First Look: Milla Jovovich & Ali Larter in Resident Evil: Afterlife

March 31, 2010
Source: MySpace

Resident Evil: Afterlife

Screen Gems has debuted a batch of five badass new photos as a first look at Resident Evil: Afterlife on MySpace, which apparently already finished shooting late last year. Director Paul W.S. Anderson somehow got Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter to return again, and you'll see them, as well as a crazy hooded butcher guy, in the photos below. Although I'm not a really a fan of the Resident Evil, these photos are pretty damn cool. The first official trailer for Resident Evil: Afterlife will also arrive online this Saturday afternoon after it debuts at WonderCon. So if you're a fan of this series (or not), then check out all of the new photos below!

Resident Evil: Afterlife Photo

Resident Evil: Afterlife Photo

Resident Evil: Afterlife Photo

Resident Evil: Afterlife Photo

She's back… And she's bringing a few of her friends. Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter co-star with Wentworth Miller, Kim Coates, Kacey Barnfield, Shawn Roberts, Spencer Locke, Norman Yeung and also Boris Kodjoe.

Resident Evil: Afterlife is both written and directed by British director Paul W.S. Anderson, who introduced us to the cinematic Resident Evil franchise back in 2002, then helped write the sequels, but hasn't directed another Resident Evil movie since. After last using Russell Mulcahy for Extinction, Anderson has returned to continue on this franchise with old faces but new excitement. Sony / Screem Gems is bringing Resident Evil: Afterlife to theaters everywhere n 3D on September 10th, 2010 this year. Planning on seeing this?

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  • BossMan
    Holla i cant wait. I really like all these movies.
  • johnny Crow
    Holy crap! That looks like wesker in the sunglasses photo, and one of the mini bosses (like the chainsaw guys)! Im so stoked!
  • N. M. Singh
    I hope this too doesn't get converted into 3D as every B-movie is going 3D after being shot.
  • N. M. Singh
    Shhhhit!!! I JUST READ THE LAST LINE. Looks like studios are desperate to ruin 3D before it becomes a positive revolution.
  • Slipknotfan87
  • Jill
    Too bad this wasn't posted today. Then I could tell myself it was an April's Fool :(
  • 12Yaar34
    Yeh, the first Resident Evil was good, the second a let down and the third ok (average). I hope that they make a better fourth Resident Evil: Afterlife which has more story in it than the others. Hopefuly Wentworth Miller does good as Chris Redfield, but Jensen Ackles should have done better if he was in it as Chris Redfield. #4 lol, that sounds like a good let down. Koi naa, tension hi nai lendi hundi
  • twispious
    the first was good,the other two were OK,inoffensive.I expect nothing from these movies,so I always walk away enjoyed. These pics are amazing,I mean Milla Jovonich perpetually looks confused,but this movie is going to be AMA-ZING!
  • Nate
  • the second pic alone sold this flick to me 😀 the third was a bonus i love both larter and jovovich both sexy and both can hold their own in phsically dense scenes bring it on...
  • 3D
    Sounds cool!
  • shitastic
    If they can't get 3D right, don't fucking bother...
  • l.21
    I'm a big fan, but by no means think these are "the best" movies. so...YAY, can't wait!
  • Nada Nuff
    So it's gonna take place around part 6, then? Interesting. Still won't see it, though.....
  • The RON®™
    this is going to be awesome. Wesker throwing his glasses is a scene from RE5 and the Executioner Guy also from RE5. Good to see they are taking elements from the game!!! cant wait!!!
  • Subcelsious
    looks like they finaly might be getting it right. 4th times a charm just like res evil 4 the game.
  • Vold
    Totally looking forward to this. These may not be the most intelligent movies but they sure as hell are entertaining.
  • every single one has sucked balllllzzzzzzzz. but i agree with @15. Im glad to see stuff from the game,rather than make up characters as they go along.ill have to see a trailer to decide if ill see it.
    remake the whole series again,but this time have george a. remero to direct it.
  • CLAW
    I want to be excitied for this but the last one was terrible, I do like the first two but both films still felt like they were missing something that could of made them great films instead of good films. We can all hope they've saved the best for last my expectations are pretty low so maybe that will help when this turns out to be mediocre at best.
  • Jaf
    Is it really that difficult for a director husband to convince his actress wife to star in another movie?
  • Freddy
    The character in the last picture feels a lot like Pyramid Head from the Silent Hill franchise to me.
  • subcelsious
    If you played Res Evil 5 # 22 he's an executioner in africa in the begining of the game. like the chainsaw dudes an chicks from Res evil 4. Silent hill is a cool game though an the movie wasn't half bad.
  • Moviegimp
    I'll watch Milla in any action movie. She's got the look for it. Put Milla and Angelina in a action movie together, that would be sweet. Number three wasn't as good as I had hoped. I thought they went to far going from one city the whole world infected. Interested to see where they go now.
  • harrison
    yea thinkin the same thing, looks like silent hill bad guy, but i think i remember him from the res evil game
  • Mac
    Milla's last good action movie was THE FIFTH ELEMENT. It's sad that this movies suck I've played the games and can't understand why they cant use the cut scenes as reference they should bring that experience to movie going crowd!!!!
  • Fisherr
  • mconner666
    I wouldn't worry too much about the look in 3D. I heard on IGN's Keeping It Reel that it is being shot in 3D and not converted from 2D, like Clash of the Titans and Alice in Wonderland. I can't wait to see Milla kicking some more zombie ass, all up in my face!
  • That Guy
    first off the guy in the first pic looks like albert wesker to me, and the last pic looks like the executioner from the resident evil five. seems to me like they are taking it abit more to the game side on this one which I think will accually be interesting to watch
  • daddy
    yeah! cant wait till it comes out (:




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