Exclusive Interview with Green Lantern's Sinestro: Mark Strong

July 27, 2010

Mark Strong as Sinestro

It was a true honor to finally meet up with one of my favorite actors, Mark Strong, at Comic-Con this past weekend for a quick interview. Mark plays Sinestro in the upcoming Green Lantern movie from Warner Bros starring Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, directed by Martin Campbell. Mark and I delve deep into Green Lantern, discussing how much of the comic book origin story we'll see, how much of Sinestro we'll see, how he continues to draw motivation for villain characters that are aliens (of which Sinestro is) and his work on the movie so far. It's an absolutely fascinating interview and a must watch for any/all Green Lantern fans!

Watch my Comic-Con interview with Mark Strong from Warner Bros' Green Lantern:

You can read all about our coverage of the Green Lantern panel in Hall H right here and take a closer look at the Sinestro poster (as seen in the teaser photo above) as well right here. If you're a regular reader of FS, you know that I've been following Mark Strong for many years and have interviewed him multiple times since we first connected in late 2008. He's one of my personal favorite actors and always an absolute pleasure to talk with, which is why I always try and catch up with him whenever I have the opportunity. Green Lantern looks fantastic so far and I can't want to see what Mark looks like in action next summer. Stay tuned for updates!

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  • ray
    heck of an actor!
  • tazz
    great interview Alex, have u interview the other actors and director also do u know who is scoring the Green Lantern movie
  • KAOZ
    Seriously Mark Strong Is Genius. The only actor who always makes me hate that hes the bad guy because you love him so much. He's so good at being bad. Wish I could have met him at Comic Con. Ive really gotta buckle down and be on a mission next year. Ive been really relaxed at the Con but now its time to get hardcore. Not stabbing somebody in the face hardcore but pretty close.
  • Luke
    Wow! I think Mark Strong is amazing! I can't wait to see him play Sinestro. Now did anyone else notice that he mentioned no Yellow Lanterns at all??? I kind of wonder whether they have set the movie up as Sinsestro's downfall from the Corps but at the end of the movie finding the yellow ring and leaving it open for the sequel that way?
  • Logan
    very cool interview. thanks alex.
  • You really have to stop making me so jealous...isn't this your third time interviewing Strong? Yeah we get it Alex, you're awesome:P Great job!!
  • Gadder4311
    One of my favorite actors too. Great interview, one of many reasons why I'm looking forward to the Green Lantern movie. I heard a sneak preview of it will be on the Clash of the Titans Blu-Ray which comes out today, so someone could get ahold of that and we might see something of it.
  • weetiger3
    Congrats Alex, on finally meeting him face to face! Your interviews with Mark Strong have long been among my favorites! Thanks for this one!
  • Trey m
    I really liked Mark Strong
  • Bliss
    He is the riddler in Batman 3.lolll! Come on, you knew it already, I didn't spoil anything...have I?
  • Voice of Reason
    say "NO" to modern villains with mustaches
  • Nithin
    Great actor and great interview. He always adding something special to the character. Cant wait for this to come out.
  • To Voice of Reason
    I'm sorry, have you seen the movie already?
  • Reed Solomon
    Sinestro isn't the bad guy. Don't you people see! He's the only one with the balls (aside from maybe Guy Gardner) to do what needs to be done to bring order to the universe. Stop saying he's the bad guy. Also, you can't have the Sinestro Corps or the yellow rings until Sinestro is banished to the anti-matter universe and meets the Weaponer of Qward.
  • Couldn't be happier with this casting. Sinestro is such an amazing character, and I am so glad that an actor of this caliber is going to play him. Strong is such a fantastic actor, and as a comic book fan I am so appreciative of his respect for the medium and the research he is putting in. Just hearing him talk about Sinestro, Tomar Re, and the Corps and holding up SECRET ORIGIN and EMERALD DAWN makes me so happy. From everything I have gathered, it would seem that the film is going to be a combination of the two books Strong is reading. And to me, that makes sense, because as much as so many of us love GL, not a lot of people are familiar with him, and you have to set the stage for those people who know nothing about it and of course, for the sequels! I think you're right Alex in that the space battles and sequences are going to be amazing. I don't think I have ever been so excited to see a film. Great interview Alex. Green Lantern Forever!
  • Cody w
    Mark Strong is the shit. I do hope he gets more roles as the good guy though, as he is quite the badass(Archie from RocknRolla).
  • Cody w
    Also fantastic interview Alex.
  • Dandooo
    @Bliss I think the riddler should be rleither Tom Hardy or Micheal Sheen (from Frost/Nixon) but I have to say Mark Strong would probably kick ass too. Cool interview.
  • Said
    Alex qiuck question... do you do the interviews?
  • Said
    alright Mark Strong has got to be an amazing villain hes on my list to meet!
  • Iggypop
    brilliant actor!!! Can't wait for this film. I watched him in Sherlock Holmes and damn he's so good at being evil but a very nice person in real life i guess...
  • lego
    I can listen to this guy talk all day long.
  • solodolopolo
    I'm not a green lantern fan but Mark Strong is the man, i will be watching this for sure!
  • Ben
    Mark Strong is the greatest casting you can get for Sinestro. When I first saw him in Syriana I believe and Sherlock holmes I knew that he would be perfect for Mark Strong, he has this look and acts as Sinestro would I think. When I saw him in Kick ASS I knew he was a very versatile actor. I picture Mark strong as Sinestro know when I'm reading the green lantern books. Especially when they first announced him Blackest Night was out and now that i'm re-reading the Sinestro corps, I totally see him owning this role. It's going to be fun next year when two power house villainy actors (Mark Strong and Hugo Weaving) play some of the greatest comic book villains Sinestro and Red Skull (in captain America.)
  • Christina
    OOOOOOOh, you lucky mothafu*ker!! I absolutely adore Mark Strong. Can't wait for the film!!!
  • #19 - Yea I do the interviews, it's me behind the camera... Why do you ask?
  • Said
    awww lucky!!!
  • bliss
    @ #18 Dandooo : I am not familiar with Tom Hardy, except from Bronson but come on Michael Sheen......! He should stick to bios and he will be fine :)




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