Paramount's Paranormal Activity 2 Teaser Trailer is Unleashed

June 29, 2010
Source: AICN

Paranormal Activity 2 Trailer

Warning: this contains major spoilers for another movie. Can they pull off another hit or was the first one just a fluke? Paramount has debuted the first official trailer for Paranormal Activity 2 tonight (via Ain't It Cool News) which gives us our very first look at the concept of this sequel, the setting, and who might be returning in it. The only bad news is that if you haven't seen the first movie, well, this trailer (let me repeat: trailer) spoils the last two shots of the ending of that movie. Yea, I'm not down with that, but what else can you do to market this? I don't think I need to say much else - just fire it up and let us know what you think?

Watch the first trailer for Tod Williams's Paranormal Activity 2:

[flv: 598 336]

Paranormal Activity 2 is directed by American filmmaker Tod Williams, otherwise known as Kip Williams, who previously directed indie flicks The Adventures of Sebastian Cole and The Door in the Floor. The script was written by producer/writer Michael R. Perry, who has mostly worked in TV writing for shows like "The Guardian", "Stephen King's Dead Zone", "Law & Order: SVU." This is a sequel to the original Paranormal Activity shot by Oren Peli at his own home on a budget of $15,000. Paramount will be bringing Paranormal Activity 2 to theaters on October 22nd this fall, the same day as Saw VII 3D is released. Will you see this?

