First Look: Chris Evans' Captain America Costume Renderings

June 2, 2010
Source: Ain't It Cool News

Captain America

Before everyone starts going crazy over these photos, they're not actual first look photos. They're only early concept art, merely "artist renderings" of what the Captain America costume will look like in the movie. As we all know, Chris Evans stars as Steve Rogers, the soldier who takes the super serum and eventually becomes Captain America and helps fight the Germans in WWII. Over the last few weeks, a "description" of the Cap America costume has been floating around, but instead of running something as boring as that, we waited until there were some "photos" to share with you, albeit just concept art, courtesy of AICN. Enjoy!

Chris Evans as Captain America Concept Art

Captain America: The First Avenger is being directed by Joe Johnston, most recently of The Wolfman, and starts shooting this summer mostly in Europe. The film takes place during WWII and will follow Cap's escapades on the European battlefronts, including encountering a diabolical scientist Arnim Zola (played by Toby Jones) and an evil villain named Red Skull (played by Hugo Weaving). Also in the cast: Hayley Atwell as Cap's love interest Peggy Carter, Sebastian Stan as Cap's WWII sidekick Bucky Barnes, Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark, and Tommy Lee Jones as well. Stay tuned for even more on Captain America! Thoughts?

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  • indyjack86
    I'm glad they lost the gay little wings on his mask
  • It doesnt look bad. Retro Style with some modern elements. I am sure the costume will change during all the Cap movies. Hope the story is good enough.
  • @indyjack but I like the little wings on his mask :)
  • Xerxex
    I like them, Evans will be perfectly fine as Cap, I'm just worried about Johnston and the script.
  • dRailer
  • tazz
    i like it, this is basically the mix of Ultimate Captain America and Captain America Reborn costume. only got one problem aint it too modern for WW2 unless Howard Stark is the one who create this costume. also what about Cap shield they better mention that it was made of "vibranium" hinting Black Panther and Wakanda.
  • spideyFan84
    What a custome!! I think is great, evoke the comic custome and brings it to reality, I'm so looking forward for this movie, and I love that they are also based on the ULTIMATES version (the stars on both arms down the shoulders, the brown gloves and boots, tools belt), just like happened with Ultimate Nick Fury. Go Marvel!!!! (Greetings from Mexico)
  • tms
    looks like a egghead without the wings...
  • Josef
    LOL @ #6! I like it. It'll work for a movie. It does mix the different generations that Captain America belongs to. And I still haven't fully warmed up to Chris Evans as Captain America. I will give him a chance though. He has the look and he may pull it off quite nicely. He always plays cocky sarcastic guys and hopefully he can make that transition.
  • Nick S.
    remember what they did to the x-men costumes??? this reminds me of them... i don't like where they're going with this. the cheesy stitching on the pants and the one piece shoulder pad/harness look is too reminiscent of how HORRIBLE the snake eyes costume was in G.I. Joe. Stick to the basics-pleeeeeease! why do we have to go all Hollywood on everything???
  • Jaf
    I think they'll have the white wings painted on the sides instead of sticking out
  • Trey M
    Looks decent...hopefully the finished product will look nice
  • Mondo Jay
    ... Still feel like he's the wrong guy for the job... but I said the same thing about Ledger/Joker, so what the hell do I know... ...
  • Daas
    Looks awesome!
  • Linkfx
    Looks cool. Could have gone with something a bit less saturated and more in line with what the military of WWII actually wore. Looks a little too new. Hope it's gets nice and dirty. Sure it will.
  • Craig
    I think it looks great. @12 - I can see how the wings sticking out would look ridiculous, but I don't want them gone altogether. So I hope you're right. Having them painted on is a good idea.
  • Nada Nuff
    Since this movie takes place during WWII, I'm fairly sure the "gay" little wings will be back in either The Avengers or Captain America II, or both.
  • Jonah
    Looks good, similiar with the ultimates costume, since there using Samuel L as Nick Fury makes sense to have the ultimates C.A uni's
    I like everything except for the mask. I think he should just lose it entirely and go mask-less.
  • Chris H.
    I'm a huge Cap fan, he's what got me into comic books in the first place. I'm pretty worried about all aspects of this movie, and I still have my doubts... but I think they hit a homerun with this costume. However, this looks like an awfully modern costume. Since the first movie takes place almost entirely during WWII I wonder if this will be his costume for the duration of the movie. It seems like something a bit more retro looking should be used for the first movie, and this costume would be used as the modern day avenger that he is. If the decide to use this costume for his WWII experience, I hope they keep it when he reclaims his shield in the present day.
