Gory New International Trailer for Nimrod Antal's Predators!

June 23, 2010
Source: IGN

Predators International Trailer

"I'm the one you don't f*ck with." Okay, now this is the trailer you've all be waiting to see! IGN has debuted a new international red band trailer for Robert Rodriguez & Nimrod Antal's Predators that features "foul" language and some gory violence. Although we've seen a lot of featurettes and even a TV spot for this movie, we have only ever seen one trailer before today, the first one from back in March. But this new one is packed full of great lines of dialogue from just about every character, even more action, and tons of new footage we haven't seen before. I want to see this now, can't frickin' wait, looks like it'll be an awesome movie. Enjoy!

The audio in this is a bit screwy, but that's how it arrived, and it is watchable. Will update once it's fixed.

Watch the new red band international trailer for Nimród Antal's Predators:

[flv: 596 248]

You can also watch this newest Predators trailer in Higher Definition on IGN

Predators is being directed by Nimród Antal, of Kontroll, Vacancy, and Armored previously. The screenplay was co-written by newcomers Michael Finch and Alex Litvak and is based on early draft written years ago by producer Robert Rodriguez, who also worked with them on the script. This is a reboot of the Predator series created by Jim & John Thomas and directed by John McTiernan in 1987. We're not sure what the actual plot is, but all we need to know is that it's about a bunch of badass elite warriors who fight a bunch of predators out in a jungle. 20th Century Fox will be bringing Predators to theaters worldwide on July 7th next month.

