Hartnett & McGuigan Reteam for Time Travel Film 'Tomorrow'

August 12, 2010
Source: Quiet Earth

Josh Hartnett

Sigh. Director Paul McGuigan and actor Josh Hartnett have worked together twice - on Lucky Number Slevin in 2006 and Wicker Park in 2004 before that. McGuigan didn't cast him when he directed Push from last year, but word is the two may be teaming up again for another new project. Our friends at Quiet Earth are reporting that Hartnett will star in McGuigan's newest project titled Tomorrow. Written by newcomer Michael Gould, it's about a man stuck traveling through time and space who's trying to prevent the murder of his family. As is the case in any time travel movie, I'm sure he learns that there's not much he can change.

Here's an alternate version of the film's logline that presents the concept in a different way: "Max Martin (Hartnett) is desperate to save his family on the day of their murder but he can't control the short-term time travel phenomenon he's trapped in." Very interesting. I'm curious what the time travel hook is, as that's one of the reasons I thought The Time Traveler's Wife was so bland, is that there was nothing to it except that he randomly jumped through time. Big deal. So is Tomorrow as simple as Groundhog's Day or is there a device or some futuristic twist involved? I like the concept, just wondering if there is more to it than was revealed.

So what was that sigh for at the beginning? Well, Paul McGuigan isn't a great director. In fact, I absolutely hated Lucky Number Slevin (that's a story for another day) and although I thought Push also had a unique concept, we all know that everyone hated that movie in the end. So I'm sighing because, yet again, this is a great concept that I think we'll only get a mediocre movie out of because Paul McGuigan is directing. I really want this to be good and I'm trying to be optimistic, but how much hope is there? Hartnett has been laying low for a while as well, but has a few films coming up like Bunraku, Stuck Between Stations and Gunslinger.

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  • Seward
    Quite aside from the fact that Lucky Number Sle7in is actually pretty good, anyone wanting to see what McGuigan can do behind the camera should check out Episode One of the new BBC series Sherlock. It's an hour and a half long, and is really quite spectacularly put together. Surely it can convert you, Alex?
  • ^ Sure if it's good, but I'm honestly very skeptical. Plus I don't watch much TV, even mini-series, but I'll try and check it out! Is it available on DVD or Blu-Ray at all yet?
  • Seward
    It's a three parter... it literally just aired on the BBC, with the final episode on Sunday. I think the DVD comes out at the back end of August.
  • Xerxex
    Lucky # Slevin was pretty badass, Wicker Park was forgettable. I'm glad to see Hartnett getting another role.
  • Terrence
    Thanks for the head ups Alex. Actually I did enjoy Slevin. I think McGuigan has a great visual style. Aesthetic directors are my favorite! As for Hartnett's upcoming releases, I'm eagerly awaiting BUNRAKU. Any news?
  • Eli
    How Ironic. lol. Hartnett has got some real talent. This sounds so so. I kinda wish I could know more about the story right off the back to make a better opinion. I still have to rewatch luckysleven with no interruptions. I thought it was nifty. I'll stay away from wicker park if I can. Gotta remember the name McGuigan. I know Hartnett has been doing stage work. Is that the soul reason he's been off the screen so long?
  • Ben
    Lucky Number Slevin (or the Wrong Man as it is called here in Oz) is a fantastic film, it is clever, witty and original. Highly enjoyable film. Why didn't you like it Alex? Everybody above me seems to like it too.
  • Outlaw
    You actually HATED Lucky Number Slevin? Do you have a review of it up somewhere? Because I'd love to know what exactly pushed you to such a strong negative reaction. I actually think it's a pretty fun little flick that you don't see coming.
  • silver
    I liked Lucky Number Slevin also... thought I'd chime in.
  • Xerxex
    am I the only one who liked Push? I can't be! can I? We really don't have enough psychokinesis films out there, that sub-genre of Sci-fi is undoubtly one of my favorite genre, and its completely underdeveloped!
  • beavis
    alex, i LOVED "lucky nuber slevin"! push - not so much. so ironic on a time travel movie being talked about today - i was just posting with eli and xerxex on this very subject yesterday. this could be good; but, we need more backstory/trailer before any real opinion can be formed. i hope it doesn't turn out like the dreadful "time travelers wife". - that was a steaming pile. xerxex -i didn't like "push".........i do agree that psychokinesis is good subject matter that hasn't been properly utilized yet. add this genre to haunted houses and time-travel!
  • Craig
    I'll watch anything involving time travel.
  • Xerxex
    Very well beavis. It has been added!
  • Lucky Number Slevin went from a clever and visually impressive film into a huge pile in the last act. All the good dialogue, shots and characters worked until the end when countless flashbacks and narration of the past just ruined the whole thing for me... Gangster No. 1 on the other hand showed that McGuigan's got some chops, let's hope he use them. On a side note, when Hartnett first started we hated him, thought he was talentless, then little by little he converted us. We want to see him work more.
  • Eli
    I want to watch Push but I know it's not gonna be that great. I posted the first part of a sci-fi thriller that involves time travel and telekenises together. Well, time travel comes into play at the very end with a twist so it's not a big player.
  • JMoney
    I'm definitely looking forward to your story on why you "absolutely hated Lucky Number Slevin"
  • Xerxex
    Give it a chance Eli you may like it. Go in with in an open mind!
  • Quilly
    To think i quiet enojoyed both Lucky Number Slevin and Push. Maybe they weren't up your alley film wise Alex. Looking forward to seeing how this film Tomorrow works out
  • Kay
    I can't wait to hear more about Bunraku
  • Brian
    Honestly, the story sounds terrible. Frankly, Lucky Number Slevin wasn't all that bad in the end. A bit ambitious, but honestly, I see worse (on the regular) getting praise. Push I saw, but I don't recall the ending, probably because the movie was for kids.




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