  • vold
    He looks like a futuristic super solder type. This is not Captain America.
  • In one word, awesome!
  • kysersosai
    I'm in awe...
  • TK
    Looks terrible. It'll look awful in motion. As #21 said, it doesn't look like the good old Captain America.
  • travis
    @21 & @24 what..... dumbass spandex be better?
  • 1-7
    Excuse me while I contain my laughter. Evans is just not an actor you take seriously. Even while he's buffed up and in costume he still looks like a teenager, not authoritative in the least. He looks completely wrong for the part and there's no way in hell he's going to lead the rest of the Avnegers.
  • Glass
    Who let that little kid into that Captain America costume?
  • BookWorm
    Evans has no authoritative presence. Even as a picture he looks like a joke in the costume.
  • Ricardo
    #26 an 28 You guys do know that's CGI right?...right?
  • SC
    I like it fairly well but the shield is wrong. I know it is a nitpicky nerd thing but Cap's shield in WWII looked like this:
  • Atomic Punk
    Looks fucking sweet. Although the original, WWII Cap had a different shield, more triangular. Anyhow, looking forward to this movie.
  • Nuika
    is he even that big? I dunno I'll still have to wait to see how excited I am for this
  • blasphemer
    thye shoould leave this stuff to the cartoon aint gonna fly...
  • Colt
    seriously? one person thinks he should go maskless, another thinks the wings were gay? you guys call yourselves Captain America fans?. they need to stick with the original..
  • I like how the mask looks like an old WWII helmet. Making it functional was a very good idea.
  • josef
    #26 Right on.
    @26 & 36 Evans is a great pick. You two most probably have never seen him in Danny Boyle's Sunshine.
  • Nada Nuff
    You'll see the little "gay" wings in The Avengers and Captain America II.
  • I am Ron Burgandy?
    Looks Great!
  • Logan
    damn i agree. evans will be good, its the director im worried about.
  • jimmi allen
    now i dont know much about captain america but i thought he was ment to be OLD fashion. but i must be truthfull it does look good i say bring it on.
  • Chris
    Chris Evans!!! Come on... has he done good in any movie??..... They could have found someone better for the role.
  • DoomCanoe
    i bet caps wings will show up in The Avengers his suit will be sooo different in that film then this one. This is just a practical WW2 combat suit is all and i dig it
  • Jimmy Love
    The one on the left looks like a gay Captn strutin on the catwalk "I'm to sexy for my costume, to sexy for America, so sexy it hurts"
    where's the wings on his ears?? he just looks .... i dunno odd but meh what the hell
  • jojoe
    how about painted wings? like in reborn
  • ryderup
    could be a painted stylized graphics as the wings on the side. but I dig it.
  • Clover
    I have to reverse what Cred X says....I don't worry about Johnston or the worry is Chris Evans.
  • Hedgehog
    I like it. Even if it feels too new and modern, if they touch on the idea of Howard Stark designing it for Cap then it can look a little futuristic because it's Stark! The shield is wrong, that's the shield he gets after WWII. Not a fan of the idea of him having it in both times. I wanna see Bucky's costume. There have been many variations on that one as well.
  • harm
    I'd love for this to be caps costume in the Ultimates... I mean Avengers movie 😉 But take this concept and age it to 1940 and I'm game for it. I love the helmet incorporation. Glad the wings aren't there. Ok with the shield. Ironic, didn't think I would be. Not sure about the white chest in 1940. Hope its toned down and very subdued. You think this can't work in film? Watch The Incredible Hulk and the scene on the University campus with Tim Roth outrunning the rest of the squad and facing down the hulk. Thats what excited me about a Cap movie. Thats how they'll do it.
  • Cracky
    I just want the helmet to have wings. Because fuck. And yes, Evans may screw this up.
  • feeheeheeheeny
    i want the damn wings, dammit, damn!
  • Neva Evah
    The actual look is 40's WWII-industrial and cool, though I wish they'd Militarize the colors a bit if he's a soldier. US Army in the 40's doesn't scream "Theatrical" when I think of Saving Private Ryan or Band of Brothers. Iron man got away with the colors b/c stark is an eccentric. Blue-to-black worked for Batman.... why not cap? Still not sold on Evans as a leader type.
  • WakandaKing
    The wings will extend from his helmet and work as radar antennae and retrack when not in use. Just jokin I hope we see much shield wielding tactics in this film.
