George Lopez is Speedy Gonzales in Live-Action Hybrid Mess

February 24, 2010

Speedy Gonzales / George Lopez

As if Looney Tunes: Back in Action wasn't enough reason for Mel Blanc, The Man of a Thousand Voices, to spin in his grave, this just might do it, as Heat Vision reports actor, comedian and late night talk show host George Lopez will voice of the fastest mouse in old Mexico, Speedy Gonzales, in a new live-action/CG hybrid movie. Adapting the classic cartoon will be Alec Sokolow & Joel Cohen, the same writers who ruined Garfield. And in related news, I have it on good authority that in addition to this and a Marvin the Martian movie, other Looney Tunes characters like Yosemite Sam and Bugs Bunny will also have their own films.

Speedy Gonzales has been around since the 50s and appeared in movies like Space Jam and Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but has always drawn some fire for being somewhat racist as a Mexican cartoon character, not to mention his far more offensive lazy cousin Slowpoke Rodriguez. However, Anne Lopez, one of the producers of the film, from the George Lopez Presents banner, says this contemporary version will do away with the more questionable characteristics of the character with Lopez giving it "the Latin seal of approval."

"We wanted to make sure that it was not the Speedy of the 1950s -- the racist Speedy. Speedy's going to be a misunderstood boy who comes from a family that works in a very meticulous setting, and he's a little too fast for what they do. He makes a mess of that. So he has to go out in the world to find what he's good at."

Too bad this still sounds like an absolutely awful idea. Obviously this is yet another annoying attempt to use name recognition to rake in audiences, but what makes this even more offensive is the blatant disregard for what made characters like Speedy Gonzales so great: the uncanny voice talents of Mel Blanc and brilliant animation direction from Friz Freling. I just don't want to see iconic, childhood favorite characters like this turned into pseudo-realistic computer animated creatures made to interact with real-life humans and voiced by actors who can never reach the same level as the original voices. Even when casting seems nearly perfect (i.e. Bill Murray as Garfield), it almost always turns out to be a complete mess. Yet another cartoon casualty.

