If You Want to Watch It: Sex and the City 2's Theatrical Trailer

April 8, 2010
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Sex and the City 2 Theatrical Trailer

Women are going to go crazy for this! Warner Bros has debuted the theatrical trailer for Sex and the City 2 starring the whole gang: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon. We also get a good look at where the stories takes us - literally to Abu Dhabi and off the streets of Manhattan (I wonder if they really shot this in Abu Dhabi?). I'm not sure so many guys are into this, but women will turn out in droves and Sex and the City 2 is going to ravage movie theaters in May, so get ready for it. Either plan to be there with all your friends on May 28 or stay as far away as possible. I'll leave the choice up to you. Enjoy!

Watch the theatrical trailer for Sex and the City 2:

[flv: 598 324]

You can also watch the Sex and the City 2 trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Sex and the City 2 is the follow-up to the first feature film from 2008. That original film was inspired by the phenomenally popular, award-winning HBO series that's based on the writings of Candace Bushnell.

Sex and the City 2 is again both written and directed by showrunner Michael Patrick King, who previously wrote, produced, and directed last year's Sex and the City movie and also worked on the show when it was on HBO. Warner Bros (who now runs New Line Cinema) will be bringing Sex and the City 2 to theaters everywhere starting on May 28th later this summer. Get ready for another box office hit, that's for sure!