  • im suprised they didnt go for the old style shield they created in the ultimes (for his ww2 footage) and to be fair the rest of the look in the image below would have worked but oh well but im not unimpressed with it
  • jimmi allen
    well i think it should hav wings still that and the sheaild were the only thing i remember bout the comic
  • zubzwank
    You all win. I'm not going to argue anymore about how super heroes in their original costumes ave been adventuring and selling comics, toys, games, etc., for 70 years (CA). You all insist that super heroes look "real." You all really think a GI combat outfit with the guy having a a star on his chest is Captain America? You fanboys don't want head wings and one of you doesn't even want a mask??? I'm surprised you like the shield. Fine. The only thing he needs now is a black leather jacket. He'll make a fine SWAT looking guy. But he won't be a super hero--which is what this character is. and he won't be Captain America. Check out Commando. Mindless, but not a bad 80s Arnie movie. It's what you really want.
  • Al
    Can't get behind Evans as Cap, too young, not enough charisma. Although it's too late and it's not going to change anything, ERIC DANE would have been bladdy perfect. Costume's not bad though
  • Eric
    Evans is a poor actor, so I'm not really holding my breath for this movie to be any better than the Cap movie that came out in the 90's. The costume is cool, up to that helmet; that needs to go!
  • Rich Wright
    Oh please don't let it be that mold injected foam crap like all the Batman movies... they may as well give him nipples if they do that. The basic design I don't have a problem with really. The slightly helmetish look kind of works, though also sort of reminds me of the one guy from The Fat Albert show... but done right it can work. Kinda needs to have the wings, leaving them out is like a Boss 302 Mustang without the side scoops. But painted on would look better since we don't want the appearance of him having an albino canary sticking out of each ear. The stitching on the pants isn't right, I agree with those above me who commented. It's too "NASA stylish". Room for improvment but it will still be far better than the original Captain America movie. (Wait, was there an original Captain America movie? It seems there was something Captain America movie that sucked so bad my mind blocked it out... like when KISS tried to make a movie...)
  • jonny b
    he needs the wings and the hooker boots have got to go yo
  • FOOM
    While I take all the points here I would like to offer another point for consideration.... Cap has no superpowers as such, the super soldier serum developed his body to the pinnacle of human ability. In the comics he was always shown as a superlative athelete, gymnast, and fighter. The costume looks too heavy and bulky to allow that sort of movement to me! OK I hear those screaming out against the "spandex long underwear" idea but I feel the costume should appear to support the range of movements Cap will have to perform..... at the moment those heavy leather look trousers will push his voice up two octaves the minute he tries to kick above his waist!!! just my opinion of course 😉
  • Cap Fan
    I agree with most on the part of Chris Evans being a bad choice. Reason being that Cap is well-disciplined, patriotic almost to a fault, a man that represents the American people and the American Dream. Chris Evans normally plays the sarcastic/cocky "look at me and look at what I can do" you know the cocky A-hole that most people want to punch in the face and tell them to SHUT UP. I think he was a great choice for the Human Torch, but the Human Torch and Captain America are about as opposite in personality as you can get. The Human Torch role raises another question in my mind. What happens if or when they decide to make a movie that involves Fantastic Four and The Avengers in one movie ie. Marvel Civil War movie. Hmmm can't have F4 with only 3 people and you can't have The Avengers without Captain America leading them. Oh well that is just a possible future problem they will have to work out.
  • solo calrissian
    The Look is Cool, the colors aren't. Some costumes translate well to the big screen, most others and their respecive colors dont. That's why all the hero's look like bodybuilders & females look like Barbie Dolls. Outside of Spiderman, Ironman, Superman & TMNT, what other original costumes & colors made a clean transition? I'd say batman, but he was reimagined so many times that Burton Kinda set the standard for post 60's look. Props to the designers if they can pull it off. Flames boy is a stoopid choice.
  • Sean Casey
    i think the suit looks pretty good, but i dont like the fact that chris evans has already been a marvel superhero
  • Da Man
