Indie Trailer Sunday: Canadian Vampire Rock Comedy 'Suck'

March 14, 2010
Source: YouTube

Suck Trailer

A couple of years ago, we wrote about a vampire rock 'n roll musical comedy (that's really what it is) titled simply Suck that would feature appearances by Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, Henry Rollins, and Moby, as well as other rockers. Well, jump ahead to today, and now we've got the official trailer for Suck courtesy of YouTube (via SlashFilm). That beauty with the killer vampire eyes above is Canadian actress Jessica Paré, also seen in Hot Tub Time Machine. This has played at a few film fests and is currently showing at SXSW, so its been making the rounds, and its been getting mostly positive reviews (here's one on ScreenDaily). Check it out!

Watch the official trailer for Rob Stefaniuk's Suck:

Suck is a rock vampire comedy about a group of musical wannabees in search of immortality and a record deal. Rock band The Winners have sunk so low, they'll do anything to make it big. After meeting a vampire they rocket to stardom only to discover that fame and fortune are not all that they’re cracked up to be.

Suck is both written and directed by Canadian actor-turned-filmmaker Rob Stefaniuk, of only the Canadian film Phil the Alien previously. This first premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last year and is also playing at the SXSW Film Festival. Suck still doesn't have a US distributor, so we're not sure when it'll be arriving in theaters. However, we'll let you know if it gets picked up and when it gets scheduled. Anyone interested?

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  • Looks better than Twilight. I'm not even saying that in a bad way, it really does. Bet the budget was considerably smaller too. Henry Rollins, Iggy Pop and Alice Copper too, bonus!
  • Looks really funny. Was going to post this myself. The girl in the pic is Jessica Pare and is the naked chick in Hot Tub Time Machine:
  • SlashBeast
    Accurately titled.
  • Adam
    I like the trailer,hopefully it's not another movie that all the goods are in the preview.
  • Duck
    Looks like fun
  • Xerxex
    I was worried at first, but I do agree that this has the chance to be a cult classic, I'm in.
  • People's Champ
    Looks kinda corny, I'm tired of every vampire movie being compared to Twilight. @1
  • Ben
    There wasn't a single movie involving vampires until Twilight!!!!! Can anyone really use their brain for two second to come up with a better comparison then Twilight?.. This movie looks like it is going to blow. Vampire movies just keep getting worse and worse. Hopefully this vampire trend will kill itself off by getting progressively more terrible.
  • anon
    i cant even be bothered to list all the vampire films before twilight so heres a nice link which show the hundreds of examples so i hope you were being sarcastic ben
  • Okay then, it doesn't look as good as Lost Boys, but it might be on par with Vamp, which even though it was pretty silly was entertaining and Grace Jones was mental in it. I want the Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires remade.
  • Bryanmakeup
    I appreciate they aren't taking themselves too seriously and making a comedy. Original Buffy was funny and worked. I'm pretty stoked that Alex Lifeson makes a cameo, be cool if there's some Rush in there too. @7 I totally agree. I'm tired of Hollywood sinking their teeth into anything that might make money, casting teenagers and sucking the life out of it.
  • This looks hilarious. Henry Rollins, lol
  • Django 3000
    Alex Lifeson & Henry Rollins. Wow. This makes me wanna hook up w/ some damaged vampire rock chick somethin' fierce.
  • dave13
    not sure about this, but Hot Tub Time Machine was hilarious :)
  • I just dont like the look of this, didn't really laugh once.
  • Jimmy Love
    Looks good cant wait to see this!
  • DoomCanoe
    i dunno.... i hate the shit out of Malcolm Mcdowell but it does have an 8.6 on IMDB... ill consider it
  • jasonmd2020
    I need confirmation. Was that @#$%ing MOBY at 1:23?
  • jasonmd2020
    Yup was Moby. Finally buffered enough of the vid to watch the damn thing...
  • nate
    The first little bit with Iggy Pop kept me watching... Then Alice Cooper popping up sold me... Henry Rollins was icing on the cake... Yeah, I'll watch a movie based only on small cameos. So what?
  • arjones
    WOW. I almost skipped the trailer thinking," Another vampire flick?" I'm glad I didn't. I really liked it. Theaters? Straight to DVD? I have a feeling it will end up on my shelf where it will live a happily classic life.
  • Mr. Pants
    Vampire shit just isn't cool anymore...though I'd watch just for the Henry Rollins cameo
  • @Mr. Pants What about True Blood? More Jessica Pare (mamma):




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