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  • Paulo
    I don't get why when it's a movie with a male lead, say Transformers or Funny People or any other movie, it's just considered a normal movie that appeals to everyone. BUT when a movie has female lead(s) in it, it's automatically called a chick flick that only appeals to women and that guys only watch it because they're dragged into it.
  • Xerxex
    #1 its Sex and the City.
  • Nick
    I've noticed a fairly large gender bias in the reporting about new movies on this website. It's like none of you think any women would be interested in movies like Iron Man 2 and no men would be interested in anything written by Nicholas Sparks. (well, the latter may be true) Rather than write a derogatory paragraph about how anyone with a vagina is going to leap out of their miniskirt and go see this movie, why not actually dissect it for what it is? You can spend 2,000 words and 20 blog posts on Tron Legacy per week, but can't spare two paragraphs on how ridiculous it is to release a movie so fully steeped in gluttony when our economy is still on the rebound? I expect better FirstShowing.
  • Xerxex
    @ Nick, I for one love to see a leading lady leading a film, but there haven't been any female leading films that are worth mentioning, and its a little sad to be honest.
  • Nick
    @Xerxex, I definitely agree that there is a serious lack of leading female actresses these days. It's like Angelina Jolie is the only actress any studio is comfortable enough to cast in a lead. Luckily, some actresses like Zoe Saldana are really starting to kick some ass, and hopefully that will lead to less-stereotyped movies with female leads. Saldana looks simply badass in The Losers, and hopefully that's just a sign of more to come!
  • Xerxex
    Nick I totally agree with you on Saldana, she is ushering the new/upcoming talent of the XX chromosomes!
  • Shanice
    I agree with everything you just said Nick!
    kill me.
  • L
    Both of you have great points on lead characters, but think of it this way... Firstshowing knows their target audience. It's called good marketing. Women would have the same problem, if they kept having ads for The Expendables in Cosmo.
  • Hattori Hanzo
    Yaaawwwwnnn ... And the preview for Sex and the City #2 is different than the preview for Sex and the City #1 because ..... ?
  • Sam Shadey
    What don't they just call it "PMS: The Movie"?
  • Henri
    Good one Sam LOL ... Or they could call it: "The Golden Girls: The Prequel "LOL
  • GOD
    OMG its sooooo geeezus, if a men would go watch this that means he is a straight gay
  • Garrett
    Why is everyone arguing? Nobody is biased and steers clear of movies with female leads. They do with this movie in particular because it's called SEX AND THE CITY. Mind blowing I know.
  • Pained me to tweet this trailer out to my followers. I apologized before hand just in case some people would be pained as well. As much as a movie junkie as I am, just not sure if I can sit through this one.
  • DANtheMAN
    Get real guys...first showing isn't being biased because there are leading female roles in this movie. The movie in itself OBVIOUSLY looks absolutely terrible! And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that it's specifically marketed towards women anyway. Alex has a right, as a MAN to embrace the fact that he has a cock, respect, AND a good perspective on film.
  • Jay
    If they made this horribly irritating show into two movies.. I wonder if they'll bring back Golden Girls.. And since a few of them are dead it would be Golden Girls - Zombie Apocalypse
  • This isn't a 'chick' flick, it's a 'someone with mental health problems' flick. I hate that New York song as well, Alicia Keys is a dick.
  • wow
    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! (Places gun in mouth) BANG!
  • p liu
    You guys have so many films for guys and one film comes along with four women in it and you can't wait to trash it. We are 51% of the population yet onscreen we are like a minority. Where's all the press headlines about "Iron Man -if you want to watch it?" Sexist crap from more male writers.
  • Professor Brian O'Blivion
    Most of the comments so far indicate that the commentator's had predispositions about the "Sex and the City" franchise long before they watched the trailer. Then why watch it if you know you are going to hate it? Do you need validation in your life so badly you saw the headline and watched it just for the couple seconds of going "ya I knew that would suck". Why does it suck? No one sans #3 even bothers to get into that. The acting has never been bad, the direction is a bit too safe. Though if you do watch some of the series there are some fun film-making bits in there including warp zooms (for you other "Jaws" fans) as well as an engaging story if your into that kind of thing. This does however look like the first movie again. Problems, exotic trip, strife, 'full-house'-esque neat ending. In addition everything #2 said, but for some people I suppose this could be escapism. But on the upside we get to see Kim Cattrall as the shredder!
  • Kit Whelan
    Totally agree with everything Nick & p liu said. Zoe Saldana FTW!!! And yes this movie looks dumb, but it can be critiqued on many levels instead of just "oh people with vaginas like this, let's make fun of it!" As a female FS reader I would really love my movie news without the side of sexism.
  • Sabes
    I'll probably end up watching this in the middle of the night/morning during a bout of insomnia when there's nothing else on TV. Same with how I ended up watching the first one. The show wasn't so bad though.
  • Ricardo
    I liked sex and the city, the tv show, i have no problem saying that. But the first movie was just plain wrong. I absolutely hated it. This one looks "better" though. And the return of "that other boyfriend" (don't know names) shall please the fans. I gotta say, I'm felling really impressed with actresses nowadays. I don't mean especifically action protagonists, but in general. And we are now seeing a generation of young actresses we know since they were little kids aging well (i mean in terms of acting skills, c'mon guys :P), like Dakota Fanning, Abigail Breslin, Saoirse Ronan. And others, like Amanda Sayfried, Emma stone. And some recently discovered talents like Anna Kendrick and Carey Mulligan. I'm not sure about Zoe Saldana, even though she herself made avatar for me, we'll see. Overall, I'm enjoying the new fresh air in terms of female protagonists. And Alex gives them props everytime, it's just this one movie, relax.
  • mike
    How much did the tourist department of Abu Dhabi pay for this..?
  • baloneysandwichguy
    no interest at all in the series or movie...but Kim Katrall is the without a doubt the hottest woman on the planet...
  • OMG ... i dont care if this is a chick flick .. I love Tina Fey´s Means girls by the way,.... but ...this is a real shitty movie...seriously... i agree about Zoe Saldaña´s talking... Sexy, intelligent and good actress..
  • jk
    in abu dhabi, and as usual every lead is a white person and every colored person is a servant, at least racism is dead
  • monica
    I just gotta say that reading some of the comments in here today really cracked me up! LMAO!! I enjoy a good laugh, and come on people, let's lighten up. There's enough shit in the world going on, it's alright to watch a shitty (or some would say) chick flick movie and diss it right after that. I personally liked Sex and City the series on TV but as a movie...meh.
  • arjones
    I watched a coupla episodes of it on cable and sure it was kinda witty and kinda funny but I wasn't that impressed. I'm just tired of hearing about it. Let it go people.....
  • fakenameo
    I might consider watching this if one of them was attractive...JUST ONE THATS ALL I ASK!!!!!!!!
  • SillySil
    Its worse than I thought it would be because Miley Cyrus in it...ugh.
  • Answering your question if the movie was actually filmed in Abu Dhabi. The answer is no, they weren't given permission to film in Abu Dhabi (or Dubai). So they shot this in Morocco as a stand in for Abu Dhabi.. U can read about it more here:




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