If You Want to Watch It: Full Trailer for Twilight Saga Eclipse

April 23, 2010

Eclipse Trailer

We normally don't cover anything Twilight related, but I'm featuring today's new trailer for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse just in case any of you want to see it. Everyone probably knows what to expect going in, so don't get pissed if this just frustrates you, we all knew it was coming. Eclipse stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and everyone else from the first two movies. This trailer originally comes from, but we have a YouTube embed below in high quality to watch. And if you don't really care about this movie, then please don't leave any nasty comments, let those who are interested enjoy it if they want to.

Watch the full theatrical trailer for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse:

As a string of mysterious killings grips Seattle, Bella, whose high school graduation is fast approaching, is forced to choose between her love for the vampire Edward or her friendship with werewolf Jacob Black.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is directed by British filmmaker David Slade, of only Hard Candy and 30 Days of Night previously. The screenplay adaptation was written by Melissa Rosenberg, who wrote the scripts for the first two Twilight movies and also works on "Dexter". This film is obviously based on Stephenie Meyer's uber-popular series of novels that need no further introduction. Summit Entertainment is bringing Eclipse to theaters everywhere on Wednesday, June 30th, this summer. Thankfully this stuff isn't showing in 3D!

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  • movie mike
    now thats what im talking about!......kinda
  • I look forward to these movies because the guys from "Mystery Science Theater 3000" do such a great job of skewering them at Rifftrax. I don't like them as standalone movies, but when they're turned into comedies? Awesome.
  • qweqwu
    epic....thought it was going to be shit, but i was wrong
  • Shelby
    They ripped off the walking out from under the water part from 'Land of the Dead'
  • Daniel Felts
    Okay, looks pretty cool. A big battle is what the whole series needed. And I wanna see it
  • People's Champ
    Almost shocked it's not in 3D. I'll give that to them.
  • ImaginaryVisionary
    I have to admit i enjoyed the story of the first film, but the film making as a whole sucked. But this looks awful. How have they not improved the acting, special effects, or film making in general with all of the money they're making? Eduard still looks like a B movie vampire too. I'm not hating on the books, just the films. I don't get the appeal, because they've got to be absolutely murdering the books by essentially crushing these stories thru the hollywood playdough fun factory. I understand that the stories were originally intended for high school girls, but these books or horded over by adults too....and anytime one of these movies comes out the lines are mostly adult women. I'm not trying to be sexist, but what are we depriving women of in cinema if this crap is what they're lining up for?
  • Mr.Mr
    Lol. I like how this movie needs a disclaimer to be nice or not say anything at all.
  • posssty
    i've never seen so many broody gap models in the northwest at one time before, haha
  • Brandon
    Whatever, I'm a full blooded man and this look entertaining (based on this trailer). 50% of Twilight haters are probably closet qu33rs anyhow.
  • Cody w
    Looks ok to say the MOST....but I dont understand how after the millions this series has racked up the SFX can still be sooooo horrible. Btw did I see Dakota Fanning in there?
  • Donza
    First movie wasnt 2 bad the second sucked balls but this dosnt look 2 bad wif a bit more action but i guess we will c. Not holdin my breathe though.
  • Peace Love & GaGa
    Vampires don't sparkle. End o' story. Fuck twilight.
  • BallyLD
    the trailer is good, but it's the soundtracks that does the trick
  • Rops
    Hahaha, now I see why Summit and Slade were having creative differences. He actually made it look badass. I'm actually kind of intrigued.
  • Looks ass-bad. I bet that all the action is in the trailer and most of the time they just stare off into the woods and pout. Compared to the other 2 though it looks a bit better. Emos
  • notalent
    If any director can make Twilight look cool, it'll be Slade since he's done a vampire movie in the past (30 Days of Night).
  • no
    needs more vampires
  • masticator
    I'm embarassed to say but that did actually look quite decent.
  • dudley moron
    man i wish i was a werewolf so i could live this life...i love the books and movies and every one in this movie, for me the best of the serie so far. i hope theres many more...and the vampire sparkles alot more and the girl enjoys both of them
  • That Awesome Norwegian Dude
    Looks so awful.
  • meh
    IMAX? really? is it necessary?
  • hater
    most over-rated films in history they both sux balls, and this one looks like its going to sux as bad as the first two and 99.9 percent of ppl who like this movie are properly retarded and gay. Oh they have the worse werewolves in history and for fuck sake no fucking vampire sparkles during the day that is sooooo wrong morons.
  • blue & orange ny
    When I first found out that Vamps were able to walk in the day light I was, ahhh I'll pass.....after seeing this trailer, I continue with my way. This is more for the young kids. This can't touch Trublood
  • Not as bad as I thought, I like the wolves part though!
  • Al
    Funny how all of the positive posts regarding this crap trailer are coming from people who i've never seen comment on this site before.....
  • Sharlto
    hahahahaha this one actually looks pretty good I can't believe it
  • Dark Fist
    @Al: How is that funny? I didn't realize "comment experience" counts for anything worth noting. Not that it's even possible to verify identities on any level on a site like this. I could have just as well posted this under the alias "Al" as well. Anyway, as terrible as I thought the first film was (being a fan of the books), and after avoiding the second, this looks decent at least. At this point we know what to expect from the cast, so now it's more a matter of directorial style, special effects, etc. and on that end I see some promise with this one.
  • arjones
    I read the books and I personally didn't really care for them. I've seen the other two movies(someone suckered me into the first one) and didn't really care for them either. The only 2 reasons I'm going to see this one is I hate leaving things unfinished and the director is kickass. Maybe it'll catch me on a great day and i'll like it, but i doubt it.
  • cx
    werewolves roxs
  • Every one of these fans should watch Hard Candy, since the same director did it and all. Yeah, I know. Shhh. Let 'em watch.
  • Al
    Dark Shadow, I was merely pointing out a trend amongst Twilight Fans. You all hurdle to sites you dont go on to make it look like the consensus of that site is pro twilight. You've done it to imdb and you've done it boxofficemojo. Now my precious FirstShowing is under attack. Awful. Just awful.
  • Al
    Dark Fist*
  • N
    This is the only one I would consider seeing, just because I hear most of it is just straight vampire v werewolf fightfest.
  • Arhnold Schwarzaweiner
    the fights shown look like crap. straight doody like the rest.
  • Ian Kuah
  • T
    @13 Vampires also aren't real :)
  • Peace Love & GaGa
    @T As far as you know.
  • max s.
    thank god the battle scene is in because i thought they would cut it out(unfortunately believed the hype, read the whole series but this one battle was the only relief in the entire series and bad thing is i'm a guy who read this entire series and hated every second of it until i read about this batte with vampire vs. werewolf action)
    weak ass movie
  • Ells
    I'll go watch it.... with the girlfriend
  • Guy
    Honestly, an improvement. It looks a lot more entertaining than the other movies.
  • fakenameo
    The fight scene actually looks entertaining, its just too bad it appears to only have one
  • julian
    This....actually has some balls!! Way to go Twilight franchise 😀
  • tST
    hope there are more big fan cant wait to see it




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