Gordon-Levitt Crashes into Taxicab Window on Premium Rush

August 1, 2010
Source: Tumblr

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Taxi Crash

Bad. Ass. Don't worry, Joseph Gordon-Levitt isn't hurt badly, just a big scratch. In fact, he wasn't even fazed by the accident, as he asked director David Koepp to record a lil' video of his gnarly wound (don't watch if you can't handle lots of blood) and the place where it all occurred. While out shooting a scene for Premium Rush, that upcoming bike messenger action-thriller we posted first look photos from recently, lead actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt accidentally crashed into the back window of taxi cab on his bike, getting wounded in the process but not too bad. He posted a video on his Tumblr blog (found by Anne Thompson).

"My first real wreck today. Busted through the rear window of a cab," Joe said on his blog. "Luckily got my elbows up. Coulda been way worse. No, but it was my fault, I was going too fast." As we mentioned in our interview with Joe for Inception, he truly loves doing his own stunts which always makes his performances so authentic. This incident just shows that Joe Gordon-Levitt is truly tough as nails, getting actual injuries from real stunts he performed on his own and having some fun while at it. Premium Rush is still shooting now and will be released by Sony in 2011. Check out the video Koepp shot of Gordon-Levitt's injury below.

[Flash 10 is required to watch video]

If you're having trouble playing the video, visit the original post on Tumblr. Special thanks to indieWIRE!

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  • CLAW
    JGL is the man.
  • ryderup
    Maybe he should shoot himself to wake up.
  • Bryan
  • cheezy c
    JGL is a cool dude!
  • Sean
    Alex, do have a man crush on JGL?
  • Matthew
    Tom Cruise and Jackie Chan both have something to say about being pure bad-ass and doing their own stunts.
  • #5 - No, but he's a fantastic actor and I mean, how often do we see real actors (especially young ones) injuring themselves in a stunt like this (crashing through a taxi's window?!) and just walking away from it, happy enough to shoot a video. That's the complete opposite of Hollywood - normally it's paparazzi everywhere and everyone trying to hide the fact that anything happened. This just makes me want to see Premium Rush even more!
  • #6 - Exactly! And I love both Tom Cruise and Jackie Chan as well! If anything, this just shows JGL is working his way up to the same levels as those guys.
  • cheezy c
    I agree with Alex!
  • Guy
    Did they get the crash on film?
  • Ricardo
    Are you sure this isn't just viral publicity? Cause thats a lot of "blood"...
  • Bo
    Jackie Chan is blushing ... 😉
  • Xerxex
    Hell I totally have a man crush on JGL and I'm damn proud of it, Sean!
  • ryderup
    Funny that my comment was removed. HAHA.
  • KP
    alex completely has a crush on the guy, look how defensive he got, but hey who can blame someone for their feelings
  • Quaked2023
    Tommy Solomon! haha
  • eric
    Everyone has a crush on the guy.. 😉
  • harrison
    might actually be looking forward to some more of his movies, saw inception yesterday and he was just great in it
  • danielvutran
    sorry but levitt has a long way to go to get to tom cruise / jackie chan bad ass, this looks more like his kiddish heart found the injury funny, rather than him being "bad ass"
  • Cody w
    Loool xerx was about to say the same damn thing.
  • digits
    it's a viral people, how gullible can you get.
  • cheezy c
    hell, im with xerxex! and yeah it probably is viral, but thats great advertising
  • john
    im actually working on premium rush, and the accident really occured because JGL wants to be like the real nyc bike messengers and not use brakes so if he couldve stopped it wouldve been completely avoided... also he is doing a good amount of his own stunts, but he does have 3 different stunt doubles that each specialize in the more dangerous stuff....
  • DoomCanoe
    Alex.... come on he will never be on the level of Jackie Chan the man fell 60 feet on to his neck... didn't like the take and did it 3 more time. the man slid 100 feet down a pole, through lights and a glass window... he was electrocuted, broke his back, pelvis and burned all the skin off his hands. JGL is the man, but don't say he's working up to Jackie Chan level because lets face it, there has never been a better do it your self actor in hollywood
  • Alice
    JGL is a BAMF and none of you can deny.
  • cheezy c
    wow i'm so jealous john! i love movies, well i think we all do cuz thats why we go to this site, but what do u have to do to have a job like that?
  • Garrett
    The first reply hit the nail on the head. He is the man.
  • Brian
    I was in New York City a few days ago.. they had streets blocked off for this and I had no idea what they were shooting... I do now.
  • Tim
    Does anyone else thinks he looks alot like Heath Ledger?
  • Bill
    I have thought, since 10 Things I Hate About You, that JGL and Heath Ledger look very similar. So similar, that JGL could take on the role of the Joker and be just as good as Heath Ledger was (dare I say...better?). Maybe Chris Nolan has already thought the same thing. If not, he should. Joker is to much a part of Batman's world to write him off. Even if he is not a main character in the next movie, he should at least be pulling some strings as part of the plot for the 3rd Dark Night. Also, Chris Nolan does like to recycle his best actors for roles in other movies (Ken Watanabe, Cilian Murphy, Michael Caine), so again, maybe he is already thinking this. JGL is a great actor and yet seems to be so grounded and not affected by hollywood at all. He is my vote in filling the shoes of the Joker!
  • o Toxin o
    why is every1 so jocked on this guy , geez the last movie i even saw him in was the Juror. i'm sure hes got a good underground cult following for some unknown reason but dam , i'm sorry about my opinion but i'm not jumpin on the bandwagon , i mean what else is next ..John Lithgow to fill jokers shoes? # 30,theres only 1 more Batman movie on the way and Nolan said theres no possibility of joker returning but JGL is supposed to be the riddler supposedly ..... so every1 will get their wish . this guy had better be able to act >:I
  • Xerxex
    Toxin JGL fans like him because he can act. See the film Brick its a neo-noir detective story set in a Highschool about drugs and JGL is the lead after that you'll understand.
  • o Toxin o
    cool i'll give it a shot , i just don't see this guy around that much on recent film , i heard of 500 days of summer and GI Joe lol but maybe this guys got some skills , i'll give it a go
  • john
    @ 26 my father has the same job and he got it from his father so thats how i got it....
  • Xerxex
    let me know how you like man!




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