First Look: Photos of the 'Mr. Black' Predator from Predators

June 14, 2010
Source: B-D, STYD

Mr. Black - Predators

Holy crap! A few new first look photos have popped up today for a new Predator creature nicknamed "Mr. Black" that will be seen in Robert Rodriguez and Nimrod Antal's upcoming Predators reboot, due out in a few more weeks. The Sideshow Collectibles mask photo comes from Bloody-Disgusting, as Sideshow hasn't actually listed the mask for sale on their site yet. And the other actual photos come from ShockTillYouDrop. The photo on the right, below, is Mr. Black in his full armor (also the same guy seen on this poster) and the other photos are of him without his mask, in pure Predator form. And damn does he look pretty pissed off!

All photos have been removed at the request of 20th Century Fox. Sorry guys!

Predators is being directed by Nimród Antal, of Kontroll, Vacancy, and Armored previously. The screenplay was co-written by newcomers Michael Finch and Alex Litvak and is based on early draft written years ago by producer Robert Rodriguez, who also worked with them on the script. This is a reboot of the Predator series created by Jim & John Thomas and directed by John McTiernan in 1987. We're not sure what the actual plot is, but all we need to know is that it's about a bunch of badass elite warriors who fight a bunch of predators out in a jungle. 20th Century Fox will be bringing Predators to theaters worldwide on July 7th next month.

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  • All I can picture now when I see a badass picture of a predator is that original "First Look" photo you posted a long time ago of a predator on a ladder helping the crew hang lighting. Gonna be hard for me to be scared by them now, but I guess that's why they made you take down the photo. If anyone can find a copy anywhere I'd love to keep one and hang it in my house someday.
  • FOUND IT! second photo down in the background behind Brody and Taktarov...
  • leinergroove
    Cool! I'm anxious to see this movie. I'm concerned though. The muscular mass of the typical action hero is decreasing at a fast rate. From Ah-nuld, we went to JCVD, then to Mel Gibson, then to Tom Cruise, then to Keanu Reeves, and now: Adrien Brody. The next thing we'll know is the average action hero is a Sheldon-big-bag-theory-like-guy!!
  • Peloquin - What are you trying to say? That this isn't really the very "first" look at the Mr. Black Predator? Fine, you may be right, but this is still a good solid look at him that we haven't really seen before! Plus those other shots were unofficial leaks!
  • Haha, I know, but it's hard for me to get the image of that predator hanging lights on a ladder out of my mind when I see awesome official photos like these. It had nothing to do with who got the scoop first, it was just a comment on how it's hard to ever look at a predator the same way again. It'd be like if you saw the Alien Queen sitting on set eating a big mac or Jason Voorhees pushing a kid on a swing.
  • ?????
    the predators in the photos that leaked from the set are not Mr Black so what the hell does it matter?
  • Xerxex
  • dealers wheel
    wheres danny glover to knock this chump upside the head in a meatworks plant
  • Cleaning Woman!!!
    He looks like a fucking bobblehead! This movie will be laughable. It's try so hard to emulate the original. The original Predator film is a stroke of luck at how it all came together; the larger than life characters, the suspense from John McTiernan, excellent script, etc. Predators is a poor tv-movie impersonation.
  • Clover
    freaking sweet and scarey!
  • Adster
    I'm not entirely sure these are the actual character shots of Mr. Black. The face looks too...painted. I wouldn't be half surprised if these were just the Wetaworks models used as a hint of things to come without releasing stills from the movie in development. I mean, usually, when you're looking at a picture taken from a movie, you can almost sense the motion. The face of Mr. Black is too static. But then I can concede that I might be entirely wrong. Either way, I think Predators will be incredible. I'm a big Predator fan and I consider them to be THE greatest aliens in movies. Well....joint second with the creatures from John Carpenter's The Thing. lol. Oh and #9, yes the original still is a classic, but don't discount remakes. If you remember, before Stan Winston came along and reinvented the Predator, the movie would have been a absolute flop! Did you ever see the original concept?? lol
  • blasphemer
    standing on a step ladder helping hang the lights... LMAO... too funny....
  • sho
    looks more like a zoanoid than a pred..
  • casting couch
    #11 -- Partially agree; although it's likely the production wouldn't have gone ahead and been completed without Winston's designs saving the movie, and so would not have flopped at the box office. And like #9 says, the macho characters, the director, the script, the whole production came together in a special way to make an action classic. Whether can achieve the same success is uncertain, wherein the original, all the right ingredients were there.
  • Jimmy Love
    Deformed PENOR
  • Fisherr
    Looks Big and Bad.




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