Intense New US Trailer for Stuart Hazeldine's Thriller 'Exam'

July 14, 2010

Exam Trailer

So has anyone figured out the answer yet? IFC Films recently debuted the new official US trailer for Stuart Hazeldine's stuck-in-one-room thriller Exam. You may remember seeing a trailer for this late last year, as that was the official British trailer we featured at the time which was also pretty damn cool. The concept in this is that eight candidates for a "prestigious job at a mysterious corporation" are brought into a room and given a blank exam paper and told to answer the question to pass the test. Ah but what is the question? This gives a way a lot in the footage, so you've been warned before, but I still really, really want to see it. Enjoy!

Watch the new official US trailer for Stuart Hazeldine's Exam:

[flv: 598 338]

There is one question before them and one answer is required. If they try to speak to the Invigilator or the guard by the door they will be disqualified. If they leave the room for any reason they will be disqualified.

Exam is both written & directed by first-time British director Stuart Hazeldine, a writer who worked on Alex Proyas' Knowing as well as other forthcoming projects. The story was also co-developed by Simon Garrity. This premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival and is being distributed by IFC Films in the US. Exam arrives "exclusively on demand" starting on July 23rd next week. Not sure if it is ever coming to theaters, though!

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  • ocp
    So basically its a remake of The Killing Room
  • Leo
    Good movie. No need to see it anymore
  • I literally just got done watching this. lol and its a pretty damn good movie. Perhaps a little too straight forward (you`ll see what I mean in the ending which is surprising though), but its fascinating watching the characters, and YOU as well engaging in deep brainstorms about what "the question" and "answer" could be. I loved every second though, intense and thought provoking. Though the ending could have easily been more mind bending, I still highly recommend it though cause it will for sure make you think, its a great ride even if the ending is underwhelming. 8/10
  • leinergroove
    mmm, how many twists can you give to the old "we are trapped in this room" idea??
  • David
    @buddhistwissdom7 definitely agree with your review. Saw this a few months back and enjoyed it. Definitely brings you into the movie and makes you wonder how it'll end. @ocp I watched The Killing Room before I saw Exam and can tell you having seen The Killing Room prior did not take away from the experience of watching Exam @leinergroove the "twist" of this version is that they want to stay in the room. Which, in my eyes, is a pretty unique take.
  • Vet4Peace
    The answer is obviously 42.
  • dom
    This is MUCH better then the killing room and in my opinion much cleverer with stronger performances to match. This came out in the UK some time back - love it when you americans have to wait - 😛
  • beavis
    #7, i guess you would love it; seeing how 99.9999999999999999999999 % of the time YOU are the ones waiting. LOL this looks ok but it reminds me too much of "killing room". - i think "devil" looks better.
  • Setebos
    Wow, those entrance exams for Post Office Mail Carriers get more intense each year!
  • PinkSushit
    downloading it now <3
  • Big r
    Lol at number 2
  • Great film with strong performances and whilst I agree that this trailer shows a lot, it doesn't actually spoil it at all. The film plays off your expectations from the promotional trailers (both US and UK ones) and certainly isn't spoiled by them.
  • twispious
    all these short stories with mildly intriguing questions..and the inevitable underwhelming twist....all to fill the void LOST left....
  • splinter
  • Spike
    Saw the movie... no worthwhile plot twists... disappointed.
  • lamar
    Okay, yeah this is interesting. Kinda like The Killing Room but...different.
  • kidgamer
    Polly McIntosh, as usual, looks gorgeous.
  • Since most people beat me to saying this looks like The Killing Room, I will instead comment on @6's answer to the "Ultimate Question" by responding "So long and thanks for all the fish" 😛
  • loko2
    I saw a spanish movie long a go called 'el método' and is the same plot as here. They should sue this bast*rds is a hell copycat this 'new' movie. check it out
    I saw this last month and this film is way over-rated. There's absolutely nothing new or fresh that this movie presents. There are no major plot twists or omg moments. The characters will do irrational and morally grey things just for a job that don't make any sense. In the end, you'll be disappointed and asking yourself, "That's it?!" The Killing Room is way better in it being smarter and having more of a societal connection or significance to the viewers.
  • DoomCanoe
    #5... did you just tell me the twist for the movie?
  • Roderick
    *Spoiler* the question is, do you have any questions...
    @ #21 no, #5 didn't tell you the twist of the movie, he just told you the premise...but #22 just spoiled it for you!
  • Mike P
    reminds me of the movie "fermat's room".
  • vegasdanny
    already on dvd over here in the UK...if you REALLY wanna see it just order it online from Amazon : )
  • David
    #21.... no, i was simply saying that they aren't stuck in the room. you hear from the beginning they are there by choice. In no way did i ruin it.
  • Kenji
  • ishmell
    wow thats a bad job interview
  • nofooling
    Alan Iverson was both the question and the answer
  • Dupa
    No he wasn't he was only the question the answer was your's momma




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