Emma Stone. Mia Wasikowska Latest 'Spider-Man' Candidates

September 23, 2010
Source: Entertainment Weekly

Mia Wasikowska / Emma Stone

If you haven't figured out the roles these two might be playing based on their looks, well, we're about to tell you anyway. We've heard endless amounts of casting rumors for Marc Webb's new Spider-Man in the last few months, but besides Andrew Garfield being cast as Peter Parker, nothing else has been announced yet. However, has published a casting scoop saying they've heard that two key actresses are testing for key female roles in the movie: Emma Stone (Zombieland, Easy A) as the red-headed Mary Jane Watson, and Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland) as Gwen Stacy. But, of course, neither are fully signed yet.

It's obvious why Sony wants these two - they're both two of the most well-recognized young women working today and they just so happen be very talented actresses, which is most important, and I'm sure Marc Webb knows. Contrary to previous reports that the Spider-Man reboot wouldn't actually have Mary Jane Watson, EW says that she will be in the film and Stone is the top choice at the moment, with testing in progress. But don't forget that "other names are also said to be circling the high-profile project," including Lily Collins (The Blind Side) as an alternate for Wasikowska if she decides to stay more lower profile with indies instead of blockbusters. That's all we've got for now, but it sounds like those three are the top candidates as of today.

Everyone should know that Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy have been love interests of Spider-Man in the comics, with his focus one or the other causing a rivalry, but who knows how much that'll play into the plot of this. I'm sure Mr. Parker will have enough to deal with in becoming Spidey instead of worrying about who he likes more (let's hope he goes for MJ right away) but maybe Webb and Sony are trying to pack in as much teenage high school relationship drama as they can. I really like Emma Stone, but I don't know if she's the perfect choice for MJ. Until we hear official confirmation, take this casting as just a rumor. Thoughts?

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  • Eli
    Mia I like as an actress. Emma was a annoying in Zombieland. She'd make a decent MJ though. I still think the first spiderman films were enough though and no matter who is directing or acting or producing, I will still say that these films will be the most unnecessary addition to an already mediocore bringing to life of superheroes and supervillians.
  • Xerxex
    give it to stone...she pulls red off well.
  • Kevin
    Mmm... Emma Stone. So sexy.
  • Jake
    This is bonkers. Gwen Stacy is Peter Parker's first love. It's her death that sparks some of the most major developments in his character. Not to mention, did we not learn our lesson about a skinny trendy actress playing MJ once already? I like Emma Stone but she is no where near bodacious enough to play MJ.
  • Gmorra
    Perfect casting for mj
  • movie mike
    Emma for sure. Mia is as bland as it gets
  • pulp fiction212
    emma stone fooooorrrrrr sure shes great
  • Xerxex
    Jake why do you say that? Stone isn't that skinny.
  • Conrad The Great
    Nah to both of 'em..... Neither of them have the figure OR the appeal of Mary Jane Watson Natalie that's a splendid idea. I know I know she's extremely famous, but she's always perfect. Don't even bother telling me she can't pull off red hair, cause everyone knows deep down she can even pull off a shaved head e.g. "V For Vendetta"
  • Audioout
    ITT: A bunch of people who can't read a post but it doesn't stop them from commenting. I actually really dig Mia. She has a quiet screen presence like a young Cate Blanchet. I actually like the idea of featuring both love interests early on as long as they don't take the film over.
  • Da Man
    I kind of like the idea of Emma Stone as MJ, but I do agree with Jake. Kirsten Dunst wasn't that great of a Mary Jane because Mary Jane is supposed to be like THE HOTTEST chick around and she wasn't that. I don't know if Stone really is either. She's kinda got the attitude, she's just a little too hipster-y or something I think. But she's better than Kirsten Dunst. And I like that they're introducing the both of them in this movie. Sounds far out. I hope this Spider-man is awesome, the first was so great that this one has to be like, the greatest Spider-man that could possibly be made or it will be disappointing.
  • Astroboy3000
    everything about this "re-boot" is annoying and dumb
  • Xerxex
    Da Man "Hipster-y" fuck, what does that even mean!? in fact what the fuck does Hipster mean in genereal!?
  • Jericho
    well i liked them both in the movies they were in but i just dont know if either can pull of playing there characters, all i can go on is Mia is too calm for her role and i can only see Emma with Kirsten Dunst voice...sad but true...
  • sluy
    I like both of them, but not as MJ. I also think Emma is kinda "Hipster-y".
  • LW
    ... "hipster-y"? She's a 'hips-her' perhaps. That's well within the norm for modern ladies.
  • Jimmy Love
    Those two are both nice but don't use them in the SONY SPIDER
  • I like it. Although I'd have gotten Laura Prepon as Mary Jane originally, Emma Stone is a pretty damn cool choice just based off of her SuperBad role if anything. This reboot might just become better than what we got with Tobey sadly after all.
  • germs
    Gwen Stacy is the love of Peter's life. I hope they tell the story correctly and not jump right in MJ because that's what people expect.
  • Cracky
    Fuck them both. And fuck this useless reboot. UGHHHHH these new Spider-man updates are making me a very angry person.
  • croniccris
    emma stone - sexy and she can act i think she would play a good mj mia - TOTALLY WRONG for gwen she would make things seam awkward. and i don't know why so many people are hating this new series. spider-man is not a triliogy like star wars it doesn't just have ONE
  • croniccris
    emma stone - sexy and she can act i think she would play a good mj mia - TOTALLY WRONG for gwen she would make things seam awkward. and i don't know why so many people are hating this new series. spider-man is not a triliogy like star wars it doesn't just have ONE story to tell its more like james bond and can be told through generations..
  • CookieMonster
    Both actresses don't fit in that role. Mia to ugly and emma stone is to badass for mj imho. Bj maybe.
  • I have no name
    they both fail. Both are ugly and both have no talent.




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