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  • Lost
    Oh my god... i've been more scared by the Harry Potter trailers.
  • danielvutran
    trailers not workin for me lol
  • Yamika
    Not working for me....
  • Jesse Gouldsbury
    Well, It's a movie. Can any one tell what it says on the floor in the mirror?
  • Michael Alfaro
    it looks wiered cause who is this movie about and how does the characters from the 1 one fit into this one???
    yea im with most of you this trailer doesn't give me much of an appeal, but the first one was fun to watch i couldnt stop laughing my ass in the theater from hearing the people in the audience; "oh no no no we shouldn't watch this..... this is the devil ..... god no.... close your eyes ... no" aww to be blissfully ignorant :) HAHA, but i do hope this one good :)
  • Jimmy Love
    I'm not "Down" with the Atrocity that was the first Paranormal Activity let alone a sequel
  • Logan
    the first one wasnt scary at all and this looks even worse
  • Logan
    last shot, theres a baby in the reflection but there isnt one in real. wat is this i dont even.
  • TheLOLrapist
    The first one was boring only thing kept me watching was the chick with nice tits lol, this one not so good
  • Philip J Fry
    10 bucks says the dog will die
  • DoomCanoe
    @11 ill take that bet!
  • Captain Hook
    Paranormal INactivity. Scary? GROW SOME BALLS! The first one is one of the worst movies ever made. A glorified youtube video pandering to a crowd who sucks up pathetic 'reality television.' And you know a film will suck when you get trailers that simply show a bunch of dumb extras in a theater supposedly being terrified from the film. Seriously, it makes me giggle.
  • Rops
    I will see Saw VII instead and am much more excited for Last Exorcism.
  • John Doe
    @10 "this one not so good"? Has it already been released? If so where?
  • beavis
    the first one was lame and here (it appears) they're using the same formula..........PASS
  • Donza
    Wot a shit trailer took bout 30 or 40 seconds just 2 get sum half descent fotage. I think its gonna suck balls. Its obviously just been done 2 try make sum easy money but i will guarantee it will flop BIG TIME.
  • deadpool 72
    i liked the first movie,i'm not to sure about this one. it may suffer having a budget,like blair witch 2 did that was total shit compared to the first film which was alright.
  • arjones
    I didn't see the first one and I won't see this one. They look stupid.
  • arjones
    Correction. I forgot boring. Stupid AND boring.
  • This is the ultimate example of an unnecessary sequel. It looks like we've got more hidden cams at work, and that format is truly difficult to pull off. Yes, Para 1 did it, but it's a rare feat that's almost impossible to duplicate. This tease doesn't bode well ...
  • floppytall
    I've seen scarier shit on a Lite-Brite.
  • Left hook
    The first one was good, it's had a great progressive creppiness to it. I read alot of people calling it boring and stupid and then state they have never seen the forst one. How can you make such a statement without the correct infomation? Anyhow, the second part is unnecessary like #21 said. They need to just leave things alone once in awhile, do we need to drain the life out of all the cult classics?
  • toom_ah_dray
    FREEZE @ 00:54 (the frame where she appears in the doorway) and look at the mirror reflection in the upper left hand corner. Anyone else notice the baby in the reflection (when not in the crib) standing there???? DUM-DUM- DUMMMMMM!!! Wonder if that's just a flub...
  • chrisbo
    Why these kids are scary crawling around, I have no idea. Suffered through the first, will never watch the second. Will see
  • chrisbo
    Whoops. Will see MY SOUL TO TAKE that weekend instead. Paranormal was not only boring, the acting was terrible, if I had to hear that annoying b-tch yell Mycah one more time paranormal shit would have been happening in my house!
  • It will be a kid who gets possessed. fantastic.
  • joxer the mighty
    i loved the first one, but i'm not digging adding a dog for the second. the trailer wasn't too great - it looked like katy featherston broke into these people's house from the bathroom :)
  • Jacob Crim
    I am just curious to what modern horror films some of you guys would call good? Because all this hate for PA is simply ignorant, it was the first great wide release horror film since 28 Days Later. The state of the horror genre is probably BELOW comedy making it the worst genre currently. Maybe you guys prefer: gratuitous tits, mindless killing, and lack of suspense/plot/acting…but hey it’s entertaining right?
  • Logan
    @ Jacob Crim The Mist [REC] The Descent Trick R' Treat Let the right one in and ofcourse the twilight movies
  • Hank
    I liked the first movie, a bit. But to see all those people in the theatre go insane like that? Rubbish. I am simply not gonna expect too much, just some minor scares like the first movie.
  • Jacob Crim
    @ Logan Legit, [REC] is my 3rd all time favorite horror film. The only movie where I actually had my hands on my face and peeping through my eyes haha.
  • lamar
    The first Paranormal Activity was pretty good; one of the scariest movies I've ever seen. However, when I heard of a sequel I cringed because sequels half the time (maybe more than half) can ruin a good movie, but I'll go see this anyway. Seriously, how many of us say that this movie will blow from the TEASER trailer yet will still see this when it comes out. By the way guys this is a TEASER TRAILER, I say again, TEASER TRAILER!!! You're not supposed to GET IT right away, they can't show you 40% of the movie like other trailers because that would ruin the credibility this sequel has, just sayin'.
  • The first one was creepy as hell. I don't need entrails and decapitations and cgi blood splatter to spook my shit. It might not have been scare the shit out of you scary, but the first one was creeeepy has hell. I'm sure if you saw footage of your spouse standing watching you sleep for over an hour and a half without moving, you'd be creeped out too. That being said, I don't think a sequel is warranted for this movie, but the cash cow needs milkin and that's enough these days. There's good horror going on these days, but a lot of shit too. I am however quite excited for the Last Exorcism. Saw 7, can lick bag.
  • antioch
    nice catch, WIL!
  • David
    I am very excited for this
  • Ariana
    There is a huge divide on whether the 1st one was good or not, and I think that dividing line is based upon seeing it in the theater or seeing it at home. I probably would have hated it if i had seen it at the movies because stupid people cant shut the hell up and it would compleatly pull me out of the suspense of the film. I saw this in the dark quietly at my house and I was bearly able to sleep that night. I implore you guys to watch it again the way I did. You might be surprised. After saying all that I have doubts about the sequel because it might be all hollywood-itized... but I'll still see it anyway-- in the dark at my house.
  • Logan
    @ WIL i know i know, thats kiefer sutherland on the other side of the mirror
