Fox Pumps Schwarzenegger Well With a Commando Remake

April 28, 2010
Source: Deadline


They already have a throwback to an action-packed Arnold Schwarzenegger with this summer's Predators, a new chapter of sorts following the original spawning of the bloodthirsty Predator from '87, so why not dig a little deeper for a remake of another Schwarzenegger vehicle? Deadline reports Fox is developing a remake of Commando, the 1985 shoot-first-ask-questions-later action movie which followed a retired elite special forces op whose daughter is kidnapped and threatened unless he gets on a plane and kills the rival of a nasty dictator. David Ayer, who wrote Training Day and directed Street Kings, is both writing and directing this.

Ayer, a former Navy soldier himself, is putting a real-world spin on the original premise (oh come on, it was cheesy 80's action!) by making the protagonist less of a "meat head" and more skilled in covert tactics and weaponry. By stripping down the hero though, it almost makes the flick less of a fun ride, and more like the rest of the espionage focused Jason Bourne copycats out there. But at the same time, we don't want a carbon copy of the original, so really I think this remake just shouldn't happen along with a bunch of other remakes that should be shit-canned too. There's gotta be an original script out there with the same spirit of what the Commando remake would be without having to bank on Schwarzenegger's previous work as an action star.

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  • Bash
    Oh dear.........
  • Josveta
    why do they keep doing this!!?? As you said there HAS to be another fresh, new, original action movie script out there somewhere. All these remakes are just disgusting...
    This is terrible news. And who uses the word "Commando" now a days to describe Special Forces or Black Ops soldiers?
  • Xerxex
    I just watched this like Tuesday night, good times, Alyssa Milano before she was Alyssa Milano. They should do this and have Milano take the role of Rae Dawn Chong, and the role of the daughter should go to Chloe Moretz, and have Sam Worthingon play Matrix, with Eddie Marsan as Bennett. That would be amazing!
  • germs
    So basically, minus a few variations in plot, this is going to be just like Taken? The reason Commando works AT ALL is because Arnold got to do tons of crazy shit and deliver memorable lines right before he kills people. You remove the one-man-army, guns-a-blazing attitude and you've lost the movie.
  • Zantorian
    I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove Commando. "You're a dead man, John!" "Bulllllllllshit!!!" Whap! Whap! Whap! It is such a cheezy action film, the dialog is cheezy, the action is cheezy, the plot is cheezy, the characters are cheezy. And that's exactly why it's such an awesome Action B-Movie, it never takes itself too seriously. If they can catch the 'spirit' of Commando it will be good.
  • Marqwest
    @ beat me to it! TAKEN...which for a modern film approach is exactly the same premise.
  • jake the snake
    "Don't disturb my friend, he's dead tired."
  • People's Champ
    Gotta be one of the corniest movies of the 80's Everything about the movie. Acting, Action Scenes, Dialogue, The Script.
  • People's Champ
    @6 Big Time Cheese. You could get away with that in the 80's. Not so much these days.
  • jake the snake
    People's Champ Commando actually wasn't that corny. It was done in better taste than many movies these days.
  • "This is my weak arm Sully". I was entertained as a 10 year old when this film came out. But as an adult watching it, it's full of dumb! That shed scene is like nuking the fridge times 10.
  • Name (required)
    You remember David Ayer, when I promised to kill you last? I lied.
  • As much as I love this movie (It was Arnold at his one line spewing bicep flexing best), I was always put off by the MONSTROUS gaffe with the yellow porsche. Chase it down to the point where it flips up on its side, crushing the driver's side, and then Arnie gets in it and drives away with nary a scratch on the whole left side?!?! Yes, I know, these movies were rife with gaffes and continuity errors and the like, but that one always stuck in my craw. Don't even get me started on Tango and Cash...
  • Mega Jet Jaguar
    I saw this again not too long ago on cable TV... Cindy: "What happened to Sully?" Matrix: "I let him go."
  • sonnychiba1
    I just love the fact that Arnolds main foe looks like one of the Village People. Handlebar 'tache, chainmail top, leather trousers and off the hip gun belt. Brilliant.
  • Cineprog
    I'm with you Ethan this film sould not happen no one could play it like Arnold could with the wit wise cracks has he did. Leave it alone.
  • L
    Why do criminals insist on taking elite soldiers' daughters all of the time. You'd think they'd just take someone who can't do anything. Like the drummer from Def Leppard's daughter or something.
  • Craig Fairbrass
    Comment #13 - You do realise Commando isn't meant to be taken seriously? It never took itself seriously - it's called having fun and being entertaining. There is no 'nuke the fridge' moment. Go sit on a pine cone and waffle in your own pretentious misery.
  • Metatasian
    I have watched Commando at least 10 times from beginning to end, don't you just love that guy in the shopping centre who runs out guns blazing for NO reason and gets pumped full of slugs, hehe Commando should have won an oscar, how they managed to pull off a film comprising of only one liners is beyond me, but a testament to the writer/producer/director. A reboot of this will NEVER capture the magic of the original. I have one thing to say to Mr. Ayer - FUCKING WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • harv
    John, I'm not going to shoot you between the eyes. I'm going to shoot you between the balls Let off some steam bennett
  • Ridiculous.
  • Have Hope
    A Commando.......remake .... HH
  • sickdoghats
    if it has arnold im there.
  • indyjack86
    if they don't have a lard ass badguy in chain mail I'm out!
  • : )
    HAHAHAHAH BENNETT I THAT GUY. Clearly the only person that was as deadly as John Matrix in the world seeing as he eats green berets for breakfast.
  • Dan the Man
    @26 Bennet wasn't the one who said "he eats green berets.....".....that's Bill Duke's character - Cooke! Just thought I'd correct you Xerxex my friend - really "Sam Worthington as Matrix" - I would actually have him the role as "Bennet" because of his inability to have an American accent! Not that Arnold had an American accent!!!!! But still, that kid cant act for shit - all his roles are one-dimensional - take Avatar and could have switched have switched his characters and it would still seem the same. You need a big guy to play this role - well maybe if NOT big, what about Jason Statham? Dan PS Still like your views Xerxex!
  • Xerxex
    Dan the Man, I'm a fan of Worthington for some odd reason, and as my choice for Matrix it would just be kinda cool to see him play Matrix, but if I had to choose seriously I'd go for...lets see...maybe Matt Damon or Tom Hanks (jk...but that would be awesome!) how about Dwayne Johnson? or maybe Hugh Jackman? Statham would be a good choice as well!
  • Dan the Man
    Xerxex, yeah I can see the draw to Sam - I actually did like him in T4! Sorry to take the piss - you're one of the few who doesn't need that! lol Dwayne? Could be I guess....I was trying to picture a Black actor in the role - maybe that guy named Jameel White? is thatl right - he was a well-defined dude from some action flix, cant remember which ones.. Dan
  • @ Craig Fairbrass, the whole film is like nuking a fridge. But as I said it entertained me as a ten year old and I thought it was the greatest film ever til I saw Predator or some other movie that involved blowing shit up and winning. As for pretentious misery, I wade in it, not waffle.
  • justin
    greatest movie of all time.




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