    I like the look in the comics better. They did a pretty good job, but why not just have the thick strong fabric that some of the very talented artists draw? Why does every new superhero have to have a costume made out of rubber and plastic? They did that with Thor too, that shits supposed to be made out of steel or some Asgardian shit or something and it's all rubber. That movie better not be the suckfest that it appears to be, I'll be pissed. They got rid of his helmet with the little wings too. Thor's helmet was badass, the wings were bitchin. Thor's costume was hardcore in the comics. But i digress. Has anybody seen that one painting of Cap on like one of the loading screens in Ultimate Alliance? It's him in WWII on the battlefield wearing his regular costume, holding a standard issue machine gun and wearing a standard issue helmet on his head. I feel like if they did something like that it would look cooler and be cheaper. And Cap in the Ultimates has like the best and simplest design ever. Hollywood's gotta overthink things all the time. Overdesign shit. it's unnecessary. He looks better when it's just cloth and he's jacked as shit. And what's up with those pants?
  • Delia Suarez
    They should go with the original costume, why mess with perfection? I would very disappointed if they cut the WWII back story short. Hollywood is known for that just so they can make a second and third part if the first one does well.
  • Trav
    I like Chris Evans playing the role the only downside i see it having is the fact that Evans is a pretty ripped up actor and before Cap has the serum he's a sickly man with polio so he's not very muscular at all! And i hope they dont ruin the movie for me by saying that Tony Stark made Capt America's shield because thats not how it happened at all... As long as they get those things right the movie should be a hit!
  • Cap fan
    OK I'm going to go against the majority here and say I think Chris Evans could be good as Cap. If you've only ever seen him in Fantastic 4 then I understand your worry, but they're just bad films. He does a good turn in "Push" going from feckless waster to group leader pretty convincingly. Also very good in Danny Boyle's "Sunshine" where, ironically, he freezes to death. :) Give the guy a chance I say. I'm not convinced with the costume though, to modern looking and I can't stand the shoulder pads. I much prefer the scaled look that many artists have used. It is supposed to be armoured though, not just spandex.
    Even in a drawing Chris Evans radiates gay.Not to say there is anything wrong with being gay.If Chris Evans was playing Northstar,Shatterstar or Richter,all openly gay Marvel superheroes, he would be ideal.He's self-conciously pretty and always preening.He purses his lips like a video vamp whenever he walks the red carpet.He spends hours dieting,and waxing and pursues a carefully calibrated weight-lifting regimen designed not to add too much "bulk".This does not make him a bad person,and definitely does not make him a bad actor.But it makes him all wrong for the part of Captain America.Chris Evans was cast in "The Losers",but would never receive an invite for "The Expendables".In "Street Kings" Keannu Reeves out-toughed him and nicknamed him "Disco" and "Princess".In "Sunshine" he was most unconvincing military man in the history of cinema.In the Fantastic Four films Michael Chiklis's Ben Grimm summed him up very accurately.Nothing against Chris Evans but nothing about him radiates strength,leadership,courage,charisma,ruggedness or masculinity.Already,Cap is going to be demoted from being leader of the Avengers,because no one is going to buy Robert Downey's Tony Stark or Samuel Jackson's Nick Fury taking orders from this guy.Paul Walker is never going to win an Oscar,but he is a credible action hero.Eric Dane may be a wild man in real life,but you never doubt he's a Man.Mark Valley is old,but this would not be the first time he has been to war or been called Captain.The list goes on.Jon Hamm,Chris Pine,Neil McDonough...wait,why stick with just the white guys? Dwayne Johnson,Vin Diesel,Idris Elba...and the non-Americans...Daniel Craig,Sam Worthington.....anyone of these actors would have been a much more intriguing choice and brought more to the role.This should have been a movie on the level of The Dark Knight.It should have been Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers with a superhero.It should have been epic in scale,serious in tone,and poignant in execution.This is a huge waste...
  • Perfectblondhair
    I'd like the author to know that saying that these are just "merely" artist renderings is an insult to costume designers, as well as designers in every technical field. There is nothing simple about rendering, and it would do you some good to think of the work put into these "mere" renderings before you write something like that.  




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