  • WIL
  • 1544K
    The first one sucked. It was the marketing that made it successful. This looks like more of the same; lame shots and sound f/x. What's happening to Hunter? Who cares if its the same concept? I'll keep my eyes open for the full trailer and see if that hooks me into paying $10+ for a ticket.
  • deadpool 72
    (REC) i fucking loved,can't wait for (REC) 2 as this for i enjoyed the first film,cost fuck all to make takes shit loads at the box office.
  • Lew
    10 bucks say Hunter is the baby
  • kengel55
    typical of this site people hate things that get to popular how was the first one bad if it had came out when blair witch project did it would have been the greatest horror ever
  • Carlos
    for those wondering the writing on the mirror floor it says "what is happening to hunter?"
  • james
    Yo im with #10 that chick looked fine, and by the looks of it she might be in the second one . . . hopefully she will be like a succubus and get it on with the man of the house (not the baby!!) then go after the wife!!! THATS a story!!!!!! lol
  • Said
    Wait!!...... who demanded it?
  • roke
    I f&*king demanded it. The first one was HOT!!!! as hell. All the BS torture porn that's popular for thousands more can't hold a candle or knife to this. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • casting couch
    The first movie was good and it was fucking creepy and gave the right chills. I also watched in on video at home where the spookiness is best.
  • The scariest part of the first movie was how it sucked my time away from playing Xbox. It really was a horrible pile of crap. I also enjoyed [rec]. PA2 should look to that for how to create a decent film with next to no budget. The [rec] 2 will be even better judging by its trailer. I tried my hardest to enjoy PA, but with the poor acting and lack of common sense by the actors, I found it hard to enjoy.
  • iceman
    this was too scary? wow! that was pretty lame...didn't scare my three year old...
  • Robbie
    I'm a big sucker for films like this. I like it.
  • JL
    lmao #1 Lost. I know how you feel. I'm waiting on [REC]2. This trailer is pathetic. And in case everyone hasn't noticed, trailers are usually better than the film itself. This wasn't scary at all. Just some stupid shots or a dog freaking out and some drunk bitch wandering out of the bathroom coupled with abrupt sequences of mild violence (the dude being thrown at the camera), and some screeching. Take a lesson from Takashi Miike, and make something that is truly effed up, creepy, chilling, and scary.
  • Pete
    Looks dumb. Publicity move but I'll admit a good one.
  • Ripper
    In the last shot it shows the Girl from the first one and then the Kid is gone from the crib but standing in the Crib in the Mirror. So what did she suck him into the mirror or some shit. Mirrors meets Blair Witch meets Poltergeist.
  • Simmydee
    lame... not scary
  • blasphemer
    you MUST be kidding....I just read an article at EW stating that some cinema was removing this trailer from playing at the Twilight: Eclipse showing because IT WAS TOO SCARY FOR THE "TWILIGHT" CROWD...AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH....ROTFLMAO...
  • dave
    Does anyone know what the "creepy" voice over towards the end says?
  • neonblue120
    the first one wasn't scary this one won't be either me and my friends were literally laughing at the people who were convinced that it was real :/
  • xCloudbox
    I have to agree with #52. Takashi Miike is one of my all time favorite directors. As far as this trailer goes, it's a lot like the first movie. You keep waiting for something to happen, and nothing ever does, then it ends. Very disappointing. I don't want to offend anyone, but I will. I automatically lose respect for anyone who says they liked the first one. It was that bad.
  • Hairu
    Boo...complete marketing ploy if I have ever witnessed one. That trailer in turn from what I saw may ruin the effect of Paranormal Activity one, it looks terrible and not scary at all. I have seen scarier 40 second clips of Marble Hornets on youtube.
  • bootstrapchelcb
    I really really enjoyed the first one, I don't know what the people who say "it was stupid and boring" are thinking. It was the first scary movie in a while that didn't have some outrageously unbelievable plot line or mindless sex and killing. It was suspenseful and entertaining in my opinion. If you don't like the first one, then I'm sorry that you have such bad taste in movies However, I'm not to excited about the sequel.. or any sequel to a movie that was so good. Sequels tend to ruin what people loved about the original. I'm hoping it does well, and that its going to be better than anyone expects, but I doubt it will happen.
  • Pardeep
    Why is everyone cussing this movie, man first one scared shit outta me especially when katie gets dragged down hall by unseen force and when micah was thrown at camera made me jump. The second looks as scary as the first. All the haters know that when they watch these movies by themselves they get that scared WTF feeling and u know that feeling of fear feels good, but yet makes u wonder, does this happen in real life? my answer is believe coz it might happen 2 u
  • xCloudbox
    I don't listen to people who use the number 2 and the letter u instead of taking the split second more to actually type out the word.
  • Matthew
    The bitch is back, and she want's jam.
  • matt
    that was gay but i have to go see it any way. gust because the trailer gay you haven't seen the whole movie so you never now
  • siobhan
    i cnt believe ppl wud say paranormal activity wasnt good i thought it was the scariest films since the exorcist, ppl that say they think its stupid and boring dnt hav any taste in a good horror movie and wud rather see sex, violence and stupid senseless killin yawn!! thts all u see nowadays. i cudnt sleep for days after seein paranormal activity in the movies and personally i think the trailer is scary as f*** and i cnt wait to see the 2nd 1 😀 x
  • siobhan
    i also think the scariest part in the 1st one was wen they wer in bed and u cud hear whispering then see a dark shadowy figure walk past the door and sit nxt to katie! one ov the scariest things iv ever seen in a movie scared the shit outta me :( was stil brilliant tho enjoyed every minute of the film :) iv watched it over a hundred times and it stil freaks me out lol x
  • siobhan
    the thing tht makes it so scary is tht believe it or no demons r real whether u believe in them or u not it cud happen to ANY1 and even tho this film wasnt real ther has been other films thts real and based on a true story and involves a demon or the devil himself. the most frightnin thing is tht paranormal activity was filmed in wats supposed to b the couples home especially their bedroom wher they sleep at nyt and tht alone is scary as shit :O
  • who knows?
    siobhan - your spelling was more scary than the over hyped pile of fucking road kill that was PA! Instead of watching shite, go back to school and sign up for english class you brainless chav.




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