First Full Look: Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe Revealed

October 8, 2010
Source: Deadline, HeyUGuys

Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe / My Week with Marilyn

Hot damn I love Williams! Beating Naomi Watts to the punch with this portrayal first, Michelle Williams has started shooting a new film called My Week with Marilyn where she plays the blonde bombshell and sex symbol extraordinaire Marilyn Monroe. The Weinstein Company made the announcement today (via Deadline) that filming had begun and attached a first look photo of Williams in costume as Monroe (thanks to HeyUGuys for pointing this out) which you can see below. The film is based on Colin Clark's book about Marilyn Monroe's time in London in 1957 shooting the Laurence Olivier film The Prince and the Showgirl.

In addition to Williams, the all-star British cast includes: Eddie Redmayne as Colin Clark, Kenneth Branagh as Sir Laurence Olivier, Judi Dench as Sybil Thorndike, Dominic Cooper as Milton Greene, Emma Watson, Derek Jacobi and Julia Ormond. The film will shoot for seven weeks at Pinewood Studios and on location in and around London. My Week with Marilyn chronicles a week in the life of Marilyn where she escapes the shackles of her Hollywood career and embraces British life with Colin Clark, who was assigned by Olivier to keep an eye on her. Directed by Simon Curtis (mostly British TV movies) and produced by David Parfitt, the film is based on Colin Clark's diaries and was adapted for the screen by Adrian Hodges (BBC's "Primeval").

I'm already looking forward to this and we barely have one photo! But Michelle Williams is one of the most talented actresses out there (wait until you see Blue Valentine later this year, she might get an Oscar nom) and she looks quite stunning as Monroe already. Everything about this sounds wonderful: cast, crew, story - that's why I'm so excited. Harvey Weinstein feels the same way: "We are truly thrilled to be working with the immensely talented Simon Curtis on his feature debut… from a remarkable true story, beautifully realised script, stellar cast and top-notch crew, we couldn't be happier embarking on this production." Look good?

Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe First Look

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  • She has turned into a good actress. She did great work in Shutter Island.
  • Hubba Hubba.
  • Eli
    I'm still not a huge fan of her. As much as I like Watts, Im glad she didn't get the part.
  • Damn! she looks like her... Awesome
  • Lola
    No resemblance ! Marilyn is puply while Michelle Williams looks really thin !! Scarlett Johasson would have been "physicaly" the best choice though I must admit Michelle Williams is way more talented than Scarlett is ! She will do well, I'm sure of it !! :)
  • ryderup
    I bet she will do a good job. But she doesn't resemble her one bit... hmm.. something is missing sort of...
  • medley
    I could of sworn it was only yesterday I was watching her on dawson's creek
  • I have a soft spot in my heart for Marilyn Monroe (and a hard spot in another place) but that's a story for another time. To be honest, I'm not excited about either actress portraying Marilyn Monroe. I think both Naomi Watts and Michelle Williams are fine actresses, but if you don't have the look, everything else comes off weak. I agree that physically Scarlet Johansson would be a good choice, but her acting leaves a lot to be desired. I haven't watched an episode of Mad Men at all, but I think Christina Hendricks could pull it off. She's got the body for it, that's for sure.
    OH PLEASE.....why even bother making this film? NO ONE looks like Monroe......and certainly NOT Williams!!!!!! Just a poor, very poor imitation..... Personally, and I know this is not nice to say, but I hope they lose their asses on this movie!! and that it will not be a big success!! So there......... Let the poor lady rest in peace!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!
  • I'd have chosen Christina Hendricks for the role but who am I again?
  • Malcolm
    Oh no!!!!! Michelle looks nothing like Marilyn. I also don't rate her acting at all. I think I'll wait until Naomi Watts' Marilyn comes out, which she is yet to shoot.
  • Hairu
    I think Michelle was a great choice, plus the Weinstein's have a keen sense for good movies. I am sure my wife will be anxious to see this develop more as am I.
  • Lola
    oh that's right! Christina Hendriks would have been perfect !
  • Xerxex
    @Ben why? is called a biopic film...are you against all biopic's?
  • Jack Easton
    This is an amazing cast but there are too many actresses playing Marilyn Monroe in different projects. Poppy Montgomery in the television mini-series, Blonde, Michelle Williams in My Week with Marilyn, Naomi Watts in the forthcoming film, Blonde, Angelina Jolie was rumoured in The Life and Opinions of Maf the Dog, and of His Friend, Marilyn Monroe. I wish only one actress would play her in every project.
  • Wendy and Lucy is one of my favorite films and I relate to it on a heavily emotional level in the same vein as Into the Wild. I can't wait to see Blue Valentine, and I have to say, she looks exactly like Monroe in that above picture.
  • six
    Wow, that's awesome. Really loving how close she looks. To the fella who's bitching about it - you're way off base.
  • Moon
    She's soooo much prettier than Marilyn could've ever imagined being!!! Let's face it, M.M. was just a slut with nice tits. No one cared that she was ugly 'cause of those two things.
    • Master Of The Wicket
      Michelle Williams looks like a rodent of some sort. Marilyn Monroe was gorgeous and had the body of a real woman.. not the bony disgusting one of Michelle Williams!
  • paulina
    WOW!!! she looks great!!!
  • Tony
    Moon - And I guess you think Michelle Williams isn't a slut? People in the industry would tell you otherwise believe you me. She even hooked up with one of the scriptwriters of Dawson's who was twice her age. Her role massively improved that season, no doubt about it.
  • Christophe
    This is another case of ridiculously off the mark casting...michelle is not built like Marilyn in any way...Marilyn had "it" in all the right places. This is going to be such a bomb...and then there's the silly casting of Dougray Scott as Arthur Miller????? Is someone punking us??? Michelle Williams can't act this one can.
  • DuirMan
    No thanks, I'd rather make out with my Marilyn Monrobot.
  • Jen
    Michelle is too short, not curvy enough, and doesn't look a thing like Marilyn and while I think she has played some fine parts, I don't see Michelle's lower register voice pulling off Marilyn's wispy high-pitched voice. AND, where are the blue eyes and winged eyeliner? Whomever did the make up needs to be fired!! I've read a lot and watch a lot about Marilyn and I think this was a poor poor choice - there are probably plenty of actresses out there that more resemble Marilyn, but I guess the Weinsteins were looking for a big names to plug in. We'll see how it turns out, but my guess is a flop.
    • Misssarahjl
      Marilyn didn't have blue eyes!!!!
  • Sydney Lawrence
    NOBODY but NOBODY can look as good as Marilyn and never will but a movie about the sad life of the Icon who was treated so shabbily by those mongrels in Hollywood would be good.
  • Sydney Lawrence
    Moon you are one sick puppy also a demented fool who should have been drowned at birth. Don't be offended but you asked for it.




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