First Official Trailer for Will Gluck's 'Easy A' with Emma Stone

May 13, 2010
Source: MySpace

Easy A Trailer

Screen Gems has finally debuted a full trailer for a film we've seen on the release schedule for a while called Easy A, another high school comedy starring the adorable Emma Stone as well as Amanda Bynes, Stanley Tucci, Cam Gigandet, Lisa Kudrow, and many others. Although I had a little hope for this (because I'm head over heels for Emma Stone), this really looks pretty bad, like one of those terrible high school comedies you want to stay as far away from as humanly possible. Well, maybe not that bad, but it just seems pretty bland and boring and just way too cheesy for me. Should've expected that from the guy responsible for Fired Up!

Watch the official trailer for Will Gluck's Easy A:

You can also watch the official trailer for Easy A in High Definition on MySpace

A clean-cut high schooler relies on the school's rumor mill to advance her social and financial standing.

Easy A is directed by former TV producer & writer Will Gluck, who previously directed Screen Gems' other awful comedy Fired Up! and worked on "Andy Richter Controls the Universe" and "The Loop" on TV as well. The screenplay for this was written by first-time writer Bert V. Royal. Screen Gems will be bringing Easy A to theaters everywhere (in the US) on September 17th this fall. I'm not really that interested in seeing this.

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  • Emma Stone is really cute but this trailer was kind of bland.
  • I'm who farted
    I know what you mean. I've always been in love with Jessica Alba. But her choice in movie roles are kinda. Well I can't think of any movie I loved her in.
  • krazyplaya
    Finally! A movie about teen girls pretending to be promiscuous, I love teen comedies this movie is going to rock! I am sick of all these stupid movies like Inception and TRON getting all the hype, it's all about twilight and board game movies! yay!
  • Nuika
    I sooo cannot wait, it's gonna be funny but I admit, Amanda has broken my heart. I will feel some sort of way when I see her as the villain but Emma stone rules, she makes me laugh whenever I see her anywhere...on screen of course
  • Traveler
    This actually doesn't look half-bad. I'll wait for the DVD. The only thing that bothers me is when they make Christians out to be like the Bynes character. Anyone else?
  • SuicidalOptimist
    I think this might be one of those movies where the trailer sucks, but the movie ends up to be quite funny. The trailer for KungFu Panda looked terrible to me, but the actual movie was fucking hilarious. Emma Stone has great comedic talent, I really like her in any movie. I won't go to the movies for this one, but I'll definitely watch it some time later.
  • chilin
    Emma Stone > Amanda Bynes
  • Guy
    This looks absolutely terrible.
  • Marc
    I'm not going to lie. I like movies like this. They are fun when it's right in the middle of the day and you can just sit back and laugh at stupid stuff. That and Emma Stone is like the hottest thing on this planet right now.
  • crumb
    I've the script right here, and it's not too bad. and emma stone is a fox, so, yeah, i'll be there.
  • c
    judge all you want but I am a sucker for these so-called "poor" comedies/coming of age stories. Movies like Raise Your Voice, Fired Up, A Cinderella Story, What A Girl Wants, She's the Man, etc. Love them. Cannot wait for this one.
  • harrison
    honestly this doesnt look terrible, not saying id see it in theatres but def a netflix at some point... and stanley tucci almost never dissappoints, hopefully hes got a good size role
  • Ells
    She's like a re'incarnation of Lindsay Lohan. Yikes.
  • Quaked2023
    @ Ells Hey Lindsay Lohan is not dead, she might look like a corpse now, but is not dead... i think hahahaha
  • xCloudbox
    This trailer doesn't look too great, but I still want to see it. I love Emma Stone and I loved Fired Up, it's just gets funnier every time I watch it.
  • King Aweasome
    I don't even give a shit if this movie will suck ass. Emma Stone looks hot as hell.
  • Conrad
    Amanda Bynes got fat! no offense Mandy...
  • Jame
    talk about Lindsay Lohan anyone see her in Machete new trailer LiLo in NUN outfit and Robert De Niro? geezzzzzz can't waitt
  • danielvutran
  • Lincoln
    Will Gluck is a genius for making Fired Up! so I'm definitely gonna watch this. Awesome cast too!
  • chickenpotpie
    the world is over if anyone is even somewhat "excited" to see some terrible bullsh*t movie like this. have you all gone mad? has everyone been dumbed down so much that a movie like this even has a chance to be made? the apocolypse has come my friends, look around you at the movies that are being made and people enjoy, a retarded zombie wouldnt even watch this garbage.
  • ImaginaryVisionary
    Ok, for those who instantly see a teen comedy and assume its going to be a brainless dumb film...before you speak consider that every film has a place and has something unique to say about our culture and time. I predict that this movie is going to become a new teen classic, it's going to make Emma Stone extremely popular, and its going to start a new teen movie trend (something thats been missing lately). I say this because it's going to have something unique to say about teen sexuality in our culture. This is going to be about how gossip creates sexual myths, and shapes mythical identities out of people. This is a HUGE problem that is very over looked in teen culture. This movie although full of teen cliche's, is full of them for a reason. Cliche's are identities in themselves, cliche's are what help teens identify with these films, because teens learn to identify who they are and where their place is in our culture through the info around films based around their lives (as well as music and various other forms of media) SOO...this film on first glance may seem brainless bc of its cliche's, but at the same time has the potential to make a mark in culture bc of its ability to identify with it. Think Breakfast Club. Classic, but about as cliche' as Saved by the Bell. The same can be said for Saved by the Bell for that matter. It's cliche' predictability is what made it successful. I'd almost make the same argument for Can't Hardly Wait which started a pretty decent teen movie trend when it came out. (that movie spoke to a generation that wanted to do more than party, but was thought of as over sexed drug stimulated partyers). This movie is going to be timely, and it's pun on the Scarlet Letter is going to tie it to our culture even tighter. Also take a look at the cast. Thats usually a pretty good indication of the depth of a film. Thomas Hayden Church, Stanley Tucci, and Patricia Clarkson aren't exactly the types you'd expect to see in a simple minded teen comedy. There's something to this movie. It may not be a blockbuster film, but its worth getting excited about because it has something to say about our culture in a unique way.
  • Is the tagline "Let's Not and Say We Did" ? That's a terrible tagline. It's so easy to make fun of. Like, "that's what I'll be doing with this movie" or "that must have been the consensus when they were deciding whether or not to make this watchable"
  • Eric
    This made me smirk. Not a full on laugh, but never the less.
  • queenofswords
    I totally agree with ImaginaryVisionary - this movie is a reflection/state of the current cultural we live in today. Those teens that do go and watch this will hopefully see the undue damage that is done by spreading untrue rumours just to fill their bored lives and boost their popularity. (the smart ones anyway). Unfortunately this movies has also been the inspiration for some very crule intentions. Failed though.
  • smokey
    this movie is gonna suck!
  • duder
    UPDATE: This movie sucked balls. Don't see it. Uncreative, regurgitated reminiscence on 80's classics. Poorly written with few laughs. Crap.




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