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  • jim
    looks like a good action movie but nothing more
  • Kaiser
    I just saw Topher Grace's name in the end credit, was he in that trailer? I like the look of this one
  • Turok
    Looks like the producers are doing something right here Predators are supposed to be bad-ass merciless killers They should not reveal the fact that the Earth-like planet is actually an alien planet. This should be a twist the audience should find out during the movie. I have a problem with trailers that reveal more than 30% of the movie plot...
  • jaxxx
    Holy sh#t, this looks awesome !!! And finally a look at the "Predator-dogs" or whatever they're called... I Like!
  • wally
    @ 1 Exactly what do you mean by "and nothing more"? Are you expecting a sequel to There Will Be Blood? Or maybe Pride and Prejudice. Dude, it's a sci-fi action movie - clearly not aimed at your demographic. Might want to go back to your chin stroking, red wine drinking buddies and leave Predators for us fans to enjoy. As for the trailer - I think this one is my favorite. Looks pretty badass if you ask me. Lets hope it delivers. Nimrod's last film, Armored was pretty cool.
  • dex
    @5 Exactly what i was about to say. This is getting more appealing to me with new footages, can't wait.
  • I'm really glad it doesn't take place on Earth like those AvP abortions. This trailer has me very excited for this film.
  • Have Hope
    Well I guess I am the odd one out. This really does not hold me. Predator dogs? HAHA! So this is Jurassic Park? The first two films were excellent because they built a tension with human characters and we only had glimpses of the Predator and the damage it could do. This looks VERY forgettable and will be greatly inferior to the first two films. John McTiernan. HH
  • chilin
    looks alright...maybe cuz i'm more of an Aliens fan...
  • Richard
  • ken
  • jono
    that fuck this r rated yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • Hattori Hanzo
    Looking good ... They actually may have something here ...
  • Big r
    #8 You said this doesn't hold you but the first two films built a tension with human characters? Are you forgetting that this is just a trailer and you "SAW" the first two? How can you compare this movie if you haven't even seen it yet?
  • Shyguy
    why does everyone keep refering to this as a reboot when its not? or did they just not notice the S at the end of the title i wonder >.<
  • Patrick
    I've been looking forward to this movie ever since they released the first set picture. @8 What's your problem with predator dogs? I mean the humans are stranded on an alien planet, I guess there is more than just one lifeform (Predator) on it... Off-topic: man I just watched Frontiers, that was some seriously fucked up shit...would not have needed to watch this bs! any1else feels the same? It got rather good reviews (Rt 60%, Imdb 6.x rating), somehow...
  • Trey M
    now that looks good
  • I'll have to see this now.
  • Hale18
    cool trailer, just wish they didnt show who died in it. I hate knowing that.
  • dee
    same horror formula right? Da Brotha' dies!
  • Big758
    Yes It's The Film Is Rated-R And It's Bloody. I'm So Happy Right Now
  • CJ
    #20 The Is Indeed Rated-R And Yes Big758 It's Bloody, And I Mean Chunky Bloody And Gory And Cool
  • Brandon
    Looks like a fun movie.
  • King Aweasome
    Thank Fucking God. A new predator movie is coming out. I've been waiting forever for a new predator. This looks aweasome. I thought AVPR was aweasome.
  • David
    Is It Rated R For Strong Bloody Graphic Violence And Gore Throughout, And Language.
  • Dirty Dutchman
    I used to be "rock hard" to see this film, but this trailer spoiled a lot for me by showing too many deaths, so I only have a semi now.
  • 1544K
    I had my reservations but I really liked the trailer and it brings back the story line to the original and away from AVP.
  • 1544K
    @19 always right haha! L Fishy still looks like he's kicking.
  • sb
    It looks well done.. Glad to see Danny Trejo in it
  • tjs
    this fucking awesome cant wait to see this
  • pulp fiction212
    @29 i think so to i hope he actully puts up a fight
  • lamar
    I'm excited! Lawrence Fishburne, Danny Trejo, and...Topher Grace? Well we can chuck Toph as a death but Danny and Fish are going to be the stuff. Adrien Brody in the lead role is pretty good too. I wonder if he'll say "GET TO THE CHOPPAAA!" Unlikely. Spoiler Alert! Something tells me the Yakuza guy is going to get killed the same way Billy did in the first movie.
  • beavis
    looks badass.......can't wait.
  • Christ
    Looks really badass, this movie's gonna be fun. Danny Trejo and yakuza warriors fighting predators? Adrien Brody as a merc leader on an alien planet? big ol' skinnings? Alice Braga as Michelle Rodriguez, Lawrence Fishbourne as... well, Lawrence Fishbourne... you get the point. Hell yeah! I'm in. btw, seems like Topher Grace's character gets killed even before the trailer starts... and that scene with Adrian Brody getting pointed by multiple predators was taken from Toy Story 2. Hope the movie sets on pandora, after the extermination of all those annoying blue beings by the hands of the predators.
  • Eli
    yeah. it looks like a good action film but not much else. the directing seems to be pretty good too.
  • Gex
    Still unsure about this. I mean, I just can't buy Adrien Brody being in this, not just compared to Ahnold, but compared to Danny. This also looks like one of those movies where you want to see all the characters die in the end, but they won't. Aside from the fact that this looks below my expectations from this franchise, I'll still probably see it. It could have some good action.
  • Xerxex
    Leave Brody alone Gex, he isn't trying to be Arnold, no one can recreate that performance. Besides I actually perfer someone Brody size in this kind of film, add more realism to a ficitional film.
  • malax
    Adrien brody and Lawrence Fischbourne fighting a bunch of predators, is a must see for me. It would have been epic for me if they showed someone spraying with 'Painless'
  • Alex T.
    Man............this is gonna suck
  • Cmurder