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  • Xerxex
    No. well I guess since back in the 50's it was racist towards latino's its cool if a racist comedian does the voice? Maybe the racist comedian part was harsh, but I for one cannot stand George Lopez. This this idea just seems stupid. I may get a lot of negative feed back...
  • The Man With No Name
    "Again we draw the straws to see who goes for the cheese. There is only one mouse who can get this cheese, and that is Speedy Gonzales! Speedy Gonzales! Speedy Gonzales? Soy Si, Speedy Gonzales fastest mouse in aaall Mexico. Can you get this Gonzales fellow? Sure! I got him. Speedy Gonzales friend of my sister. Speedy Gonzales friend of evvverybody's sister. I'll show you! I'll get Speedy Gonzales!" --Intro to the Loony Tunes episode "Speedy Gonzales".
  • This has got to be the dumbest idea I ever heard. It's so dumb that I actually laughed out loud.
  • Nada Nuff
    I didn't know "¡Ándale!, ¡Ándale!, ¡Arriba!, ¡Arriba!" was racist. (You knew someone was gonna say that.) But seriously, Speedy in a stand alone movie? Seems like a bit of a stretch. He was only meant to be seen in 5-minute spurts.
  • DoomCanoe
    i had this idea awhile ago. Bringing back all the Loony Toons in CG. But i don't think each should have there own hour and a half flick. I think they should all be shorts in 1 movie, like a 10 min CG cartoon of each of our favorite Loony Toon characters. keep it like we remember it, just make it to the new age. Also... i want an Animanics movie that was just like the show. But longer and CG
  • Chase
    Okay this is garbage, why is it everytime there's a casting call for a latino, George(racists) Lopez is called. Who finds him humorous? really?
  • indyjack
    I'd rather see a movie about speedy's cousin, slowpoke rodriquez. He sings about weed and carries a gun (look it uo on wiki) No exxageration. that would be awesome
  • Back In Action was a great homage to the classic Warner cartoons, and I can't imagine why anyone would think Mel Blanc would 'be spinning in his grave' over it. My kids love this movie, and as an adult who grew up on the classics, there's lots of great moments that pay respectful and hilarious tribute to those cartoons. And the animation was done in the same style, with just a bit of extra detail here and there. Over all, a fun movie that I'm sure Mel would have appreciated--especially since the voice overs were very well done and completely convincing.
  • MMH
    Unless this was Lopez's idea , they must have paid him a SH#t load of money to do this.
  • R. Garcia
    George Lopez is A Corporate Whore, give Him enough Money He'll do anything. @Doomcanoe When are They going to do an animaniacs Movie?
  • R. Garcia
    this is about a great idea as the Marvin Martian Movie
  • Mary
    What a great idea!!! My kids will love this! They love everything that George does. The Speedy Gonzalez of my youth was sooo racist! But updating it with George is a great idea. Yes, I realize that looney tune purist will be upset .....but for those of us with children this is great. We need more kid friendly movies. Alvin and the Chipmunks made so many millions because of kids liking it ...... not negative adult reviews.
  • Craig
    a Marvin the Martian idea sounds like it has potential. Of course they'll screw it up, but it has potential. Or better yet, Duck Dodgers. I'd love to see a Duck Dodgers movie, if done properly. but George Lopez? As Speedy Gonzalez? Do not want. I really hate how they cast celebrities to voice classic cartoon characters rather than voice actors who actually sound like the classic cartoon characters. It's just a cheap way to bring attention to the movie. Completely pointless attention because, as #12 says, these movies are largely catered to children, and children would flock to see this movie regardless of who was voicing Speedy.
  • SlashBeast
    So now that a Latino has joined the project it's not racist?
  • Voice of Reason least its not Mencia?
    I for see a FAILED film in the making. Why not just remaster the original 1950's films and bring them to the audience with 3D this time :) things never change as racism in one era is comedy in the next, right?
  • Mac
  • Spider94
    looney tunes back in action was fucking awesome,why is most people complaining about it? *reads the plot of speedy movie*WTF IS THIS SHIT!!!! HOW THE HELL DID THIS AWFUL IDEA PASS THROUGH!!!!!!! JEZZUUUSSSS!!!!!!! they should make another movie like back in action with all the looney tunes together,this just sounds f*cking insane giving them there own movie,no not just insane,HYPEEERRR CRACCK INSANNEEE! what were they on when they made this idea?there just messing looney tunes now end of story
  • Superchyle
    Its not racist its stereotypical . Too bad I really like Speedy Gonzales and he did have an awesome voice . I hope this dosent get competely butchered.
  • Moviegimp
  • twittwit
    Why is everything that was genuinely funny and endearing yesterday, racist and offensive today?
  • L
    Because being racist and offensive makes good comedy?
  • Joaquin Mojado
    If you really watch this cartoon and I mean from it initial beginning it is far from racist but an actual political statement that Im not sure the studios recognized when it was being created. Speedy wants the cheese, speedy has to cross a fence(Border) to get the cheese, but the big bad Cat (authorities, immigration, border patrol) is guarding the fence that leads to the cheese, speedy is to fast and tricky for the cat (authorities, immigration, border patrol) to catch speedy. So the big bad Cat order, builds or devises a complex plan or out of this world trap which never works and speed leaves burn marks in his wake including one down the cat back. I don't think its racist at all I believe it represents the superiority of physical abilities by the Latinos. Sincerely a member of the Latinos
  • The Man With No Name
    Um... Joaquin Mojado, nobody is ever going to read your comment (I only did because I wanted to see if there were responses to comment #2). It was posted way too late (this post is currently at the bottom of page 3). Also, I don't think that Speedy Gonzalez represents "the superiority of physical abilities by the Latinos".
  • Jesus
    First we got George Lopez is Speedy Gonzales and next someone we get Colin Farrell is Bugs Bunny if there's any your problem folks so stay tooned.




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