Impressive Red Band Trailer for Will Forte's MacGruber Movie

January 19, 2010

MacGruber Trailer

Universal has just debuted the official trailer for MacGruber starring Will Forte, Ryan Phillippe, Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader, and Val Kilmer as the bad guy! The trailer can be seen over at and below. Believe it or not, I actually think this looks pretty damn good. I'm not a big fan of SNL humor anymore (and some of the jokes just didn't hit with me at all), but this at least looks like it was shot beautifully. And I hate to say it, but the explosions look pretty good, too. I'm impressed and will probably see this in theaters. And I must say I'm very happy that they decided to make this R-rated. Anyway, watch and enjoy the trailer below!

Watch the red band trailer for MacGruber:

A comedy based on Will Forte's bumbling secret agent named MacGruber seen on "Saturday Night Live" whose lack of skill and abundance of personal problems serve as a detriment to him and those around him.

MacGruber is directed by fellow SNL star Jorma Taccone, who hasn't directed any feature films before this, but has directed numerous skits and digital shorts for "Saturday Night Live" over the years. The screenplay was co-written by Will Forte, Jorma Taccone, and John Solomon, another veteran SNL writer. Universal is bringing MacGruber to theaters everywhere starting on April 23rd. Anyone planning on seeing it now?

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  • SuicidalOptimist
    Is it just me or was that not funny at all? SNL sucks nowadays, and this trailer doesn't look much better to me.
  • Film Fan
    Yeesh. This looks terrible. Should have remained just a once in a while skit on the show.
  • Cineprog
    MacGruber what a load of shit, the gags in this movie are shit, it just Lame.
  • Antioch
    Rental. Not worth 10 bucks. Forte sucks, but Wiig is pretty good and I really miss Val Kilmer so I'll probably see it on video.
  • theotherbluth
    Well it's not supposed to highbrow or anything. this looks hilarious! dumb-funny? very, but look what it's based on. Any movie that uses the upper deck in it is just plain funny.
  • lego
    oh val kilmer, you need to lose a few... a lot of pounds, and make a good movie again....pleaaassseeeeeee.
  • Winston
  • Brisby
    This looks like utter trash. It looks phenomenally bad. It looks like they set the bar as low as it could go and then challenged themselves to find a way to sneak under it. If I could pay $20 to make this movie lose $10 I would.
  • Eddie
    Oooooh for anyone who thinks this movie takes itself even slightly seriously, you need to remember, Ladies Man, Night at the Roxbury, and other such SNL made movies that despite ourselves, make us laugh silly. This is gonna be a good comedy, not Hangover good, but good nonetheless.
  • I'm In!
  • Dan W
    Eh. I didn't find anything funny about it, and I like the sketches on SNL
    Wow, this makes Twilight look good !!!
  • Xerxex
    I only liked the "We got a nuclear bomb to disarm, holy shit...what the fuck is this!?"' Yeah I'll check this out, I need to laugh at something stupid every now and again.
  • That was hilarious. Can't wait to see this.
  • beavis
    i was expecting nothing out of this but it looks like it'll have some good laughs. i wouldn't go to the theatre to see it (i usually watch comedies as rentals) but i'll definitely be putting it on my netflix queue.
  • Kevin
    The joke about the wires was pretty funny.
  • Syphous
  • filmfan111
    Looks better then the A team.
  • rblitz7
    you guys are crazy, this looks pretty darn good. plus kristen wigg and will forte are hilarious on SNL, they could make a bad sketch funny. I doubt it will be as good as night at the roxbury buuut it could come close.
  • Pats
    Loosen up! This looks like genuine camp. The scene when he has to defuse the nuclear warhead will get me into the theatre. Plus the test audiences said it is effin hilarious.
  • Cody
    Man what the fuck happened to Val Kilmer and his career.
  • Vijay
    I thought it was pretty funny. And I hated the MacGruber skits during SNL for the most part. Except for the week Charles Barkley hosted. Agreed that the best joke was the one about the wires. "I'm a three wire guy". Nice. I gave Paul Blart a chance and was pleasantly surprised. So I'd consider giving this one a shot as well.
  • Korm
    Up your your butthole....
  • Conrad
    I think this looks pretty funny. Nothing to put in the comedy classics category or anything, but definitely good for a fun laugh.... Kristin Wiig looks hot!
  • DukePhoenix
    Jesus this looks terrible.
  • arjones
    I was like,"Nah, nope, uh uh." Then the wire thing made me laugh so I think I'll see it now.
  • Lazarus from Sparta!!! DEATHKLOK RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Props to #9...This movie is just a long SNL tradition in sketches that are funny and can make mindless funny comdies! " Quick MacGruber...there's a nuclear fusion and we only have ten seconds... " " Right Vicky...Did you loose weight? " *Major explosions* end scene! Gimme 90 min. of that and I'll laught til the cows go see Avatar in 3D IMAX!
  • beavis
    i liked the bit about the green wires.........and the "upper-decker".
  • DoomCanoe
    this looks stupid ha I'm totally watching it! and #27 if you think Dethklok Rules check out Mors Principium Est!
  • rfjr
    "im only a three wire kinda guy" dont care what people say i am gonna go see this movie.
  • Combaticus
    Yay. Another funny SNL sketch (a rarity in itself) gets padded out to feature length with predictable results. OK, the wire thing was funny.
  • matthew
    Why did Val Kilmer get fat? Why? he just don't look right fat
  • Nick
    His expressions reek of Anchorman... Let's get some original SNL MacGruber. Man, what is this lately - Hollywood Suckfest?
  • jeffrey
    I'm in....this will be Will Forte's finest hour!! Fuck all you haters!
  • splinter
    im with 34, " you can stick it where the sun dont shine "...., i was entertained with its dumb and dumber or night at the roxburry humor, im down
  • dex
    As much as i'd love to support this trailer, i don't know Maybe, i need more convincing.
  • guh
    @12...nothing can make twilight look good. Though this trailer was pretty shitty, the last like 20 seconds was actually pretty funny.
  • Michael Field
    I laughed. Is that wrong?
  • kthizzle
    i have no idea what u guys are saying, this looks hilarious! i'll be there opening night! :]
  • th3thirdman
    Will some one please shoot snl and let it die its not funny anymore
  • Jim
    SNL is definitely still funny. Not as good as it was in the 80s/90s but i still watch every episode the majority of which are still funny. The only problem is Kristen Wiig has to pretty much carry the show on her back but almost every skit she's in is hilarious. Also the guest stars haven't been very willing to commit with the execption of Justin Timberlake.
  • Fisherr
    lol...Rental, anyone?
  • Released on April 23, filmed in New Mexico.
  • Chris
    How could they do that to Macgyver. If they needed to make a movie out of a SNL short they should have picked Natalie Portman. About her life in Harvard when she smoked everyday and cheated all the tests and snorted all the yay.




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