time CBM...o well i'll live with them fuckin up ghost rider and punisher if they at least keep makin em so they can MAYBE at least learn from their mistakes...fingers crossed!
  • ryderup
    The first one was an ugly disaster. Won't be seing this unless it gets some really good reviews.
  • Geoff
    Better script would be nice
  • jah p
    @5, I'm with you on that! With what they did with Crank 2, I'd love to see them do a Deadpool movie! As well as another Punisher movie!
  • loser
    11, tHANKS, I have a dream of a Punisher movie directed by Martin Scorsese and yes everyone says he never would, but look at the story and understand that Scorsese would surely be interested in it if he got free reigns because he has made many similar movies. just imagine what that would be like based on his history and resent movies, just contemplate the awesomeness of thar
  • uberman
    FINALLY-THE SEQUEL THE WORLD HAS BEEN WAITING FOR! FYI to the Director: You know, you can cut costs, deliver 100% believable FX and get a decent perfomance out of Nic Cage by simply dosing his dome in lighter fluid and putting a match to it. He could do, say...10-15 seconds of the character, then have a grip dose his head in water, dry and repeat. It would be like 'Stop-Motion Nic Cage as Ghost Rider' and possible could put your Fx dept. in the running for a special effects Oscar. Not only that, but the prospect of a screaming Nic Cage on fire would certainly get people into the seats..I mean, who doesnt wanna see that?
  • judasbarron
    Nice cast! Didn't know Conner MaCleod was in it (Christopher Lambert)! Idris Elba? Cool. Sounds like it may be better than the first.
  • Jimmy Love
    It sounds like they are putting more time and effort into this one so I'll give it a go!
  • Blue Silver
    I just hope Neveldine/Taylor don't churn out another rambling, incoherent film. The script needs to be top notch and the effects better than the 1st. It would have been cool to see Peter Fonda again as Mephistopheles!
  • dr.doom
    hope its better than the first film,wouldn't be to hard to pull off.
  • True Story
    #17 is right. It really can only go up from here.
  • ………..
    Oooh Oooh Oooh And hire me to write the script "PENANCE STARE!!! PENANCE STARE!!! PENANCE STARE!!! The
  • Jedi
    Who. Cares.
  • Jackson
    a few are willing to give this a shot. But no one actually wants this.
  • mandarin
    Doesnt matter how much budget you give out for special fx if everyone hates your leading actor
  • George
    yehya! can't wait!




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