    Hey guys, just by watching this trailer you can tell who the last 3 to survive are. When brody is getting all the lasers pointed at him, that obviously is the climax at the end of the movie....look who's standing behind him. The chick and the Yakuza guy. Consider yourselves spoiled and no, I haven't seen the movie.
  • blowtorch1919
    Seeing a bunch of deaths in the trailer really didnt suprise me at all. Everyone always dies in Predator movies. I mean Only Arnold and the chick survived the first one. The only main guy in the 2nd one to live was Danny Glover, in AVP only the black chick lives. I havent seen AVPR in a long time but doesnt a bomb blow up and everyone dies? So im predicting everyone is goin to die again and its just a matter of how awesomely the Predators F them up.
  • otphj
    To all the commenters trying to guess the order of kills, I hesitate to do it, but I might give whoever cut this trailer some props (outside of the redneck from Justified getting popped in the first 10 secs of the trailer) since Topher is rumored to have a big role in this as being the wild card (he's a doctor, and has something to do with a big plot reveal) and I really cant see Fishburne dying that early. Also when all the target reticules light up brody has been shown in all the trailers and teasers so hopefully its not what #40 is guessing. #34 you're an idiot, I'm sure there are 10+ movies where the swat team, army rangers, etc. light up whoever with their targeting reticules, toy story 2 was paying homage and making a joke in the scene
  • KP
    my bet is on the black man dying first as usual, and then maybe the Japanese Yakuza, brody gets with the spanish chick, topher is the selfish traitor, everyone probably dies except brody and the girl somehow laurence will end up saving them the end epic masterpiece of predator
  • ChazzyO
    Hell yeah, that's what I like to see.
  • VOLD
    Looks Awesome. Glad its rated R.
  • Chaos1979
    My complaint is the cast. The cast looks weak . None of them look like mercenaries and murders to me other then Danny Trejo. Over all have have no expectations for this movie. After being heartbroken by the past 2 AVDP movies. I dont know why Hollywood just dont go to the Dark Horse comics series for movie ideas instead they try to come up with there own stupid story lines. Hollywood should just let the Alien and Predator franchise die knowing that can never duplicate greatness of the Schwarzenegger/Weaver movies.
  • ken
    @46 Really the cast WTF is wrong with you Lawrence Fishburne is BAD MOTHERFUCKER BABY You haven't seen the movie yet so stop nitpicking Watch it first if bad then complain
  • Jay
    I'm so sick of these remakes and gritty re-imaginings.
  • Alboone
    HELL MOTHERFUCKIN YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Kevin
    Looks like we will finally get the sequel the original film always deserved.
  • Said
    #3 no offence or anything but eventually it would be pretty obvious wouldnt it?
  • Jimmy Love
    @26 thats funny as hell only a half guy a chub not a full on chub just a sub chub but whatever you do dont say
  • Morlock
    "Does this look like a team orientated group of individuals to you?" ROFLMFAO.... This looks awesome.
  • Ells
    Wow. The guys who cut this trailer really know what they're doing. Probably one of the best trailers I've seen in months.
  • japan
    does no one else think the addition of a random yakuza guy to be a little weird? yakuza aren't ninjas. their tattoos are cool and all, but even if they spin it off as the number one assassin from some yakuza family... dude he has a sword... that being said I still want to see the movie. its just a really awkward element to me.
  • That last shot of Brody with all the Predator tri-lasers on him just sells this movie for me. Great shot and I loved the first one (who didn't?). 2 was okay, and I like Danny Glover, but he's no Ahnold. I'm stoked to see some great actors ripping shit up on the Predators planet. Looks like a good one!
  • D
    How are these skinny weak humans suppose to have any chance against the Predators? Weak. I hope they all die. DVD rental.
  • Andrei M
  • brian ricci
    @#2. You can see Topher Grace getting killed towards the end of the trailer right after the girl screams. is anyone else wondering how they survive the 1000 foot drop? I saw a light. and I was falling. Derf. I do want to see this though. Help?
  • Daniel Jackson
    Looks like any episode of Stargate SG-1. Gotta love BC - Stands in for any part of the universe and I'm glad to know it's all temperate forest.
  • Robert Rodriguez was originally the director, but he only wrote and produced the film, then Nimród Antal was hired because of his work on earlier films like Control.
  • Alex T.
    ^ In other words, Rodriguez hired a fall guy for when this movie bombs and/or upsets fans of the original worldwide. "We'll I didn't direct it......" - Douche
  • havok
    @ 42, I agree. Although I think Ill enjoy this movie, alot. I love every Predator and Alien movie, even the AvP installments, even if they are not up to par I still enjoyed them because Im a big fan. But seriously, Apart from Danny Trejo and possibly the black dude, because hes black, the others hardly look threating at all. They really should have gone with some bad ass big mother fuckers, like the expendables crew, or the ones left out.. they should get a crew of 8, 3 big names, like The Rock, Vin diesel and Van Dame to develop who last until the end and 5 big scary looking marine/ex con/mercs to kill off. @ 62, He wrote it, produced it and is the face of it, he cant "fall back on it" by saying he didnt direct it. @ 34, Thats not Topher Grace at the start of the trailer either, its Walter Goggins and I doubt thats a pred tackling him, prob Fishburne or something.
  • havok
    @59 yes you see Topher Grace getting dragged by a pred, with blood on his mouth, but he is clearly alive and may survive.
  • VOLD
    The audio totally ruines it for me. Can't watch it. They open their mouths but nothing comes out. Boo.
  • yay!
    remember if this is set in the timelines after 1 and 2 than the predators know that the most dangerous prey is someone who is cornered. I mean shit in 2 dg survived and he was a cop not a military man, so maybe they developed a formula for figuring out the "average badasses" for prey. They prolly were like uh no more juice heads that guy was dumb and took the fun out of it..




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